Thursday, March 08, 2007

RM200 notes in brown envelopes

Heard about it months ago. Has it been resolved?. Any decision? Anybody knows? Its not the amount. Its the issue. Its integrity. Its transparency. Its about the truth.

Lets talk about numbers for a while:-

Malaysia's prime minister responded to the biggest crisis facing his three-year-old anti-corruption drive on Monday by dismissing 85 percent of graft allegations as baseless.

On Sunday, Deputy Minister of Internal Security Mohamad Johari Baharum said he was the apparent target of media reports that an unnamed senior politician was bribed to release suspects, and denied taking bribes of 5.5 million ringgit

Khairy Jamaluddin is Director, Investment Banking of ECM Libra Capital. Prior to joining, he was Deputy Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister and Director of the Policy and Communications Division at the Office of the Prime Minister. As a senior aide to the Prime Minister, he was responsible for policy formulation and execution, especially in the areas of economic and security policies. He headed a team that drew up the Prime Minister's overall policy and communications strategy, and coordinated the campaign for the 2004 General Elections. He has also worked as a journalist and fund manager in London. He has degrees from the universities of Oxford and London......

Nov 29, 05 5:51pm. malaysiakini
Ketua Pengarah BPR Datuk Seri Zulkipli Mat Noor hari ini menjelaskan bahawa pendakwaan sesuatu kes rasuah terletak dalam bidangkuasa Pejabat Peguam Negara dan bukannya BPR.
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