Saturday, September 29, 2007

when politicians are wooing students...

UIA... Universiti Islam Antarabangsa, is the playing field. Players are students. Sponsors are politicians.

Penamaan calon semula UIAM: Satu tragedi dan aib besar dunia pendidikan
Intan Abdullah

Fri | Sep 28, 07 | 3:03:59 pm MYT
KUALA LUMPUR, 28 Sept (Hrkh) - Angkatan Muda KeADILan mendesak pihak pentadbiran Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM) supaya memecat Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Pilihan Raya Kampus (PRK) kampus tersebut ekoran proses penamaan calon dibuka semula.

Syed Arabi Idid menikam dalam diam!
Alumni Aktivis Kampus

Fri | Sep 28, 07 | 2:06:24 pm MYT
Setelah hari penamaan calon berakhir semalam, calon-calon pro-mahasiswa telah memenangi 9 kerusi percuma kerana kumpulan GPMS-Aspirasi tidak berjaya menemui calon-calon yang sesuai dan berkelayakan untuk dipertandingkan dalam pilihan raya kampus (PRK) kali ini.

Reezal Merican dalang kontroversi penamaan calon UIAM?
Ahmad Lutfi Othman
Fri | Sep 28, 07 | 10:51:44 am MYT
Harakah sudah mendedahkan pelbagai taktik muslihat Hal Ehwal Pelajar (HEP) institusi pengajian tinggi awam kita - yang sepatutnya bertindak sebagai pengendali pilihan raya kampus yang adil, bersih dan tidak memihak - bagi menggagalkan percubaan calon-calon bukan Aspirasi-Umno, termasuk menafikan hak mereka untuk bertanding dalam PRK.

Universiti unggul: Kepimpinan IPTA dipersoal
Dr Shafie Abu Bakar
Thu | Sep 27, 07 | 3:06:55 pm MYT
Sudah setahun 'ranking' mutakhir universiti dunia dikeluarkan. The Times of Higher Education Supplement (THES) bagi tahun 2006 (Oktober) turut menyenaraikan universiti-universiti terkenal tanah air.

Taktik keji gagalkan kemenangan bukan Aspirasi: UIAM buka pencalonan semula
Intan Abdullah
Thu | Sep 27, 07 | 5:55:38 pm MYT
Proses penamaan calon pilihan raya kampus Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM), seperti juga bagi institusi pengajian tinggi awam (IPTA) lainnya, telahpun disempurnakan semalam, 26 September, namun pengumuman terbaru petang tadi mengejutkan semua pihak.

Calon bukan Aspirasi-Umno di UPM, UM mula ditekan
Intan Abdullah
Thu | Sep 27, 07 | 4:36:44 pm MYT
Setelah tamat proses penamaan semalam, semua calon yang terlibat dengan pilihan raya kampus(PRK) telah memasuki fasa kempen yang akan berjalan selama enam hari sehingga 2 Oktober akan datang.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

News on Nurin.

I just clicked Nurin at Yahoo News. I am always fascinated by the choice of words by media. They are always catchy even for a mundane issue, whatsmore for a case that achieved national status and followed by almost everyone in Malaysia.

1.Cops take statements from Nurin’s parents
The Star Online - Sep 24 6:43 AMKUALA LUMPUR : Police recorded statements from Jazimin Abdul Jalil and his wife Norazian Bistaman at their home in Wangsa Maju over the kidnap-cum-murder of their eight-year-old daughter Nurin Jazlin.

2.Police May Consider Psychic Assistance To Solve Nurin's Murder
Bernama - Sep 24 4:01 AM KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24 (Bernama) -- A "psychic witness" might be considered by the police as part of efforts to solve the brutal murder of eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

3.DNA Result On Hair Strands Found On Nurin's Body Out Soon
Bernama - Sep 24 1:31 AMKUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24 (Bernama) -- The result of the DNA test on hair strands found on eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin's body would be known this week.

4.Parents confirm body of girl is not that of their daughter Nurin
New Straits Times - 25 minutes agoKUALA LUMPUR: The parents of missing Nurin Jazlin Jazimin were at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary minutes after the body of a child was sent there.

5.Nazri: Law allows Nurin's parents to be charged for negligence
The Star Online - Sep 23 12:13 AMKUALA KANGSAR : The law allows for Nurin Jazlin Jazimin's parents to be hauled up for negligence, an offence punishable under Child Act 2001, said Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz.

6.Negligence Charge On Nurin's Parents Within The Law - Nazri

Bernama - Sep 22 10:01 PMKUALA KANGSAR, Sept 23 (Bernama) -- The possibility of the police charging the parents of senseless child murder victim Nurin Jazlin Jazimin for alleged negligence is in accordance with provisions in the Child Protection Act.

7.Ibu bapa Nurin mungkin dikenakan tindakan
Harian Metro - Sep 22 9:12 PMKUALA KANGSAR: Kemungkinan polis mengambil tindakan mendakwa ibu bapa Nurin Jazlin yang meninggal dunia akibat deraan seksual adalah berdasarkan peruntukan undang-undang, kata Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz

8.Nurin Tragedy: Need to study cause of violent sexual acts
New Straits Times - Sep 22 7:37 PMPETALING JAYA: The hunt for the perpetrator who committed the violent sexual acts on Nurin Jazlin Jazimin should not end with the capture and conviction of the murderer.

9.First and last time Nurin went out alone
The Star Online - Sep 22 4:59 PMKUALA LUMPUR: When Nurin Jazlin Jazimin ventured to the pasar malam on the night of Aug 20, it was the first and only time she had done so by herself.

10.Nurin tragedy: Her name still on class roster
New Straits Times - Sep 22 12:21 AMKUALA LUMPUR: At SK Taman Desa, Nurin Jazlin Jazimin is still marked absent

Monday, September 24, 2007


war is ugly.

button is always in the hand of politicians

boys fight for a cause they never know for sure

within war, there is money to be made.

and that is the motivating factor.

Hiroshima: toning down

Oita town seeks A-bomb apology from U.S.
Japan Today - Sep 22 10:51 PMOITA — The Usa municipal assembly has adopted a resolution calling on U.S. President George W Bush to apologize for the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, officials said Sunday.

Hiroshima Navigator Recalls History Making Flight
KARK Little Rock - Sep 19 7:43 PMIt was a turning point for our nation, when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima . Wednesday night Arkansans went along on that bombing run, a mission that ended a world war and ushered in the atomic age

Why we had to use the bomb on Japan

Daily Mail - Sep 17 5:17 PMMuch blame for Hiroshima has been laid at the door of the West...but Japan’s refusal to surrender gave us no choice says MAX HASTINGS

Deliberate Lies, Strange Deaths and Aggression to the World Economy
Adelante - Sep 19 2:40 PMIn one of my reflections I made reference to gold bars deposited in the basements of the Twin Towers. This time the subject is quite a bit more complicated and hard to believe

Vietnam war: a forgotten one

A diary looks at the Vietnam War from the other side
Baltimore Sun - Sep 23 12:51 AM

Echoes of Vietnam
Kokomo Perspective - Sep 22 3:55 AM"Where others called on us to settle on any terms, you had the courage to stand for the right kind of peace so that those who died and those who suffered would not have died and suffered in vain, and so that, where this generation knew war, the next generation would know peace," President Richard Nixon on Jan. 27, 1973, announcing the end of the Vietnam War two years before the war actually ...

Vietnam experience invades this account of the Korean War
Miami Herald - Sep 23 12:08 AMThe Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War. David Halberstam. Hyperion. 736 pages. $35. Despite its accuracy, there's a deadly irony in David Halberstam's new book when he scathingly observes that what little Americans think they know about the Korean War is mostly derived from the film and TV series M*A*S*H, both nominally set in Korea but actually thinly disguised parables of the Vietnam ...

Iraq: destruction

Iraq sees "security vacuum" without Blackwater
Reuters via Yahoo! News - 2 hours, 54 minutes agoIraq will not rush to expel U.S. firm Blackwater, under investigation over a shooting which killed 11 Iraqis, because it would leave a "security vacuum" in Baghdad, a government official said on Sunday

United Nations considers a greater role in Iraq - Sep 23 12:00 AMBolstered by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's assurances that there's been "substantial improvement" in security and stability in Iraq, the United Nations is considering boosting its presence in the country

Bush to ask 195 billion to fund Iraq, Afgan wars: report
AFP via Yahoo! News - Sep 22 11:08 PMThe White House will ask Congress next week to approve another massive spending measure for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan totaling nearly 200 billion dollars, The Los Angeles Times reported on its website late Saturday

US dismisses Iranian pledge to help unite Iraq

AFP via Yahoo! News - Sep 22 7:55 PMIran pledged at UN talks Saturday to help national reconciliation in Iraq but the assurance was immediately brushed aside by the Islamic republic's archrival the United States

Iraq Neighbors Urged to Help
Washington Post - Sep 22 6:20 PMUNITED NATIONS, Sept. 22 -- U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told a gathering of 19 foreign ministers and senior diplomats Saturday that peace in Iraq "will not be obtained through military means alone" and that Iraq's neighbors must do more to prevent extremists from crossing into the country

U.S. toll in Iraq San Francisco Chronicle - Sep 23 1:25 AMAs of Saturday, at least 3,795 members of the U.S. military had died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. The latest identifications reported by the military: Hoffmaster, Roselle M., 32, Army Capt.,...

Two million displaced inside Iraq since US invasion: report AFP via Yahoo! News - Sep 22 4:11 AMNearly two million Iraqis have fled their homes for other parts of Iraq since the US invasion, creating a "unprecedented human tragedy," the country's Red Crescent said in a report.

Saudi Envoy Weighs In on Iraq
NPR - Sep 22 3:39 PMWith the Middle East in flux, Saudi Arabia has seen opportunities to increase its own influence in the region. In an NPR interview, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, Prince Saud Al-Faisal, outlines his country's ideas for peace in Iraq.

iran on the brink of war

Defiant Iran warns West against attack
AFP via Yahoo! News - 1 hour, 43 minutes agoIran on Sunday bluntly warned the United States against launching an attack on the Islamic republic, saying that American forces in the region were well within the reach of Iranian missiles

Iran says no obstacle for French FM visit
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Sep 23 5:31 AMIran said on Sunday there was no obstacle for French Foreign Minister to visit Tehran to clarify his comments that raised the specter of war over the country's atomic work, which the West fears is a cover to obtain atomic bomb.

Ahmadinejad wants 15-year-olds in Iran to vote
AFP via Yahoo! News - Sep 23 3:59 AMPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday said he wanted to restore the vote in Iran to young people aged 15 and upwards less than a year after parliament raised the minimum voting age to 18

Iran's Ahmadinejad leaves for US
AFP via Yahoo! News - Sep 23 1:59 AMPresident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad left Tehran on Sunday for his third trip to the United States, saying the visit was a good chance to present Iran's solutions for the problems of the world.

Iran confirms shelling Kurdish militants in Iraq
AFP via Yahoo! News - Sep 23 1:14 AMIran has confirmed for the first time it has been firing artillery shells on camps of Kurdish militants inside northern Iraq, saying the local authorities had not listened to its warnings.

Military chief: 'No war' with Iran
AP via Yahoo! News - Sep 23 2:07 AMThe commander of U.S. military forces in the Middle East does not believe current tensions with Iran will lead to war and urges for greater emphasis on dialogue and diplomacy

Iran leader warns West over perils of attack
AFP via Yahoo! News - Sep 22 11:47 AMIran on Saturday warned the West of the "serious consequences" of launching any attack against the Islamic republic after showing off a new longer-range missile in public for the first time

Iran closes key border crossing with northern Iraq
IANS via Yahoo! India News - 2 hours, 39 minutes agoBaghdad, Sep 23 (DPA) Iranian authorities closed Sunday an important border crossing between its territories and northern Iraq after US forces arrested an Iranian citizen, almost causing a diplomatic rift between Iran and the autonomous Kurdish region

No Iran war, says admiral
Financial Times - 47 minutes agoThe head of US forces in the Middle East has warned of the risks of mounting tensions between Washington and Iran, even as President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad and the west square off for a confrontation at the United Nations this week

Iran smuggling missiles into Iraq: U.S. military

Global TV Winnipeg - 1 hour, 2 minutes agoBAGHDAD -- Iran is smuggling advanced weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, into Iraq to be used by extremists against American troops, the US military charged on Sunday.

Iran parades missiles in show of might
Seattle Times - Sep 23 12:55 AMThreats and economic sanctions will not stop Iran's technological progress, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned Saturday at a large parade...

U.S., France agree on Iran sanctions
Chicago Sun-Times - Sep 23 2:20 AMWASHINGTON -- The United States and France agree on how to pressure Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday.

Germany opposes Sarkozy Iran sanctions idea: report
Reuters via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News - Sep 23 5:33 AMGermany opposes a French call for the European Union to impose a new round of sanctions against Iran if world powers fail to agree on fresh punitive measures next week, a German magazine reported on Saturday.

Iran's Leader: U.S. Wants New Opinions
The Columbian - 13 minutes agoTEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday that the American people are eager for different opinions about the world, and he is looking forward to providing them with "correct and clear information," state media reported

Defiant Iran warns West against attack
AFP via Yahoo! Canada News - Sep 23 1:36 AMTEHRAN (AFP) - Iran bluntly warned the West on Sunday against launching an attack after a defiant display of its military prowess, including a new longer-range missile that could reach Israel

Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline talks resume Monday
IANS via Yahoo! India News - Sep 23 12:48 AMTehran, Sep 23 (IANS) A new round of talks on the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project will resume here Monday, a special envoy at Iran's oil ministry has said

Iran enjoys necessary deterrent power to confront any threat
Islamic Republic News Agency - Sep 23 4:37 AMIran - Nuclear - Threats - Spokesman The Iranian Armed Forces enjoy the necessary deterrent power to confront any threat, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said on Sunday.

Iran, China, Malaysia near deal
AME Info - Sep 23 2:56 AMMahmud Zirakchianzadeh, the MD of the Iranian Offshore Oil Company, has said Iran, China and Malaysia should reach an agreement on the development of the Ressalat oil field in the near future, reported the Tehran Times.

Secret US air force team to perfect plan for Iran strike
Times Online - Sep 22 4:04 PMTHE United States Air Force has set up a highly confidential strategic planning group tasked with “fighting the next war” as tensions rise with Iran

Top U.S. diplomat: Iran gas not crucial to feed European markets
The Star Online - Sep 22 5:26 PMISTANBUL, Turkey (AP): A top adviser on foreign economic policy to the U.S. Secretary of State said Saturday that the Caspian region can provide Europe's natural gas without help from Iran

high noon raid.

Three hedge funds plan Northern Rock raid: paper
Sunday September 23, 7:27 am ET

LONDON (Reuters) - Three leading hedge funds are planning a break-up of beleaguered British bank Northern Rock (LSE:NRK.L - News), according to a newspaper report on Sunday.

The move could generate hundreds of millions of pounds in profits but would leave shareholders with virtually nothing, the Sunday Telegraph said.

The plan is to acquire the bank's mortgages at below face value and make a big profit by holding them until they mature. The proposed deal would see the funds divide up the mortgage book, worth more than 100 billion pounds ($200 billion),

The paper said Chris Flowers, the former Goldman Sachs banker who made a fortune from the rescue of Japan's Long Term Credit Bank in 2000, was among the group, along with the funds Cerberus and Citadel.

The funds, however, have yet to approach the Northern Rock board. A Northern Rock spokesman declined to comment.

Britain's fifth-largest mortgage lender has been seen as a likely takeover target after being engulfed by a funding and customer confidence crisis, triggering the worst run on a UK bank in living memory.

Rival banks, though, have been slow to show any interest on taking over the troubled business. The Sunday Times reported that at least a dozen of the biggest financial institutions in Britain and Europe had snubbed pleas from the authorities and Northern Bank's adviser Merrill Lynch to rescue it.

Northern Rock shares closed at 185.2 pence on Friday, valuing the business at around 960 million pounds ($1.93 billion), down more than 80 percent since the start of the year.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A massive social engineering project.

Multibillion developmental programs.
social engineering treatment.

what would a boy understand.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bad Taste

1. House on fire.
We just stand there watching the house burnt down. Everybody else are busy helping. Some run up and down carrying water in pail. Some run in and out salvaging furnitures, clothes etc. Some will console the victims.

Then we are asked by reporters. We say why the house catch fire is more important. Police and fire department should investigate further. If it is pure negligence then the house owner should be dragged to court.

2. Pickpocket.
You sit on a bench at the bus station. You see many people; school kids, women, men in all sort of dress. You may also policemen walking around patrolling. Then you hear a shout. Pick pocket!!!
You see a few running about.

Then, at no time, should you say to the victim..., Jane, you are to be blamed, you are being careless.

3. Failure.
You are somewhere. A student appears distressed. He/she fails her semester's exam.

Dont be too quick in saying things like this; - you dont read the questions well. - you dont study hard enough. - you yourself to be blamed.

4. Tun Mahathir.
He commented something. He has every right, because he has gone through it for years and he thought he was doing something something right. He understood about transparency. He understood nation building so well.

You dont say things like... hey old man, your time is over. Stay put and shut up.



you and me. SHALL WE?


Blog is interactive and therefore it resembles life.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Attention seekers


as posted in the Scribe... either way; accepted or otherwise.

Dear Dato,

Langguage is the medium to get the message across. In most cases it is not misunderstanding that swell the issue.

Politicians are funny lots. They are perpetual attention seekers. Some even have press secretaries to connect to media. Guys from Jasin and Kinabatangan doesnt care too much on issue of national interest.

Of course some are very proper but they too are dying for a bit of share in media. That is a case of telling everyone that they are relevant, still kicking and very much alive. Politicians as i know, thrive on issues regardless of whether issues are trivial,of no significance, or of live or die issue.

Again, politicians are generally attention seekers. Thats their cup of tea; ISSUES!!



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Things can be seen at its simplest form.

We have been familiar with knowledge, one form or another. Knowledge is like a pyramid. One boulder on top of another. Knowledge exhibit similar charateristic, it builds and it piles. The view at the base of pyramid is limited, whereas at the top of the pyramid, our view is through the eyes of an eagle, soaring free.

Business as a topic, can be seen in this way. A small business grows into a big one. It will grow momentum and it piles.

Prophet Mohamad sold carpets and other merchandise we were told. There were real marketing taking place, honesty and thrustworthiness simply smooth it out. That was basically trading, one person sells and another one buys. During the process, both goods and money change hands. Oooo, trading at its core.

Are we talking about business in this light. Has government and UMNO been looking at this while pushing through the economic drive among Bumiputeras? Government projects can never achieve percentile targets. Lets look at basic. Lets make business as something simple, as a system analysis where there is an input and output, and the process in between is Business.

NOTE: Its not the amount but the essence that has been missing. Some behave like real businessmen or businesswomen, but in actual effect they are not. They could simply be just oppurtunist and definitely they behave like real beggar. How can a beggar be a successful businessguy?. These people are scum.

So where are the real business people who take part in the process of goods, services and money changing hands? They are small in number amongs Bumiputera but they grow in numbers. They can be successful by not behaving like beggars.

Business through an ordinary eye.

Business is an interesting topic, because it really haunts both the government and UMNO. I remembered the days when those entrusted to help Bumiputera business doesnt know much about the nitty gritty of business. Then i remembered how new townships effectively allow business among bumiputera to flourish. Then i recalled the success of Arkam in stimulating their economic organ to its climax and we all know the recipe for success in business. with Arkam, it is support and tenacity.

I do understand how they try the strategy of positive intervention. I single out shah alam. To make life easier i focus on visible business, where goods, services and money change hands.

There i see markets filled with Bumiputera traders. Yes they sell fish, vegetables, sundry goods and foods. They serve certain portion of people spending. A household may spend like RM300 a month. A market that serve 2,000 houses will see RM300x2,000 or RM600,000 changing hands, and that much money will be shared by the 20 to 30 traders as their turnover.

There i see restaurants. Of course the Bumiputera lose out to Mamak. Quite understandable because mamak has been in this business for a long-long time. They have operated in some form of franchise, where as the Bumiputera hasnt. A family may spend lets say RM300 a month on eating out. Again RM600,000 will change hands.

There i see workshops, where vehicles are sent for regular repairs and services. At RM300 a month, again RM 600,000 will go to traders.

There i see a school, where uniforms and t-shirts are bought new every year. I know millions of ringgits change hands.

There i see government and factory workers wearing uniforms. I know that cost millions of ringgit just to paint naked body of workers white, green, blue or red.

There i see insurance bill board along the road. I know the millions drained from that community.

I was discussing with a friend about setting up a factory recently. It should be up soon. During the discussion we were estimating the number of flags small and big sold. We smile at our estimate because it was huge!

Back to the so called economic drive for bumiputeras; personally i reckon class F license failed to capture the essence of trade or business. It make me sad to know that billion dollar developmental expenditure continuously fail at grooming real and die hard business people or simply traders. For a simple rule of thumb, dont forget to look at where money change hands whereever they are.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Congratulation to KJ and Nori for the latest inclusion in their family.

I have been wondering why must comments by most SOPO bloggers on KJ has been continuously negative. Somehow he has been singled out. I think he fails to show sincerity. His showmanship is bordering towards whats people call "mengada-ngada". His time will come for a real showdown. Showdown is not all about muscles and blood, but it is about tears.

Whatever, life is short, therefore make full use of it.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Batu burok will remain as a dark spot in our democratic climate

Of course if we stretch back memories to years behind us, then a few incidents stand out clear, stark and black.

1. When bullets were sprayed like shower in Memali
2. When Adam sprayed bullets from his machine gun at Chow Kit
3. When a policeman hit two unarmed men at Batu Burok

Memali in KEDAH
Batu Burok in TERENGGANU

I can only sigh and i know that the level of our democracy is continously put to test.

Cheap start off

just had a little discussion with a friend about setting up a factory. A factory should have a clear production line. Something that comes in as material, and through production activities, a new thing comes out. We may want to call it a product. To start of a factory, a smart move will be to go for simple rule of thumb; low rent, cheap labour, and clear and manageable market.

And to make sure that products are well received, look closely at prompt delivery and no compromise on quality. Out of the whole process, marketing will determine the success by 70%.

We discuss, lay out plan and embark. and we never know who will FINALLY be friends and foes out this endeavour!!

VERY INTERESTING. Good Luck to him and me.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Nampaknya bidan, doktor dan jururawat tempatan bukanlah untuk semua. Ada yang rasa selesa dengan pakar dan keselesaan negara bermusim empat.

Kalaulah masa kecil saya disunat di luar negara, mungkin saya sekarang nampak berbeza. Lebih produktif?


Apakah yang tidak kena, bila keyakinan terhadap PM dan kabinet kini tidak sekuat masa TDM masih memimpin. Saya kurang pasti jawapannya. Saya cuba pula melihat dari sudut yang lain, iaitu adakah saya yang salah jika terus memberikan keyakinan yang terbatas, atau tindak tanduk dan keikhlasan kepimpinan kini yang salah kerana tidak bersungguh-sungguh meyakinkan rakyat jelata, sekurang-kurangnya seorang dari jutaan rakyat jelata, iaitu saya, seorang rakyat biasa.

Kalaulah saya bergiat cergas dalam politik dengan cita-cita untuk menjadi Presiden UMNO, dan apabila semua itu tercapai, saya cuba memberikan khidmat terbaik. Pastinya saya kecewa apabila kepimpinan saya terbatas dan kurang meyakinkan.

Dan dalam bulan puasa ini, saya masih bertanya seperti yang dikehendaki dalam muhasabah diri;
Salahkah saya?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Life is a merchandise and it is cheap.

Batu burok mentioned in Parliment

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 (Bernama) -- The Dewan Rakyat today rejected a motion to debate the riot in Kuala Terengganu on Saturday night in which seven people, including four policemen, were injured.

Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib dismissed the motion on the ground that although the issue was of public interest, it was not urgent.

"What happened was the police were quelling a riot," he said.

When tabling the motion, Salahuddin Ayub (PAS-Kubang Kerian) said the Internal Security Ministry should explain why live bullets had been used against unarmed civilians.

"There are question marks over police integrity in this episode as it appeared that there was a `trigger-happy' attitude vis-a-vis civilians without giving a second thought to people's lives and public safety," he said.

Salahuddin claimed that such an incident would not have happened if police issued permits to those wishing to organise peaceful gatherings.

The riot was sparked when police instructed the crowd of hundreds at an illegal political gathering at Jalan Sultan Mahmud, close to Batu Burok in the Terengganu capital, to disperse.



Ruhanie, Husam and harakah tried to explore this incident further. Can always refer to their website. This particular is a bit tricky. But being far from the place, and for the lack of reliable information, i can only ask myself without expecting any answer:

1. when was the application for the permit made.
2. when was the application rejected or the organisers being called up for further negotiation on date and venue.
3. why was the road blocked when as everyone knows, terengganu seems to have only one coastal road. you block it, you call for massive jam.
4. is throwing bricks and stones normal in malaysia
5. has anybody forgotten about memali. Musa (the former TPM) will not forget because he presented a white paper or something in the parliment clarifying the incident.
6. why shoot?
7. why so many FRU's there
8. what people want to hear at the forum or ceramah.
9. will this incident hurt BN chance in Terengganu
10. What Menteri Besar Terengganu going to say
11. Sejak bila rakyat malaysia mahu bersengketa dengan anggota Polis??
12. Like to hear stories from that young soldier who hide under the truck in memali shivering like hell, thinking of mum and sisters. He wasnt scared of shooting or fighting against enemies, but at memali, it wasnt very clear who/where were the enemies......

Monday, September 10, 2007

Batu Burok incident!

Huh. It could have been avoided. Whenever there is a conflict,it will not take too long before people will be seggregated by these categories;

1. The oppressor.
2. The oppressed.

But with two in critical condition, i wish not to pass any comment. Then flashes of Memali keep coming and that is scarry. But again, Musa (not that Musa) is even stronger today as before. A friend was joking the other day about SJER (sorry for refusing the new name) when he mentioned about Musa soon be the first Governor of SJ.

840 millions

Huh. That RM840 millions.

Does it matter much if its true or false?

MYSELF: It doesnt matter even a bit. We talk about perception by ordinary folks. Conclusions are generally made based on what is obvious and less obvious.

We infer. We deduce. We conclude. It has always been that way with human beings.

For jumping too high

There was a story of a boy, a little boy, for falling flat on his face. He broke his nose and ankle. From then onwards he never jump again.

The story is an episode in the real drama of life. He comes and goes.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Saya ingin mengira, tapi tak larat nak kira.

I like KLIA very much.

Jauh sangat bezanya dengan zaman kita berduyun ke Subang. Kita boleh berkerumun tunggu orang sampai melimpah ke jalan hingga menghalang laluan kenderaan. Kini, di KLIA, keadaan jauh lebih selesa.

Ada satu masa dulu, KLIA jadi lengang. Rasa sunyi sangat. Orang pun tak ramai. Announcement pun jarang-jarang satu. Sekarang KLIA macam dah dapat formula baru, atau dapat tangkai pelaris. orang semakin ramai.

Tiap-tiap kali saya ke toilet, saya mesti terserempak dengan lelaki asing. Bukan pelancung, tetapi cleaner. Rupa parasnya tergolong dari kelompok manusia dari benua selatan; mungkin India, mungkin Pakistan dan mungkin Myammar dan tentu sekali mereka bukan dari Malaysia, atau Indonesia atau Filipina.

Saya teringin nak kira jumlah cleaners, janitors, helpers yang kini memenuhi ruang KLIA. Tapi yakin tak terdaya nak jengah tiap-tiap ruang KLIA, dan kira satu satu. Now, saya juga tentu tak terdaya nak jelajah seluruh negara mengira jumlah sebenar pekerja asing ini. Oleh yang demikian terpaksalah saya bergantung dengan statistik yang ada.

Di sini saya ingin melahirkan rasa bimbang tentang kesan jangkamasa panjang kepada negara tercinta dan rakyat jelata dengan kebanjiran pekerja asing....

Kita kalah dengan buruh asing dan kita juga kalah dengan jutawan asing!!!!!

Hak mencerca milik siapa.

Lets be fair. Lets look at things and try within our capability to dissect and analyse things.
I cant forget the way they belittle Tun sometime ago.

Nampaknya macam nak kesemua barisan pemimpin mencerca Tun. Yang Tua, melepasi umur 60 tahun pun tak silu nak tumpang sekaki. Yang muda, sekitar awal 30 tahun pun melompat juga macam pandai bersilat.

Now, milik siapakah hak mencerca?

Kalau ia milik semua, saya juga tahu mencerca. Tapi jangan tanya saya siapa yang akan saya cerca.... Pada awalnya saya perlu mencerca diri saya sendiri kerana silap memahami berita jam 8 malam hari sabtu.

Siapa lagi yang sanggup mencerca diri sendiri?

Nafi ada letak jawatan

Saya menonton berita jam 8 sabtu 8/9/2007 dari atas kerusi. Pintu dan tingkap terbuka luas. Di luar angin menerpa. Saya rasa sejuk lalu mengangkat kaki dan selitkan bawah paha. Sekali imbas nampak macam sedang berYOGA.

Berita jam 8, macam biasa la, macam-macam berita, ada gambar orang berkerumun, gambar orang bersalam, gambar orang tersengih, gambar kemalangan, gambar itu gambar ini. Top top, antara leka dan peka, pembaca berita menyebut bahawa seseorang telah menafikan kabar angin seorang yang lain meletak jawatan.

Adakah saya terleka dalam peka atau terlena dalam jaga? Adakah saya tersilap dengar?. Mungkinkah berita sebenar ialah " Bush menafikan bahawa Osama bin Ladin telah meletak jawatan". Adakah berita ini adalah dari skrip yang sepatutnya dibaca pada bulan Mac 2008?

I refuse to believe what i hear. Saya juga mahu lelap sekejap sebagaimana orang lain di Dewan Mulia. Mungkin berita jam 8 saya ikuti dalam keadaan saya separuh sedar, antara mamai dan mamun, antara lelap dan lali.... i probably am too tired!!