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WITH MALAYSIAKINI: disillusioned with Anwar

I was reading pathmawathy breaking news in malaysiakini on manikavasagam quiting selangor post but remains a supreme council member. It brings me far back in the days of Musa Hitam. It was a day very much like a prelude to the bigger thing, an Umno crisis. It wasn't long after Musa announcement on quiting deputy premiership but remain an MP and still holding all Umno post. Then Team B was loosely created. The rest was history.

2. Tun Mahathir remained as the longest Prime Minister in Malaysia and he is never short of enemies. In a more sober days, I like to see his enemies as mere boys and girls. Some render themselves as poor or bad losers.

3. Now is Manikavasagam. A report in a local newsapaper mentioned about disillusion among Indians. That is not a small matter because, believe it or not, PKR and the whole opposition owed their landslide victory to Indians. I could be wrong, but that's what most like to believe. Hindraf as a movement catapulted Anwar higher than what he should be. Anwar became disillusioned by victory, Indians felt left out and disillusioned too in a different way.

4. Anwar is not a new creature in Malaysia. Others closer to Anwar could have narrated this particular issue on disillusionment better.

5. Feel free to check the report about some felt disillusioned with Anwar.

Malaysia's Indian community disillusioned with Anwar

Disgruntled ethnic Indian leaders from Malaysia's opposition Parti Keadilan have threatened to leave the party.

In fact, one of its three MPs, S Manikavasagam, resigned on Wednesday as state liaison deputy chairman.

For the economically disadvantaged ethnic Indian community in Malaysia, all they want in the New Year are fairer opportunities.

Many said they are unhappy and disillusioned as they felt short-changed by the opposition party led by Anwar Ibrahim, whom they had supported in the last general election.

The 100,000 ethnic Indian members in the coalition, along with the Chinese vote, had helped the opposition to sweep the elections last March.

The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition lost control of five states and was denied the crucial two-third majority for the first time in its 50-year history. Now, many are thinking of forming their own party.

A final decision will be made next week after a meeting with Mr Anwar. Some, however, are urging those involved to keep cool.

Gobind Singh Deo, MP, Puchong, said: "The issue is simply this – having come nine months, is this a right time to throw in the towel and say, 'Look, as far as I am concerned, I don't think anything can happen?' I don't think that's right."

But with the crucial by-election in Kuala Terengganu coming up on January 17, there is little time to restore the image of Mr Anwar's opposition alliance, which is plagued by internal strife.

Malaysia's Indian community disillusioned with Anwar Channel News Asia

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It wasnt too long ago that some championed on the most suitable word for a particular race. Like the blacks or afro-americans hate to being called nigger. Like some who hate the word hindu or china tongsan or melayu malas. But of course the word pariah has been coined to cut accross races and regions. Pariahs in modern time is no more signifying a specific race. And the word nazis had gone the boundary of Germany to highlight a shrewd racial outlook.

2. Now the dayaks. They have not voiced out loud, but I just guess they would prefer to be known as sarawakians as being more specific as to their nationality. The Sarawakians are quite outward in their looking and are beginning to see themselves in a more geo-political approach. On that point, they have left Anwar and gangs by miles.

3. The Malaysian dayaks and the indonesians have agreed to cooperate in education, culture and humanities to enhance their geo-political outlook. I suppose Anwar really has to forget sarawak on his premiership pursuit, for his way of politics is deemed dangerous in there. To show Sarawakians his victorious political strategy, he should explore deeper and share with the dayaks and the melanaus what has he done while in the government for years. He is good with words but one should scrutinized deeper as to his deeds. Sarawakians do not need an outside person to tell them what is not right about Sarawak or Taib.

4. Just to share in case we had forgotten, Anwar's battle cry used to be famines in Baling during his memorable jump start in politics. Then as the tide was against him deep into the 90's his cry was Nepotisma and Kronisma. I suppose he is going to use the same cries again. There is the man, Anwar Ibrahim from Permatang Pauh or rather cherok tok kun.

5. With his impending court case, Anwar could just be a passing dream immediately forgotten the moment we wake up.

beritadarigunung: Good Luck to the sarawakians.

ANWAR WITH MALAYSIAKINI: quitting and being brutal.

Quittings [quitings?] as reported in Malaysiakini were mostly political. To Zahar Hashim, a better word will be sacked from Umno. The other day Zaid was sacked too, for things he said and did in contrary to the spirit of Umno and Barisan Nasional. These two, for whatever reason you can think of, are bonuses to the opposition. They had helped to throw some negativities into the current government. Manikavasagam will be next.

2. Thats how politics are played these days. But I like to share with readers how leaders were developed in ancient times. Julius Caesar defeated Pompey to rise as the undisputed leader of Rome. But much of Caesar was centred on his successful military campaign and his dictator perpetuo. Caesar never quitted, but he died in the hands of the group led by Brutus. That was a long time ago.

3. Now, Anwar and his era. There is no military campaign to thrive on. Therefore Anwar misses that sweet victory of coming home from the most brutal war after having defeated the most awesome enemy. On that note, how would Anwar rise to stage and gather supporters?.

4. He works on discrediting others and at the same time, not telling his magical strategy to govern this country. Somehow he get by all this while. But when he was cornered on Hudud, as more is voicing their concern on what is Anwar's stand, I guess platform is shaking wild...

5. In ancient times, many died in battles. If they quit they were called traitors and most were killed instantly. Modern times see brutality in a different form, it is no more physical but verbal! Verbal brutalism?

6. A guy I know, had mentioned about quitting smoking for countless times, but he never did. Therefore what one says doesnt have to be the same as what one does. That goes to both Anwar and Manikavasagam.


ANWAR WITH MALAYSIAKINI: RM7million for a house?

Malaysiakini reported that the parliamentary debate on Malaysia Anti Corruption Bill has irked Taib Mahmud's family. But a little note posted in mykmujohor, showing a little bungalow purportedly owned by an opposition leader is worth reading. [ My Kmu Johor.. Read more... ]

2. RM7 million is considered cheap, because to roll the political game over the years require more than that. If he really owns that RM7million bungalow, then good luck to him because a little guy from Ijok who had put a cross on PKR in PRU12 is very much happy with a 70,000 terraced house. If one care to travel from Ijok to Kuala Selangor, one cant miss the many hand painted signboards, "boleh buang tanah disini". That signage has more than one meaning.

3. It will not be nice to probe further unless Manikavasagam [ PKR MP is quitting], the quitting PKR MP would like to throw some light on the reality of PKR political fund! I suppose that is quite a bomb. A much bigger bomb.



As Gobalakrishnan was denied entry into Sarawak as reported in Malaysiakini, Anwar has taken over headship of both Sabah and Sarawak while Khalid was made liaison chairman for selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

2. However, the MP from Kapar, Manikavasagam said he was quitting because he was dissapointed with the attitude of Selangor PKR leaders. He claimed, they had neglected the needs of the people. He also mentioned in-fighting among the leaders as another reason.

3. “I am very disappointed. My voters know that I’ve been serving them and I don’t want to be cheated again after 50 years,” he said.

refer: Kapar MP Manikavasagam to quit PKR
Malaysia Star, Malaysia

Pakistan sends 20000 troops to Indian frontier

Troops on guard in Pakistan

Troops on guard as crowds gather to mark the first anniversary of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the former Prime Minister

Pakistan moved thousands of troops away from its border with Afghanistan towards its Indian frontier yesterday, marking a big increase in tensions between the nuclear-armed neighbours after the Mumbai terror attacks.

The move of 20,000 troops – the army’s 14th Division was being redeployed to Kasur and Sialkot, close to the Indian border – struck a blow against attempts to thwart al-Qaeda and Taleban extremists along the Afghan border. All troop leave has also been cancelled.

Manmohan Singh, the Indian Prime Minister, met the chiefs of his army, navy and air force to discuss “the prevailing security situation,” according to an official statement.

India blames Pakistan-based militants for the attacks last month on Mumbai in which 179 people died. Both countries rushed troops to the disputed Kashmir region after the attacks but tensions cooled after intensive international diplomacy.

Pakistan sends 20000 troops to Indian frontier
Times Online

Tensions mount as Pakistan shifts troops to Indian border
New Straits Times

Pakistan cancels army leave as India tensions rise

Trial Begins in China's Melamine Scandal

The company in China responsible for selling melamine-tainted milk powder that sickened nearly 300,000 children is now bankrupt, Reuters reports. It is $160 million in debt and nobody wants to buy its products anymore. (Too bad it isn't a U.S. corporation, or it could get rescued by the Federal Reserve, huh?)

Now, six people in China are being put on trial for their role in the melamine scandal, including one that knowingly sold more than 600 tons of melamine to the Sanlu dairy producer, which processed it into powdered milk.

Several have already admitted their role in the melamine scandal, meaning the courts need only decide the punishment for their crimes. As the death penalty is alive and well in China, it remains possible that the melamine criminals could be sentenced to death for their roles in not just poisoning hundreds of thousands of children, but also in causing the erosion of faith in Chinese-made products around the world.

China's exports have plummeted since the melamine scandal, and dozens of factories have been shut down. Of course, the drop in exports is also strongly related to the collapse of consumer demand in the U.S. economy, not just the melamine scandal
Trail Begins in China's Melamine Scandal
Natural, AZ

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Photo: High drama at Singapore flyer, Big Wheel

Several passengers had to be lowered hundreds of feet to safety after the Singapore Flyer stopped. Rescuers had to climb the steel arms of the wheel to reach them.

Several passengers had to be lowered hundreds of feet to safety after the Singapore Flyer stopped. Rescuers had to climb the steel arms of the wheel to reach them.

A passenger who was stuck in one of the capsules is lowered on a rope at the world's largest observation wheel

Singapore Civil Defence Force rescuers lower down a passenger stuck in a capsule of the Singapore Flyer

A passenger (bottom second capsule) is lowered down from the world's largest observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer


Photo gallery asiaone

Big Wheel's Builder In Singapore As Police Probe Breakdown

Friday December 26th, 2008
SINGAPORE (AFP)--The chairman of the company that built the world's biggest observation wheel arrived in Singapore Friday as police investigated a disruption that trapped scores of people on board.

Florian Bollen, the Britain-based chairman of Great Wheel Corp, confirmed his arrival when contacted by telephone by AFP but declined any further comment.

Singapore police are investigating after officials at the Singapore Flyer said a small fire caused the wheel to stop turning for more than six hours Tuesday night while 173 people were on board.
Most were stuck inside the Flyer's enclosed cabins until power was restored but 10 escaped using rescue harnesses. Two were taken to hospital, officials said.

"Police investigations would cover how this problem occurred, how it can be prevented and what measures the operator can put in place to enhance passenger safety," police said Thursday.

They said the Flyer would be allowed to resume operations only once it had been certified as safe by an internationally recognised body that assesses safety standards for amusement rides.
The Flyer remained shut Friday.

Steven Yeo, general manager of the attraction, said earlier that Tuesday's incident was the fourth and most serious stoppage at the Flyer, which opened in February.

Great Wheel Corp, which is based in Singapore, says it is also building observation wheels in Beijing, Berlin and Orlando.

The Singapore Flyer is 165 metres or about 42 storys high, 30 metres taller than Britain's London Eye, the company said.


Elections are meant for people to choose government. Soon Sarawak will require new mandate to continue. Tony Thien and Rahmah touched on growing fears that Sarawak may deny entry to many more politicians.

  • Will others be banned from S'wak
  • Tony Thien | Dec 26, 08 1:01pm
  • There are growing fears that Sarawak may use its immigration powers to deny entry to Peninsula-based politicians, including PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim
  • Gobalakrishan: I know why I was kicked out
  • Rahmah Ghazali | Dec 26, 08 3:03pm
  • There are two key reasons why Kedah parliamentarian N Gobalakrishnan was banned from entering Sarawak on Wednesday.

2. I will start of by saying leave them, the Sarawakians alone. Whats seem excusable here, may not be so somewhere else.

3. Western style of pressure through demonstrations and protests [peaceful?] had been tried in China in 1989 following the collapse of Soviet Block, but resulted in the Tiananmen Square Massacre [referred to in Chinese as the June Fourth Incident].

4. Following the violence, the government conducted widespread arrests to suppress protesters and their supporters, cracked down on other protests around China, banned the foreign press from the country and strictly controlled coverage of the events in the PRC press. Members of the Party who had publicly sympathized with the protesters were purged, with several high-ranking members placed under house arrest, such as General Secretary Zhao ziyang . The violent suppression of the Tiananmen Square protest caused widespread international condemnation of the PRC government. But as Soviet crumbled further, China rose to greater height economically. [Tiananmen Square protests of 1989]

5. Political rallies and protests over here in the peninsular has gone a little bit too far. Things should stop as soon as the result of PRU12 was made known. Prolonging the political campaign beyond the permissible period is a bad taste. In fact Singapore will never allow the way things are boiling here. Jail's door is ever wide for deviants.

6. Anwar's updated date as the next prime minister is beginning to lose its surprise. On that note, it is only wise to ban would-be deviants from entering Sarawak. If allowed in, the chaos would be too much to handle, and Sarawak doesnt need that.

Laman Sarawak harus dijaga dari jadi kotor dan celaru.....

Sarawak is progressing ahead....

SCORE to help equitable wealth distribution: Taib

KUCHING: The Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) is more than just a boon for the state’s economic progress as it will bring about greater equitability in the distribution of wealth among the people.

Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud said in his Christmas and New Year message that the state government had planned numerous projects with the aim of improving the living standard of Sarawakians.

He said development projects under the Ninth Malaysia Plan, including SCORE, would expedite the state’s industrialisation efforts and stimulate more economic opportunities, which would in turn create more jobs for the people.

He added that SCORE would attract more foreign as well as local investors to the areas in the corridor.

“In short, in planning the development programmes, no race will be left out. At the same time, the negative factors that have held us back such as our colonial heritage, the inequitable economic achievement of our people and any negative feelings between them, will be removed.

“Therefore, all races will enjoy the fruits of our progress fairly,” said Taib, who is also the Planning and Resource Management Minister as well as the Sarawak Barisan Nasional chairman.

He pointed out that the focus of the government’s development programme were industrialisation, agriculture, education, infrastructure development, transportation and telecommunication and ICT. Taib said the people must have a more positive mindset.

The state required quality human resources to ensure that its industries would be vibrant.

“To realise our goal of making Sarawak an industrialised state, our multi-racial people must be big-hearted, diligent, dedicated, creative, highly disciplined, quality-focused, adaptable, sensitive to the needs of the market and competent in technical fields. All this, the government had taken into account in planning the state’s progress into the future,” he said.

SCORE has received enquiries for proposed investments amounting to RM65.4 billion in the short time since its launching in February this year. The amount came from just 18 major enquiries.

Recently, Japan’s Tokuyama Corporation announced its plan to open a polycrystalline silicon manufacturing facility in Samalaju, Bintulu — its first plant overseas.

The demand for polycrystalline silicon is growing rapidly globally, with its applications used in solar cells and other products.

SCORE covers an area of more than 70,000 sq km from Tanjung Manis to Similajau in Bintulu and is expected to drive the state’s real gross domestic product (RGDP) up to RM118 billion in 2030 from about RM26 billion this year.

The state’s GDP has been also projected to grow at seven per cent in 2030 as a result of SCORE, which could create some 2.5 million jobs for a population of about 4.6 million people.

The key elements of SCORE are energy, physical infrastructure, manpower and institutional setup, particularly the establishment of the Regional Corridor Development Authority (RECODA).

The government has identified new growth nodes in Tanjung Manis, Mukah, Similajau, Baram and Tunoh for resource-based and energy intensive industries.

There are also secondary nodes covering Balleh, Murum, Samarakan, Long Lama, Semop, Balingian, Selangau, Bakun and Nanga Merit for small and medium industries and enterprises.

In terms of energy resources, the state has the potential to develop 20,000MW of power in Bakun, Balleh, Belaga, Murun and Baram; there are 1.467 million tonnes of coal in the Mukah-Balingian area and Nanga Merit; and natural gas amounting to 40.9 trillion cubic feet in Bintulu.

SCORE’s 10 priority industries are aluminium, steel, oil-based, glass, palm oil, fishing and aquaculture, livestock, timber-based, marine and tourism.

SCORE to help equitable wealth distribution: Taib
The Borneo Post, Malaysia -

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Begitulah kata Zahar Hashim
dalam berita yang dipapar oleh Muda Mohd Noor dalam Malaysiakini semalam. Sering waktu kecil, strategi sebegitu sangat berkesan untuk melepaskan diri. Bila digasak, ada yang akan berkata "saya tak ambil, Farid yang ambil". Atau waktu si Ahmad berdalih "dia yang tumbuk saya dulu..." Begitulah lebih kurang, dalam melihat episod Zahar cara santai.

Bukan saya khianati Umno, Umno yang khianati saya.

2. Lebih baik kita lihat perkara asas tentang adat bisnes dan tender. Tender Eurocopter bukan sesuatu yang unik, ada beribu lagi tender dalam negara ini. Dalam tender ada beberapa hak. Yang berwibawa ada hak untuk bertanding, yang berkehendak ada hak untuk memilih. Proses tender adalah langkah selamat untuk memilih penender terbaik. Satu sahaja akan berjaya, manakala yang lain akan gagal.

3. Soal 1 juta kena bayar untuk masuk tender bukan perkara pokok, kerana untuk mereka yang lebih kecil, walaupun bayaran bukan satu juta, komitmen untuk bersaing tetap ditunjukkan walau hanya RM 100 sahaja. Dokumen juga bukan percuma. Untuk beribu kontraktor kecil kelas F, mereka tidak mampu untuk merajuk dan marah-marah setiap kali kalah. Kontraktor kelas F juga tidak akan merungut rugi RM100, kerana mereka tahu itulah caranya.

4. Yang kalah hari ini, mungkin akan menang esuk. Kerja-kerja untuk kelas F ada bersepah, dengan itu mereka berupaya untuk cuba berkali-kali, kalah berkali-kali dan mungkin menang beberapa kali. Untuk Eurocopter, tender itu sekali dalam berpuluh tahun. Tetapi penender bukan satu .......

5. Tender Eurocopter adalah tender kerajaan Malaysia. Memang ada orang Umno dalam kerajaan, tetapi untuk keluar Umno, masuk Pas dan pertikaikan pemilihan tender kerajaan Malaysia, adalah sesuatu yang sukar dimengertikan dalam business circles. Malaysia sebenarnya akan terus maju dengan peniaga-peniaga yang ada dayasaing sama ada peniaga itu ahli Umno, Pas, DAP, MCA atau insan tanpa parti namun tetap turun mengundi.


Umno khianati saya, kata Zahar | Muda Mohd Noor
Umno's Zahar joins Pas New Straits Times, Malaysia
After complains about Eurocopter, Umno man defects to Pas The Malaysian Insider, Malaysia


I was cautioned by a man from Paroi Jaya not to touch on Seremban Umno for he thinks that I have no right to do so. I am not claiming all the right to question but for a person who has to queue like anybody else to cast a vote in Seremban's PRU12, I suppose my right is limited to a mere voter or worst still a layman, an unknown person. For today, I wish to share some politicking with Malaysiakini.

2 It was for the unknown persons that votes can go either way. The so called Umno leaders can yell out loud for being guys who make Umno tick. Little unknown persons are thousands of nobody who take part in any general elections to show some concern for Umno and Barisan Nasional. And they dont even claim to be the unsung heroes.....

3 These little unknown persons will never create tensions in any Umno elections. Somehow, every four years they keep coming to the polling booth to ease their minds. Some how, Seremban Umno guys must look far and below. It doesnt matter who rub shoulders with Mohamad. Mohamad is just another person like you, him, her and me.

4 Thousands still remember their membership number of Umno. I guess Umno will be alot wiser with members coming from all corners. A person from Kampung Ismail has every right to question the essence of leadership as much as another person from Jiboi or Paroi or Sikamat. Inputs must come from both sides of the coin.

5 I am looking at Seremban in a sentimental way. My emotions run low everytime I had to pass by Surau Hitam, because Surau Hitam will soon lose its blackness completely.

6 Leadership I suppose is more than showing up at functions and be generous with angpaus. Umno require persons who can translate and articulate things for the benefits of the malay in general. Leadership cannot limit their span for it has to be wide enough for EVERY malays from dusun nyior, ismail and sikamat to squeeze for a little shade from hot sun and heavy rain.

Leadership has to be visible, strong and fair.
Good luck, for Seremban is under million eyes.



22 Dec 2008
The Umno division here has been told by the party's headquarters to hold its divisional meeting on Saturday.

Seremban Umno chief, Datuk Ishak Ismail said a team of observers from the headquarters would oversee the proceedings.

Its meeting of Nov 9 was postponed when a fracas broke out and two delegates were injured after being hit with chairs.

The commotion began after Ishak finished his opening speech. Sikamat branch head Datuk Md Yusof Harmain Shah questioned the legality of the meeting, claiming that there were doubts about the status of some branches.
Umno supreme council member Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik later advised Ishak to postpone the meeting to a date to be decided by the supreme council.

Said Ishak: "Five of the 13 branches under the division were instructed by the supreme council to meet before Dec 27 because their earlier meetings had been declared null and void."

The Jalan Tembak branch held its meeting on Sunday, while the Sri Aman, Gedung Lalang, Taman Jujur and Daching branches will meet soon.

Seremban division to meet on Saturday
New Straits Times, Malaysia

MALAYSIAKINI: Nizar, Nga, Ngeh on freehold titles in Perak

This is an interesting thing. Never before, a state government embarked on such a move, highly sensitive and politically provocative action. Fauwaz Abdul Aziz touched on legal aspects as he wrote in Malaysiakini.

2. The sandy soil of Lekir is sparkling as one drives from Kampung Kayan to the china town Kampung Koh. If Moses Tay is still there, one could have a glimpse of him wearing white shorts, swaying his hip and hands with tennis. Moses Tay, a man of such agility. ACS grew with him. Even when he went wild with his tantrums, there was always a sense of fairness in him. He tought boys and girls to be studious, strong and fair.

3. Ayer Tawar is blessed with another son by the name Ngeh Koo Ham, a lawyer now a strong Exco in Perak. I am not in a position to share here if he is taking up Moses Tay wise words. Long ago the road from Ipoh to Lumut was winding and small. Since the completion of 'highway' connecting Lumut to the capital city, road is straighter and wider. Ayer Tawar had been dissected right in the centre with the 'highway' and therefore it was used to being physically

4. Since he is as a member of parliment representing Beruas, now I can connect a recent incident of a mild protest attended by a few on diesel subsidy. They demanded the price to be lowered from RM1.43 to RM1.00 per litre. By the way Nga Kor Ming, the ADUN of Pantai Remis and Ngeh Koo Ham are cousins. Combining Beruas, Pantai Remis and Sitiawan [kampung koh included], there, a land of such magnitude.

5. If land titles is the major political issue, it is worthwhile to recall history lessons in classroom, years ago. Mr Suresh could not be wrong when he told students on developments during British intervention in Perak. How the first railway line was between Taiping and Sepetang [Port Weld] as an outlet for tin and rubber. How the two kongsi gelaps drew knives on one another [Ghee Hin dan Hai San]. How as roads were tarred, the malays were asked to settle along the roadside. I suppose, the British wished to camouflage land ownerships in Perak. Far behind the little malay settlements are vast estates owned by other races, the indians, the chinese and the mat sallehs.

6. When Ngeh touched on the little percentage of lands to be converted to freehold titles for the chinese, I expect Nizar to calculate the percentage of freehold land titles owned by his blood brothers, the malays.

7. Politically, Perak is in for a tussle. The Malays had been more than satisfied to be given lands with hak-milik-bersyarat on 99 years pajakan. It is not freehold even. To pass land titles to the siblings as the old man passes away, the children has to scramble up MB office for approval. Such a treatment. Freehold is something else.

8. We do have short memory. As Dato Sagor, Dato Maharajalela were stripped naked of all humility, what do we have left. As Raja Abdullah were exiled to Seychelles, we were thought that even a raja can be silenced. Nizar undoubtedly has a mammoth task of being relevant in a field of blood brothers, the malays. Nizar, an engineer with a government scholarship thought his former government should come in for a change. The political game Nizar lets himself in, is something even Sungai Manik folks hate to elaborate. Old events end up as folklores.....

Am I being racist? Sorry Ngeh, Nga and Nizar.


Singapore Flyer: Stuck on world's tallest wheel

Stuck on world's tallest wheel

Electric New Paper - 2 hours ago
By Belle Charlene Kwan ONE mother took leave specially to take her children on the Singapore flyer. The family were looking forward to the joy ride since they bought the tickets in June.

They ended up trapped in one of the capsules for hours when the Singapore Flyer suddenly stopped moving at 4.50pm yesterday.

The couple and their two children were among 173 people, including foreign tourists, trapped inside the capsules for up to six hours before the Flyer started moving again at about 11pm.

During that time, many were upset over the confinement, with children crying and adults trying to find out what was going on through the intercom in each capsule.

One mother had to resort to using her son's nappy to relieve herself.

At 7.30pm, the Flyer's rescue team climbed up to the lowest capsule containing passengers. With the use of ropes and harnesses, a Malaysian group of five young adults were lowered down from the capsule, which was about three storeys above the ground.

Singapore Flyer general manager Steven Yeo said they decided to resort to this mode of rescue because at that time they had no idea how long the repairs would take.

Click to see larger image
IN TEARS: A young Malay woman was so traumatised that she was in tears as she came down from the Flyer.

He told a press conference at 9.15pm that the Flyer had stalled after one of the observation wheel's north driver units stopped turning, which caused several electrical supplies to be cut.

When asked whether lowering the passengers was its contingency plan, he said: 'When this happened, the Singapore Flyer's operations team and the SCDF had to come together to think of the quickest and safest way to rescue passengers.'

Mr Yeo also said that it would take about 30 minutes to rescue one person and that it would take till morning to rescue everyone.

It didn't seem to be the most efficient way of rescuing people.

As one passenger, Mrs Maxine Kwek, said: 'It was a very stupid idea. They told us over the intercom that they would lower us down in baskets.

'What kind of emergency plan is this for a Singapore tourist attraction? There was no way neither my children nor I was getting into a basket.'

As it turned out, only 10 passengers were rescued in the manner before the Flyer started moving again.

Its operations and technical team had managed to restart the motor of the driver unit and resumed the rotation of the Flyer at 11.15pm.


Click to see larger image
GAWKERS: The stalled Flyer drew a crowd of curious onlookers, with their cameras.

Before that, some of those who were rescued looked terrified as they were lowered to the ground.

One of them was a young Malay woman. As she was lowered to the ground, her screams of 'Faster! Faster!' could be heard, and she was trembling and in tears after safely reaching the ground.

As for the 163 passengers stuck inside until the Flyer started again, some managed to get food and drinks delivered to them. But others waited in vain for hours after they were promised the refreshments at about 8pm.

Mrs Kwek, 28, an executive at a Japanese Bank, spoke to The New Paper over her handphone while she and her family were trapped in a capsule with an Indian family and an American couple.

She had bought tickets for her family in June for the inaugural trip on the Flyer for herself, her husband and their two children.

'My children were on school holidays, so I thought it would be an exciting treat for them,' said Mrs Kwek, who had taken a day's leave for the excursion.

She said their capsule was suspended at the 11 o'clock position of the wheel.

When The New Paper spoke to her at 7pm, she said the mood in the capsule was tense.

'Thankfully, my children are still calm. However, the Indian family's children are crying because they got scared. And the American couple are fuming mad.'

Her efforts in contacting ground staff through the intercom system located in every capsule proved futile.

'Nobody could tell us what was going on, or how long we would be stuck for. There was no effort made in reassuring us of our safety either.'

Mrs Kwek said that a team climbed to their capsule at 9pm, but said nothing to reassure them that rescue was imminent.

'All they did was a head count of the people inside and then left. We felt like zoo animals,' she said.

The Indians and Americans declined to speak to The New Paper.

Two Kiwi tourists were also part of the 173 passengers trapped. Their friend, who declined to be named, waited at ground level and was unimpressed.

'The Singapore Flyer has only been operational since March, and already it has failed several times. It's very disappointing,' said the New Zealander who works in Singapore.

Mr Yeo said this was the fourth time that an incident has occurred with the Singapore Flyer.

'All other problems that have occurred during the previous three incidents have been rectified,' he added.

The Singapore Flyer engaged the help of professional rescue team Dive Marine to help bring passengers down with harnesses, as well as to deliver refreshments to some of the capsules.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was called in only at about 7.50pm, and six operational vehicles, together with one support vehicle, along with 50 personnel were activated.

Several SCDF personnel were seen scaling the wires of the Singapore Flyer to deliver refreshments to passengers.

A large crowd gathered around the Singapore Flyer building, and onlookers were busy snapping away with their cameras as some passengers were lowered to the ground.

Among them was a disappointed American family of tourists, who had wanted to take a 9pm ride.

'We were very excited about going up to the Flyer, and will come back tomorrow to make the journey up,' said Mr Michael Bustamante, 24.

When asked if he was afraid such an incident might occur again, he said: 'Not at all, I would still want to take the ride up. Accidents do happen, and it doesn't mean it would happen again anytime soon.'

Mr Max Kwek, Mrs Kwek's husband, feels differently.

'I would never recommend anyone to step foot on the Singapore Flyer.'

A full refund was given to all passengers, but to Mr Kwek, this was not enough.

'I am outraged at what has happened. The mechanical glitches can be understood. However, it is the way in which they handle passengers in the capsules that I am unhappy with.'

He said: 'They were rude to us, and offered no answers to passengers who were scared and panicking. They also promised us food and water, but three hours on, we received nothing.'

'Whatever happened to Plan B?' Mr Kwek asked.

Singapore Flyer rescue team targeted critical capsules first Channel News Asia
Flyer to stay shut AsiaOne

2 Abu Sayyaf men bolt Basilan jail

2 Abu Sayyaf men bolt Basilan jail
ABS CBN News - 20 hours ago
Two suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf Group escaped the provincial jail in Basilan at around 9 am Wednesday, an ABS-CBN Regional Network Group report said.

Explosion rocks Philippine concert Xinhua

22 wounded in Basilan blast BusinessWorld Online

Pakistan seeks closure of 'terror cells' in India

Pakistan seeks closure of 'terror cells' in India
Express Buzz - 1 hour ago
ISLAMABAD/ NEW DELHI: Apparently opening up a new front, Pakistan's parliament has urged the world community to press India for closing what it terms terror cells and to stop its anti-Pakistan "propaganda" in the wake of the Mumbai carnage.

New Delhi trains envoys for greater India role Daily News & Analysis

Hostile propaganda, alleges Pakistan Hindu

Canada condemns 'attempted coup' in Guinea

Canada condemns 'attempted coup' in Guinea
AFP - 1 hour ago
MONTREAL (AFP) - Canada on Wednesday condemned the "attempted coup" in Guinea, where military putschists marched through the capital Conakry and declared they were in charge of the west African country.

Military orders curfew after Guinea coup ABC Online

US threatens to cut aid to Guinea Xinhua

Perak okays land title plan

Perak okays land title plan
Malaysia Star - 1 hour ago
IPOH: Perak will go ahead with its plan to issue freehold titles to the 149000 house owners in 349 planned and 134 new villages despite objections from the Federal Government.

States must refer land issues to national council New Straits Times

Perak Needs National Land Council Approval To Award Land Titles Bernama

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SARAWAK AND MALAYSIAKINI: Kenyalangs and vultures. that I am a real Sarawakian. I am just a Malaysian, a unit in a bigger entity called Malaysians. A subset within a bigger set as it were. That's the kind of jargon Mr Leong would really like to say as he was pushing his 30 odd students to the limiting algebraic domain. Muda Mohd Noor is rather quick to point out the most appropriate issue in Malaysiakini on Gobalakrishnan claims.

  • MP 'denied' entry into S'wak from malaysiakini
  • Muda Mohd Noor | Dec 24, 08 7:07pm
  • PKR parliamentarian N Gobalakrishnan claims that he was denied entry into Sarawak by immigration officers at the Kuching International airport.

2. Our Puan Rohani many-many years ago if confronted with a similar situation would asked "Why do you think he was denied entry?". Knowing her so well, we were waiting patiently who would in the end give the most sensible answer.

3. Puan Rohani, our English teacher were very patient with us, accepting the most diverse of ideas and answers. We knew what she wanted for an answer.

4. Puan Rohani mampu memberi perspektif menarik mengenai kedaulatan negara, kecintaan terhadap negara, berjuang untuk negara, dan berkorban untuk negara. Isu ada orang tidak dibenarkan masuk adalah isu Sovereignty........ kedaulatan sebuah negara.

5. Kami terhutang akal dan budi dengan guru-guru terutamanya Mr Leong dan Puan Rohani. Sementara yang lain begitu berfokus pengajaran mereka, mereka berdua membawa ilmu dengan perspektif menarik, mengajar nombor untuk jadi dewasa bukan untuk periksa sahaja.

6. Kenyalang adalah hornbill. Kenyalang bukan sekadar burung dalam jatidiri orang Sarawak. Kenyalang ada harga diri. Kenyalang ada pride.

7. Kita sedia maklum, Gobalakrishnan bukan orang pertama tidak dapat keizinan masuk kesana. Mereka dari DAP sedar siapa yang pernah disuruh balik sebaik mendarat. Bumi Kenyalang adalah bumi suci. Oleh itu sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia, saya cuma berharap Gobalakrishnan tidak rasa terkilan dengan insiden itu. Yang paling dhaif dalam kawasan Padang Serai juga dapat mengagak apa maksud bila orang tidak pelawa masuk kerumah walau ketuk dan salam berkali-kali. Tetamu tidak diundang.

8. Kedua-dua negeri Sabah dan Sarawak adalah negeri yang sangat menarik. Sabah dilihat sebagai politically volatile, dengan pegangan politik yang mudah dipengaruhi, manakala Sarawak adalah sebuah negeri yang sangat stabil dari sudut politik dan ekonomi. Untuk tujuan rekod, wajar diketahui ramai bahawa Taib Mahmud adalah antara cerdik pandai bumi kenyalang. Sekitar tahun 1957 beliau adalah diantara 4 anak-anak muda yang bijak telah dianugerah biasiswa untuk melanjut pelajaran keluar negara.

9. Taib Mahmud kekal sebagai seorang pemimpin yang sangat berkesan untuk masyarakat yang berbilang suku di Bumi Kenyalang.

When there are vultures flying low sniffing carcass down below, it is only proper to shoo them away.

No heart feeling,


Galigo (Buginese mythology)
When the sun is shining the Creator, holder of Man's destiny, asks the escort, "Why, oh people, have Rukkelengpoba and his family for three days and three nights left the top of the sky?" Before the escort can answer, Rukkelengpoba, Sangiang padju, Rumamakkompo, Balassari├║, immediately appear. The Creator is not pleased when he sees Rukkelengpoba and his family. In an angry voice the Creator asks, "Where hast thou been, oh Rumamakkompo and thy family? For three nights already thou hast been absent from the top of the sky."

[this is an attempt to explore the diversity of orang nusantara]


Zahar Hashim
joining Pas is not a surprise. It is a natural thing to do for a man who had been an Umno divisional chief for quite sometime. Eurocopter controversy may just paint the true picture of the man by the name Zahar Hashim. As Muda Mohd Noor put it in Malaysiakini, Zahar was a former Umno Petaling Jaya Selatan division leader.

  • Eurocopter whistleblower joins PAS from malaysiakini
  • Muda Mohd Noor | Dec 24, 08 11:11am
  • Former Umno Petaling Jaya Selatan division leader Zahar Hashim, who had alleged discrepancies in the Eurocopter deal, joined the opposition PAS today.

2. Zahar handed his application form to join Pas in the presence of Nasharudin and Hasan Ali and his most probable first move will be to join the Kuala terengganu by election campaign. It will not be too difficult to guess what will be his political cry ... Eurocopter!

3. Permatang Pauh and Ijok witnessed Najib as the main target for the oppositions. Altantuya and eurocopter were just the right ingredients to "goreng". A political mee "goreng"?

4. Kita difahamkan zahar juga berminat dan melobi untuk membekal helikopter untuk kegunaan tentera negara ini. Kononnya proposal beliau tidak diterima. Eurocopter hanyalah satu bisness venture pada peringkal awal iaitu proposal atau bidding. Mereka yang serius berniaga, menyertai sebutharga atau tender bukanlah dengan gurantee bahawa mereka akan dapat. Seni bisnes adalah mencabar.

5. Kalau boleh berpesan sedikit kepada Zahar, bukan ada cara pintas yang mudah untuk lahirkan peniaga . Mana boleh turun ke padang dengan gol yang telah dijanjikan, seolah satu pertandingan bolasepak yang telah ditentukan keputusannya. Itu rasuah namanya. Memang begitu, ada masa kita berjaya dalam tender dan ada masanya kita gagal. So what?

6. Dalam perspektif itu, tidak ada apa yang istimewa di sebalik keluarnya Zahar dari Umno dan masuknya beliau dalam Pas. Sekadar paparan imej manusia dalam pentas hidup yang mencabar. Namun ramai juga terjebak dengan perangkap yang bahaya ini. Sepertimana Anwar menjaja kata-kata keramat sekitar 90'an dulu, NEPOTISMA, KRONISMA, seolah beliau sangat bersih dan penuh integriti.

7. Malangnya, rakyat biasa sering terpesung dengan mantra politik. Yang mereka canang hanyalah isu-isu menarik yang mampu mengusik emosi dan minda pengundi. Rakyat sudah tunjuk berani dengan menghantar videoman ke parlimen. Rakyat Perak sudah bergembira dengan freehold land titles untuk kampung baru cina sedangkan mereka yang biasa dengan Ayer Tawar sangat masak dengan permainan-permainan, yang Nizar [MB] pun tidak nampak bawah hidung sendiri.

Kita sering dapat apa yang kita hajat. Zahar tidak perlu kecewa sebenarnya. Kita pula jarang bersyukur dengan apa yang kita pernah berkali-kali dapat .


On Eurocopter and Zahar, I wish to share the meaning of whats in it for me. Another malay phrase with similar effect will be "apa aku dapat?".

a short note on What's in it for me?

1. The failure of American media to properly vet the political beliefs of Barack Obama during thejust concluded presidential campaign was on full display when the president-elect made clear just how much of a socialist he really is, and did so with nary a challenge from "Meet the Press" moderator Tom Brokaw [What's In It For Me']

2. It is very easy to see the glass as half empty but, as you know, it could be half full. During tough times we can drag ourselves down with looking at all the negatives. We look at life and realize all the bad things that are happening to us. Sometimes we need to lean on the benefits we get instead. [What is in it for me? 2]

News: Mumbai and terrorism

  • Senators call for review of role in war on terror

Senators on Tuesday called for a review of Pakistan’s role in the ‘war on terror’ and suggested the redeployment of troops from the country’s western border to the eastern border in the light of provocations by India.

Taking part in the discussion on security situation, they underlined the need for launching a diplomatic initiative to tell the world that Pakistan was a responsible country and expose ‘baseless allegations’ being hurled by India in the aftermath of the Mumbai carnage.

They rejected as a cock and bull story the claim by India that a group of 10 people had travelled on a boat from Karachi to reach Mumbai for carrying out the attack.

“How was it possible for a group of 10 to split and engage the entire security apparatus of a country for three days,” they questioned.
Senators call for review of role in war on terror
Pakistan Dawn

  • Will Pakistan admit Qasab's nationality? Zardari to reply

Although Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has sought to banish all war clouds and put an end to speculation of a possible Indian strike against Pakistan, much will depend on what Pakistan has to say about 26/11 terrorist Qasab's letter.

The Zardari government is expected to respond on Wednesday to the letter written by Qasab, the lone terrorist captured during the Mumbai attacks.

The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi sent a copy of the letter, dated December 19, to Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Monday.

In that letter, Qasab, currently in custody of the Anti-Terror Squad in Mumbai, has sought legal help from Pakistan and also details the circumstances of his arrest.

However, Islamabad is yet to admit that Qasab is a Pakistani national.
Will Pakistan admit Qasab's nationality?

  • India's media blasted for sensational Mumbai coverage

Emerging from decades of government control and regulations, India's media are quickly evolving into a boisterous, zealous fourth estate, most observers agree. But coverage of the 67-hour Mumbai (Bombay) terrorist attacks has caused unprecedented condemnation, especially toward 24-hour television news channels. Critics describe it as "TV terror" for showing gory scenes, being too aggressive, and often reporting incorrect information as fact.

"They don't need to apologize as much as they need to introspect – figure out how to operate in a time of crisis," says Dipankar Gupta, sociology professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.

India's media blasted for sensational Mumbai coverage.

Christian Science Monitor

News on Hudud, Pas and Pakatan.

  • PAS to push for hudud laws
KOTA BARU: - Malaysia's opposition was put on the defensive yesterday after a top PAS official said the party would push to implement Islamic criminal laws if the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) alliance takes power in the country.

The remarks by Datuk Husam Musa, vice-president of Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) is likely to be a hot issue in the crucial by-election in Terengganu just weeks away.

His comments also raised afresh Internet debate on the long-cherished plan by PAS to implement the hudud laws in Malaysia.

While Mr Husam did not say what he meant by implementing hudud, the Islamic criminal laws are understood to mean they will have provisions to chop off the hands of thieves and stone adulterers.

Mr Husam spoke about the PAS plans for hudud law in a debate last Saturday evening in Kelantan's capital, with Umno Youth's deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin. PAS to push for hudud laws Straits Times

  • Anwar Should Speak On Issue Of Hudud Laws, Says Karpal
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 23 (Bernama) -- PKR, through its de facto leader, should speak on the issue of Pas' intention to introduce hudud laws (Islamic penal code) in the country, said DAP chairman Karpal Singh.

He said Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim cannot afford to remain silent in the face of Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat's stated aim of introducing hudud laws in the country. Anwar Should Speak On Issue Of Hudud Laws, Says Karpal Bernama

  • A thorn in Pakatan's side.
PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa, the man behind the current controversy, said PAS would not give up on hudud which he said, was God’s law. A thorn in Pakatan’s side
Malaysia Today

SEEKING WITH MALAYSIAKINI: heavy curtain on 4,700 lost

The year is about to end. Next year will come but the curtain is far too heavy to draw. Malaysiakini signals the worst yet to come as the curtain is drawn exposing a glimpse of unemployment on the rise.

  • Over 4,700 to lose jobs in next 3 months from Malaysiakini
  • Dec 23, 08 12:12pm
  • More than 4,700 will lose their jobs in the next three months as the electronics sector is hit by the global economic downturn.

2. Lets be frank with one another. It doesnt matter how much extra adrenalin we have in our blood streams, how many drifts the kids can do with their bikes in JERIT, how many millions can be awarded by our own courts to the lucky ones, but jobs/employments are too sacred to the livelihood of folks.

3. With it comes money, food, cars, bikes, handphones, flights, courts (?), books, pencils, erasers, shoes and slippers. Folks got to live and folks need money. Employment do provide some basic human existence.

4. A respected blogger Dato Ruhanie Ahmad in his kudakepang blog cautioned what lies behind the heavy curtain as year 2008 is getting out. The malays will be most affected as the global economic downturn rolls in and out. So what is to become of them.? [MAJORITI MEREKA ADALAH MELAYU kudakepang ]

5. It is going to be a bitter journey forward. Huge investment in economic corridors may not necessarily bring in real employment as you and me understand. The early phase of development will comprise of construction works and the place will be crowded with expected bangladeshis, indons or myanmars.

6. Some ministers explain what the goverment will do. One is retraining is to be given to the retrenched workers to improve their chances of securing jobs in other fields. The coming by election in Kuala Terengganu and the sign of stormy weather in Bmi Kenyalang will see issues on unemployment debated openly. Or Hudud is still the anchor?

But having RM120,000 or RM30,000,000 twice will be very handy indeed for those retrenched. I am sure mahfuz and Teresa will be more than a dermawan.

On a more positive note, I guess malaysians are generally very resilient, they will survive somehow, because on the simplest living ubikayu and ikan keli are in abundance.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Moafagh bashed Teresa Kok

Are we
more religious now?

I ask because most are very sensitive on religious issues even those not within a particular religious belief. Abdullah seems attracted with the idea of inter-religion discourse. Hafiz reported an important case in Malaysiakini on azan controversy.

  • Kok sues Khir, Utusan for RM30 mil from malaysiakini
  • Hafiz Yatim | Dec 23, 08 12:12pm
  • Selangor senior exco and Seputeh MP Teresa Kok filed the suit against former MB Dr Mohd Khir Toyo and Utusan Malaysia over the azan controversy.

2. Before the issue gets out of hand among us, it would be best to know what is Azan. Not a single soul in this beloved country hasnt heard of azan in his/her lifetime. Five times a day coming out from speakers perched high on minarets. At home, right on the dot, there would be a replay of recorded azan on TV. At worst, there would be running notice on azan where some of us pass it for just another adverts.

3. Azan is the first call to prayer. The Azan is uttered in a loud, albeit sweet melodious, voice to announce to the faithful that it is time for the Obligatory Prayer and to invite them to offer the prayers. Those who perform Azan are known as 'Muezzin.' The honour of being the first Muezzin goes to Hazrat Bilal, a black slave who converted to Islam. He had a very sweet, resonant and musical voice. He was appointed as Muezzin by the Prophet of Islam. The appointment of a black slave as the first person to call Muslims for prayers, shows that in Islam all human beings are treated as equals. Rich or poor, black or white, short or tall - all are equal in the eyes of Allah. It is the piety of each individual that makes the difference.

4. Azan is recited in a loud voice by the Muezzin facing the direction of the Ka'ba in the following words, which are said in the order mentioned: [click here: Azan - The Call For Prayers

Teresa contended that Dr Mohamad Khir had falsely claimed that pressure from non-Muslims and a state exco-backed petition had forced a mosque at Kota Damansara to stop making the azan call (call to prayer) through the loudspeaker.

6. It was only last week that Teresa seek a similar sum of RM30million on YB 'J' cerpen [short story] published on October 12.

Today, Utusan the Umno owned newspaper lost a lawsuit by Mahfuz the PAS information chief over an article which suggested that he backed the violent overthrow of government. He as awarded RM120,000. The article titled Demonstrasi - Mahfuz isytihar bersama Keadilan was published on March 4, 2001.

I am sure, this trend will continue for quite sometime ......

Aikurushii Teresa Kok, Mo'afagh bashed [ a phrase in Farsi ~ good luck ]


WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Anwar Ibrahim on Hudud?

Remember the recent fatwa on YOGA? Everyone jump on the wagon and yell. As a prelude to KT by election, Hudud is laid down as another alluring ploy. As Veeranggan is suggesting in Malaysiakini, there is a need for affected party to state their stand. Many agree on the intimacy of both fatwa and Hudud to the Muslims that open discussion may not be such a good idea.

  • Hudud laws - Anwar must clarify Pakatan's stand from Malaysiakini
  • Athi Veeranggan | Dec 23, 08 4:04pm
  • A political analyst says as opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim is duty bound to step in the current spat over the Islamic law issue and state Pakatan Rakyat's official stand once and for all.
2. Anwar is too busy with bumi kenyalang to entertain the latest ploy on Hudud. Kuala Terengganu will not add substantially to his credential as the PM in waiting. But Bumi Kenyalang is something else. If Anwar is to be the next PM soon, he really has to fly low over Bintulu, Miri and Bintangor seeking support from the Foo Chows. The dayaks I suppose has been very much like the rest of us.

3. Anwar probably had noticed the importance of minorities in closely fought seats. Hindraf is a living proof! He probably be very busy tuning up his strategies.

4. Hudud is an old issue. It is best to put aside for a while......


Wan Ahmad Farid given task of enlightening voters


Barisan Nasional will focus on efforts to reduce spoilt votes, which totalled 1,050 in the March general election, in its campaign for the coming Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election.

Towards this end, its candidate, Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Ismail, would be going from house to house to enlighten voters in the constituency on the importance of their votes.

“We will identify reasons for the spoilt votes, whether it is because of protest because voters are not happy with the candidates or that they do not know to do it correctly,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby after taking his oath as a senator for a second term today.

Wan Ahmad Farid, 46, who is Deputy Home Minister and also Kuala Terengganu Umno division chief, said he would refrain from making personal attacks against his opponents in the contest.

The Kuala Terengganu by-election, which nomination is on Jan 6, will be held following the death of its Member of Parliament Datuk Razali Ismail on Nov 28.
Razali won the seat in the March general election after defeating PAS’ Mohamad Sabu (PAS) and an independent candidate, Maimun Yusuf, with a majority of 628 votes.

BN to focus on spoilt votes; Wan Ahmad given task of enlightening ...
New Straits Times, Malaysia -

Wan Ahmad Farid denies being an elitist

The Kuala Terengganu by-election is still some time away but the BN candidate, Senator Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, has already found himself having to deal with the oft-repeated complaint that he is elitist and not a man of the people.

"If I am elitist, how is it I got to the position I hold in Umno. I have been in Umno since 1995, I was a Pemuda chief in Kuala Terengganu.

“How could I have come this far if I had been elitist," said the Terengganu Umno division chief.

Wan Ahmad Farid, who is the Deputy Home Minister, was speaking to reporters at the parliament lobby today.

He said the people who labelled him an elitist obviously had no idea about the work he had been doing on the ground.

Wan Ahmad Farid denies being an elitist
New Straits Times, Malaysia

Utusan, former EIC, ordered to pay RM120,000 for defaming Mahfuz

by S. Tamarai Chelvi

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 23, 2008) : The High Court here ruled today taht the content of an article on Pokok Sena MP Mahfuz Omar published in Mingguan Melayu was libellous and granted him RM120,000 in general damages.

Judicial Commissioner Mohd Yazid Mustafa said "the words, by way of innuendo, portray the plaintiff as a person inter alia with a political agenda of forcefully removing the present government, who advocates violence and force, who disbelieves in the democratic process to create change in the ruling government and who intends to cause chaos and instability to the country's harmony".

The article titled "Demonstrasi -- Mahfuz isytihar bersama Keadilan" (Demonstration -- Mahfuz declares with Keadilan) was published on March 4, 2001.

Mahfuz had filed a defamation suit on Dec 10, 2001 and named Utusan's former group editor in-chief Datuk Khalid Mohd and Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad as the defendants.

"The fact that the plaintiff is a volatile and vocal political figure is not relevant because the issue for the determination is whether the impugned were uttered by the plaintiff," Mohd Yazid said.

"This is necessary because the plaintiff has denied making such statements.The defendant, I find, has not only failed to establish justification for the words but failed to show that the words were even said by the plaintiff."

Mohd Yazid said the contention that the defendant's journalist is an experienced and responsible professional in political news coverage is irrelevant, based on this reason.

He said the impugned words do not fulfill the elements of fair comment.

"The words that were published are not facts but although it could be construed as comment, the said words are not fair comment because there is no truthful basis to it. The said words also do not serve any public interest as contended by the defendants," said Mohd Yazid.

"The defendants have failed to establish how the public interest or which aspects of the public's interest is affected or could be affected by the said words. Lastly, I find that the words were published with the intention to lower the plaintiff's reputation in the estimation of a reasonable reader of the second defendant's newspaper," said Mohd Yazid.

"I also find that the defence of justification cannot stand because the words were not proven to have been uttered by the plaintiff. The said words have no truth to it," said Mohd Yazid.

Mohd Yazid said, in determining the quantum of damages, the court took into consideration several facts.

"Firstly, the plaintiff's standing in his society as a political figure, a MP and a public figure. The plaintiff is also a well known figure amongst his peers and commands the respect of the latter," said Mohd Yazid.

"Secondly, the second defendant has a newspaper circulation of 200,000 papers per day, including 800,000 visitors and 7.8 million page viewers per month for its online publication.

"Therefore, the impugned words affecting the political and social standing and the reputation of the plaintiff were widely published."

He said the defendants have not tendered any apology to "mitigate the harm to the plaintiff's reputation".

Mahfuz, who was approached by reporters, said he thanked God for the ruling.

Utusan, former EIC, ordered to pay RM120,000 for defaming Mahfuz
The Sun Daily, Malaysia

other related stories
PAS MP Mahfuz Omar Wins Defamation Suit Against Utusan
Bernama, Malaysia
PAS MP Mahfuz wins defamation suit against Utusan

The star
Mahfuz wins RM120,000 damages from Utusan

Suara keadilan | Mahkamah arah Utusan bayar Mahfuz RM120K
sabahdaily » Mahfuz menang lawan Utusan

WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Corruption, when did Obama know it.

To ask a person what is corruption to her/him is going to be interesting. Lets share with Malaysiakini what is corruption to Obama as he plans to hit the ground on economic recovery.

The soon to be release of a report on the contacts that President-elect Barack Obama or any of his staff members may have had with scandal-plagued Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will likely quiet the rumors and gossip about Obama and the governor. That's because Obama will release the report and it would defy credulity to think that he would release a report that showed anything inappropriate or worse in whatever dealings he had with the governor.

This is probably not a case of a politician circling the wagon and sanitizing a report to avoid scandal. The FBI wiretap transcripts at least the ones that have been reported don't show that the president-elect did anything that could even be remotely construed as an attempt to cut any deals or influence peddle with the governor over his senate seat.

Yet, there are still some nagging questions that the report will attempt to answer. And those answers may not be the right answers. The one obvious question is the known and acknowledged contact that Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel had with Blago. There's only the faintest hint that Emanuel may have lobbied Blago to appoint a key Obama staffer to the senate seat. An informant claims the motive in making the contact supposedly was to eliminate her as a potential rival for Obama's ear in the White House. We only have the informant's word for that and since this person is unnamed and given that Blago's credibility is zilch the hint of an impropriety in the contact isn't likely to go much further than that. The report will likely say that.

However, the fact is that Emanuel did talk with Blago about the appointment, innocent or not, and this raises this question," Was this his idea, or did he do it with a wink and a nod from Obama? That raises yet another question. That is whether Obama knew or didn't know about his talk with Blago. Even if he didn't, why did Emanuel talk with Blago about it or any other matter that even remotely could have dredged up questions about Obama's involvement in a matter that presumably had nothing to do with him.

That's not all. When the allegation first broke that Blago demanded a payment for the seat from Jesse Jackson, Jr. Obama issued a categorical denial that no one on his staff had anything to do with the Jackson flap, or had any dealings at all with Blago about the seat. This obviously was not exactly the case, or was it? It's another loose end question dangling. The FBI wiretap transcripts when fully made public can and probably will shed much more light on the Emanuel-Blago tie.

The Blago-Emanuel and by extension Obama connect in itself would normally be little more than a pinprick distraction except for the long history of corrupt Chicago style wheeling and dealing. During the campaign Obama took occasional hits for his alleged dubious dealings with convicted financier Tony Rezko. There was no proof of any wrongdoing in those dealings. But it did toss an ugly glare on corruption in Chicago politics and how some Chicago politicians aren't averse to trading favors, legal or otherwise, for gain. However, trading favors may be fine for some in Chicago since it's widely assumed that that's the way business is done in some political circles there anyway. But that style would and should have no place in an Obama White House.

Now that raises yet another question. Can Emanuel assure that he and other Obama staff members will play it by the book when it comes to doing business in the White House? That's not a small question. Obama's major election appeal was that he promised to be a politician of a different sort. Millions who backed him took that to mean that transparency will be the watchword in an Obama White House and that the back room conniving, special interest influence peddling, deal making MO of his predecessors will be a thing of the past. Obama needs to reassure that indeed that will be the case. This makes the question what did he know and when did he know it more than a passing academic question.

What Did Obama Know, And When Did He Know it?
Huffington Post, NY