Friday, December 12, 2008


It would be nice to own one good car, whats more a decent japanese made car. This is a lot less than what Teresa Kok looking after, a 30 million bombshell as reported by Hafiz Yatim in Malaysiakini. It is a mere ringgit 2.7 million christmass shopping parcels wrapped with red, blue and green ribbons.

2. I will be slowing down after Kampung Kayan on the way to the ancestorial land of Minaq Jingo to have a glimpse of the shining brand new Toyota Camry. The last time the Menteri Besar visited his counstituency, he was sober, upright and a lot wiser. Now with a different car, changes will be noticeable. The sandy sand of Lekir will add to the glittering reflection on Toyota Camry.

3. Yes, Perak used to be a rich state with tin ore oozing from its virgin land. The land was raped to the bones and stones once. When the vultures fly low, there are smelly carcases somewhere. It remains as a story that Ngah Ibrahim was once a successful Malay entrepreneur, with landbanks [not sime darby], mining operations and steam boat. The British came and stripped him naked. The land is a lost frontier for only Sungai Manik folks would understand.

4. I suppose we should not cry over things lost and rejoice on things we own and acquire instead. TOYOTA CAMRY!.. Well done Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar jamaluddin.

[Perak exco to get RM2.7mil Toyota Camry cars
Malaysia Star ]
Selangor Denies Buying 14 Toyota Camrys Bernama ]