Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Let me end this wet day romancing every seconds with Malaysiakini on our dear Teresa Kok. Aikurushii , kawaii, kirei, utsukushii, miryoku-teki. ................. ................... .....................

Dear Teresa, according to Edgar Alan Poe, a short story should be like a window into someone else’s life, in other words it doesn’t really matter what happened before and it doesn’t matter what’s going to happen after. On that, permit me to diverge a little, it is not someone's life, but our very own sensitive and delicate life lump together in a big basket called citizenship.

My Dear Teresa.... which colour would you like most? Red, blue, green or you would rather go for the multi-culoured one? Yes, we all are multi-coloured, multi-skilled and multi-lingual and that is great especially so in this god given multi society as beautiful as ours. You remember the ethnic cleansing happening in the Balkans years ago. I suppose you remember how the short moustache kept sticking on the face of the greatest ethnic cleaner of all, Adolf Hitler? Yes my dear Teresa, in some place colour dont mix. But my teacher tought me how to mix colours and walla, you suddenly become a competent colour/social engineer or artist rather. Forget about this mental slip for a while and zoom into the purpose of our trip, romancing on River Shimanto.

The Shimanto River is the longest river in Shikoku. It has about 300 tributaries and flows down about 1,200 meters (3,937 feet) from the south flank of Mt. Irazu (1,336 meters (4,383 feet) high) to the Pacific Ocean at the Tosa Bay. Since the riverbed is tilted very slight, the Shimanto River is the only major river in Japan that has not been dammed anywhere. Therefore, the river flows as naturally as it has always done. With less industrial development in the adjacent area, and the efforts of people to keep the river clean, means that the waters remain crystal-clear right down to the ocean. The river is thus sometimes called the "last clear stream" in Japan.

I gave you the word aikurushii. It means adourable. Of course you are adourable my dear Teresa, thats why the majority of us single you out as our adourable representative in the Big Hall. There are other equally pleasant words that i can choose, like miryoku-teki ~ attractive, Utsukuchii~beautiful, kirei~pretty, and kawai~cute. But somehow aikurushii suits you perfect.

Most of us are very conversant on issues as its face value. The recent Mumbai terror is another test on humanity. The immediate truth to most is a another case of crazy youngsters going on killing spree. As day passed by, the issue begins to take shape when the kids are said to be of Pakistani origin and holding british passport. A local incident in Mumbai begins to grow into a geopolitical stature, when America, Britain, Israel, India and Pakistan are going for verbal combat. But they, the Indians have a trump card, a sole survivor of so-called terrorist in their hand. Teresa, remember the story about 'a bird in the hand'?. We can almost guess what is going to happen in weeks to come.

The Indian market reacted negatively to Mumbai incident through stock exchange plunge, tourism industry decline, and investors scared off. Pity every sector and every person entangled as the aftermath of Mumbai terror.

As you probably had noticed, things in Greece turned from bad to worst. Riot police are fighting running battles with mourners after the funeral of a teenager whose shooting by officers triggered Greece's worst rioting in decades. They are now running to the third day of riot and chaos. But dear Teresa, as Greece riot police fought running battles with protesters outside Greece's parliament in Athens and other cities on Tuesday, the opposition socialist party has called for elections to end four days of protests. Cant you see the connection Teresa? Another case of End justifying the means! And thats how life is perpetuating itself through wickedness and sorrow.

I dont know Teresa, but ISA may prevent such incidence, [massive riots in Greek cities ‘Pressure Cooker’ Greek Riots Fueled by Graft, Economic Woes , Rioting Rocks Greece , Greek government reeling as rioting enters fourth day Scotsman, Athens burns and with it a history of democracy]

My dear Teresa, things in life are so interconnected and at times so diff icult to separate issues from effects, and the good and the bad. Now while you are sitting on the bank of Shimanto River, your face glow as the heart is pumping blood to capillaries nearer to the skins to protect you and your soul from the wicked weather.

Take care dear Teresa.