Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sharing with Malaysiakini: ANWAR IBRAHIM DOT COM

I was searching again for a little light on whatever. Kenyalangs are beautiful birds. But the vultures are flying low sniffing carcass. Now Anwar is going for another loan, not of Teresa's RM30million, but the future of almost 30million Malaysians. I wish to share it with Malaysiakini the fact that it used to be hindraf and Indians, and now it will be the dayaks. Same plot and same producer.......

from malaysiakini The Dayak dilemma (Part 1) Sim Kwang Yang | Dec 20, 08 10:10am
By virtue of the logic of politics of race, which is entirely based on ethnic head-counting, the Dayaks ought to be the dominant community in Sarawak. The chief minister ought to be a Dayak.

2. I bump into Anwar Ibrahim Dot Com in blogsphere. Feel free to visit and judge and understand Anwar in the familiar track and game. [Anwar Ibrahim Dot Com ]