Sunday, December 14, 2008


So they are fighting the so called draconian ISA by being hungry. What is the connection between being hungry and protest against ISA? I wish to share and starve with Malaysiakini on this element, the much debated matlamat halalkan cara.

From Malaysiakini
15 on hunger strike over ISA
Dec 14, 08 3:03pm
The hunger strike, which will last five days, is to protest against the draconian ISA and to demand all detainees be freed.

2. Lets rewind the clock a little bit. Sometime in 1981, a person by the name Bobby Sand went all out on hunger strike. That hunger strike clinged on an interesting thing, almost similar to this Hindraf, between a person in jail and a person in power. It was between Bobby Sand and Margaret tatcher.

3. Bobby was elected as Member of Parliament while in jail, thus creating a world wide interest as the hunger strike escalate. Ten prisoners died including bobby himself. Then politics in Great Britain was greatly radicalised pushing the emergence of Sinn Fein.

4. What is to become of our little Hindraf? A protest over ISA? But when Hindraf sprang into action as prelude to PRU12, their aims were somewhat different. Of course pragmatism allows changes as one proceed on, looking for the best option within a particular situation. Hindraf has shown his/her eagerness in politics time and time again, and of course the platform is PRU13.

5. In some countries, there is a law to handle suicide [The deliberate taking of one's own life.] . Under Common Law, suicide, or the intentional taking of one's own life, was a felony that was punished by Forfeiture of all the goods and chattels of the offender. Under modern U.S. law, suicide is no longer a crime. Some states, however, classify attempted suicide as a criminal act, but prosecutions are rare, especially when the offender is terminally ill. I see dead leaves everyday, a few days after they turn yellow.

Hunger strike = harakiri? or Hunger strike = death = reincarnation [to be born again]

Hindraf = Sinn Fein?


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