Sunday, December 21, 2008


Things are moving fast as captured by Malaysiakini. Tony Thien put it simple and crude on Anwar's latest gambit with the kenyalangs. It was Anwar's letter of demand to Jabu.

  • Anwar's letter of demand to Jabu
  • Tony Thien | Dec 20, 08 1:01pm
  • Anwar's lawyers has served a letter of demand for an unreserved apology and monetary compensation on the Sarawak deputy chief minister for alleged defamation.

2. It was like yesterday when Anwar was quickly bundled to lock-up as he raced with the Queen of England on crowd pulling. For Queen, it was the master with his/her subjects. For Anwar, it was for a hurried man to catch up with shreds of issues with the masses. But both has to go to their respective abode; Buckingham Palace and Sungai Buloh.

3. But now Anwar is running wild. He promised and he postponed. He tickled every possible issue on the chess board. The pawns, the bishops and the castles are just pieces. Of course lingamgate, RPK, Bersih, Hindraf and Jerit are just strategies. But crowd is always consistent, once they are a fan of Manchester United, they keep coming... Or like a man selling quick fix portion, guys keep crowding around him to listen to the latest anchor.

4. Now the Jabu and the court is the his latest game plan. Oh, like a vulture flying low sniffing for carcass down below. I remembered an incident when a man by the name Kapal was sent back upon landing. That was a game in upholding sovereignty!

5. Then there was a case of beating up! A chief beating up a want-to-be chief. The chief was sent to imprisonment, discredited and felt sad and bad. The want-to-chief was almost dead through self-proclaimed HIV and arsenic injections. We are living in a dramatic chess game play.

6. Anwar has to find ways to be in the news with vibrating sensational issues. Do you think he really care about the plight of poor and innocent Baling dwellers before, now and ever? Now is the turn of dayaks to turnover!

7. When I said Neomu Bisayo to Teresa Kok. a few days ago, now I will say it is too expensive to Anwar. In Hebrew so what? is phrased as Ela Mai and Everything is in Order Within the Chaos as Hakol Beseder B'Eli Haseder.

Does anybody care why the want-to-be chief got beaten up cold and blue by the chief years ago?

Kacha HaChayim to you Anwar ....................


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