Tuesday, December 09, 2008

UTSUKUSHII MALAYSIAKINI: with Ron and Mike in Kudakepang

When I choose the word Utsukushii Malaysiakini as title , I am hinting on the prelude to the next entry, something like romancing in Shimanto River with Teresa. Of course I will share it with Malaysiakini readers for a lighter tone every one and then. Sometimes life can be damn serious, when every single things fall under the category URGENT. Lets walk to the nearest kopitiam for a cuppa ....

Kudakepang. This is the blog I regularly visited over a couple of years. The blog itself is like a kopitiam. Regular faces, identical cups and saucers and of course those dark wooden table and chairs. As always, kopitiam squeezes occupational stress out of you while you continue the familiar sip.... surp. surp. surp.

This entry is an extract of a lighter phase in otherwise serious message, Ron like to get accross. It was my last comment in that entry of Ron's, very light in otherwise very serious tone of Ron.

From kudakepang:
Dear Dato Ron,

Allow me chatting the day off with Mike (pronounced the perak way, not the English way for Michael)

Luxury of life dear Mike, on aidil adha, and today I behave like a prince/princess munching salad fit only for the king.... ulam raja.

And the other day, while digging, one little muscle pulled and I went limping and I thought that qualified me as an OKU for a day, but parking attendant kept asking for my OKU id.

And today after a brief takbir raya in the wee hours, numbers keep appearing. Then I remember Rod Steward's "6th cut is the deepest..........", and Dire Strait's "Six blade knife........".

Now what is 6? Could it be the slot of Najib's potrait in the alley of Power, or could it just be Abdullah, assuming Onn Jaafar as the supposed-to-be first Prime Minister.

I never know, how much they hate the new UMNO. Yes it was bitter then, tough and hard. But the 6th was left in the cold only for two years.

Semalam petik buah terung pungaq (loghat chedet), the last remaining terung free of genetic modification.

So, rasuah after all is just numbers which ever you look at it. A day, a year, a post, a project, a dream come true, a retaliation, a friend and an enemy or a slice of lemang.

And we can hop on Kudakepang via this: Rasuah era Abdullah or just pop in direct to SIRI AKHIR

By the way, utsukushii means beautiful in japanese.