Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SEEKING WITH MALAYSIAKINI: heavy curtain on 4,700 lost

The year is about to end. Next year will come but the curtain is far too heavy to draw. Malaysiakini signals the worst yet to come as the curtain is drawn exposing a glimpse of unemployment on the rise.

  • Over 4,700 to lose jobs in next 3 months from Malaysiakini
  • Dec 23, 08 12:12pm
  • More than 4,700 will lose their jobs in the next three months as the electronics sector is hit by the global economic downturn.

2. Lets be frank with one another. It doesnt matter how much extra adrenalin we have in our blood streams, how many drifts the kids can do with their bikes in JERIT, how many millions can be awarded by our own courts to the lucky ones, but jobs/employments are too sacred to the livelihood of folks.

3. With it comes money, food, cars, bikes, handphones, flights, courts (?), books, pencils, erasers, shoes and slippers. Folks got to live and folks need money. Employment do provide some basic human existence.

4. A respected blogger Dato Ruhanie Ahmad in his kudakepang blog cautioned what lies behind the heavy curtain as year 2008 is getting out. The malays will be most affected as the global economic downturn rolls in and out. So what is to become of them.? [MAJORITI MEREKA ADALAH MELAYU kudakepang ]

5. It is going to be a bitter journey forward. Huge investment in economic corridors may not necessarily bring in real employment as you and me understand. The early phase of development will comprise of construction works and the place will be crowded with expected bangladeshis, indons or myanmars.

6. Some ministers explain what the goverment will do. One is retraining is to be given to the retrenched workers to improve their chances of securing jobs in other fields. The coming by election in Kuala Terengganu and the sign of stormy weather in Bmi Kenyalang will see issues on unemployment debated openly. Or Hudud is still the anchor?

But having RM120,000 or RM30,000,000 twice will be very handy indeed for those retrenched. I am sure mahfuz and Teresa will be more than a dermawan.

On a more positive note, I guess malaysians are generally very resilient, they will survive somehow, because on the simplest living ubikayu and ikan keli are in abundance.