Friday, December 12, 2008


A glance at the breaking news in Malaysiakini by Hafiz Yatim put me on alert mode. She wasn't wearing kimono on TV3 prime news at 8.00, but somehow the suit was too white for her. I have been visualising her with exiting multicoloured suit hoping I may comprehend further that she is really into the "A multi-cultural Malaysia" battle cry . But it doesn't matter much. Dress simply is something one puts on a naked body. But soul is something else as I mentioned earlier while romancing with Malaysiakini.

From Malaysiakini
Hafiz Yatim | Dec 12, 08 10:10am
breaking news updated 5.50pm Selangor exco and Seputeh MP Teresa Kok has filed a RM30 million defamation suit against Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia and prominent writer Chamil Wariya. [Kok sues Utusan, Chamil for RM30mil]

2. Then I remembered the other case with New Straits Time. They [people and many of them] went after Rocky Bru, a blogger. Now with Teresa, a blogger is all out running after a newspaper and a writer for 30 millions. Teresa a blogger? check it out .......[
Sassy MP Teresa Kok]

3. I will not look at Teresa on this particular case as Selangor exco and Seputeh MP. As an MP she has other battles to fight. Most battles are issue based.

4. The same TV showed another group of men and women with banners demonstrating on something many many years. If my memory serve me well, then the date must be 1948 [1946?]. It was about a group of 20 something chinese killed [or rather beheaded] by British Soldiers. Sometime back, Hindraf championed a similar issue about displacement of Indians here in this multicoloured little peninsular
formerly known as Tanah Melayu.

5. It would probably be about time for the third race, the Malays [Melayu] come out from their ketuanan dilema with a memorandum or two, not only to the British but to the other race as well. I dont know for what ever cause. Some one can think of something. Will raping the soul of Tanah Melayu be a good cause? ILL TREATMENT and DISPLACEMENT a reasonable cause? Will someone come out and say some thing
decent to rewrite the story on Dato Sagor, Dato Maharaja Lela, Dol Said, Tok Janggut, Ngah Ibrahim etc, etc, etc. A story is not a piece of history.

6. Or shall we forget about past mishaps, but on this rather nice night, I dont think Teresa will forget the little cerpen in Mingguan Malaysia. Someone was looking at it as publicity stunt piling on one another. A publicity war and battle is going on here. I suppose it is all about freedom. A guy claiming it as his right to write things in Newspaper as lesson for everyone. Another person on the other hand thought that that short story refers to him/her. She thought Josephine = Teresa. For me, I have been thinking all along that Josephine is just a faceless person with make-up on. Josephine wasnt a sweet little harmless person.

7. Josephine = Mary = Nurul = Albert = Ahmad = Swee Lim = Arumugam = Jagjeet = Kurita = Nordin = body and soul. Josephine could just be me on some other time zone and some other reincarnated life

8. Is Josephine MP Teresa? or is MP Teresa Josephine?. Who [ dare in japanese] is Teresa really? As for me, Josephine is just a name printed on an old newsaper and Surat Kabar Lama Van has has taken it away weeks ago for a meagre 25 cents.

beritadarigunung. I am just a weeping widow, with 30 brinjal plant to attend to...... and I do understand what's under these headings [
Teresa Kok Files RM30 Million Defamation Suit Against Chamil ... Bernama, Malaysia -], [Kok sues Utusan, Chamil Wariya for RM30m The Malaysian Insider, Malaysia ], [Teresa Kok files suit against Utusan, columnist Malaysia Star, Malaysia ], [Mimpi Senja: TERESA SAMAN UTUSAN 30 JUTA], [Teresa tuntut Utusan bayar RM30 juta], [Saman aje Teresa Kok sampai muflis],