Sunday, December 07, 2008


Tidak ada parti politik dan kerajaan yang sunyi dari gelora. Pulau Pinang seperti yang dimaklumkan oleh Athi Veranggam dalam Malaysiakini kini sedang bergelora. Dua pemimpin PKR dalam kerajaan Pulau Pinang pimpinan Lim Guan Eng tidak berselindung mengenai isu pertelingkahan mereka. Anwar turun untuk membetulkan keadaan dengan ultimatum atau kata dua.

Dari Malaysiakini

End it now, Anwar tells duo
Athi Veranggan | Dec 7, 08 4:04pm
The party supremo has given the duo – Penang DCM Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin and exco Abdul Malik Abul Kassim – an ultimatum to bury their hatchet

Dari Wartawan Rasmi Laman Reformasi

End it now, Anwar tells duo

After Pakatan stormed to power on March 8 general election, Abdul Malik was widely speculated to be picked as Lim's deputy. But Anwar chose Fairus instead.Since then, Fairus has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, with speculations were rife that Anwar was fed up with him and on the verge of removing him from the state’s No 2 post...

Dan dari The Star: Fairus denies latest claims of resignations..

2. Azizah memilih untuk melempar rasa ngeri dan sangsi dengan peralihan kuasa antara Abdullah dan Najib dimana beliau turut menyimpul bahawa Mahathirisma akan kembali. Disini kalau boleh saya coretkan, usah tanya apa itu Mahathirisma, sebaliknya cari apa makna Anwarisma.

3. Just in case we forget, lets all take a ride to Putrajaya and have a peep at the massive building of MOF. Just ask Anwar Ibrahim who was the Minister of Finance then, as to why the building has to be heavily cladded in steel. Dont ask me about the Quantum or QowTeam because I wouldnt know. And that is Anwarisma at his finest.

4. Lets bury old stories. Mahathirisma is an old thing as old as Mahathir himself, a man who write his own speeches and translate his own thinking into something meaningful and comprehensible for everyone.

5. Many wonder why cant Mahathir in his heyday, hire professional speech writer from Pakistan and United States of America. Maybe or just may be, Mahathir really believe in himself and his ability. And of course that is the trademark of a genuine leader.

6. Now back to the issue of squabble between the two PKR leader (leader?). It was indeed very sad when politicians use a crude acid test as to whom is the mastermind behind smearing campaign against Fairus. They assummed Malik who will be the one to benefit most from Fairus injury and thus exit as the most probable person.

7. In a truest scenario, where every shred of integrity is scrutinised, a good leader will always walk through without his image being tarnished. Anyway folks on the street are the best judges because they can really translate democracy by a mere cross (X) at polling booth. Politicians cant!

8. To all representatives in State Assembly or Parliement, be wary of temptations and stick to the mandate given, to serve for the betterment of mankind. Where do we go from now?

Happy Raya Qorban, a day when all will make sacrifices.