Saturday, December 13, 2008

REALITY WITH MALAYSIAKINI: A wicked political opportunist.

When politic is issue based, then politicians cling on anything that has breaking news status. They rush and hang on with madness. Lee Way Loon in Malaysiakini put perspective on the recent Bukit Antarabangsa Higeki [tragedy]. Even Azmin Ali, the MP was there. But Rela, city council, Bomba and Police guys were bombarded with all sort of accusations. They were seen not doing much and quick. Of course we have to know these Bukit Antarabangsa dwellers deeper to understand things. Even TUMIRAN MOHD KASDI showed them no mercy. The dwellers are not the only victims in this higeki. All because of the wickedness of this tragedy.

From Malaysiakini
Residents tick off politicians for seeking 'cheap publicity'
Lee Way Loon | Dec 12, 08 7:07pm
Politicians from both ruling and opposition parties were ticked off for trying to gain cheap publicity from the tragedy.

2. I visualise the days when lamps at night were kerosene lighted. Nostrils were blackened. Shoes were all worn out. We went to school learning the same thing, the a b c and 1 2 3 of life.

3. Now lets see how can differing political slants can sit and work together for some thing righteous, on a day when begging for sensationalization is forbidden. [Work together to help landslide victims, political parties told Malaysia Star, Malaysia ]

Residents affected by the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide are unhappy with political parties using aid and relief supply distribution efforts to promote themselves.

“Both sides of the political divide have been heavily advertising their parties when they should have set aside their differences and worked together in the interest of the 3,000 residents here,” said Dr Mohamad Rafick Khan, spokesman for the newly-formed Bukit Antarabangsa Residents Association.

He said the political parties also seemed like they were competing with each other to see who was better.

“This is bad because we voted for the politicians and expected them to behave in a proper manner,” Dr Mohamad Rafick told a press conference to announce the formation of the new association yesterday.

The association was set up by residents from eight housing areas and condominiums around Bukit Antarabangsa to look into safety and work out solutions to problems which arose from the landslide.

Dr Mohamad Rafick said one political party had even hung its banner at the Taman Bukit Utama operations centre which was set up by residents following the landslide on Dec 6.

“I understand that the leaders were eager to help and we thank them for their good intentions,” he said.

“But I believe it would be better if aid was channelled through a common agency such as the Social Welfare Department.”

Asked to comment on the Public Accounts Committee’s call for a new law to govern all hillside development projects, Dr Mohamad Rafick said the association welcomed it.