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DIGITIZED GESTURE: hands up and out.

Views of hands up and out. Just for leisure and nothing serious.

abdullah badawi


Anwar Ibrahim


Actor Madhur Mittal, center, along with the cast and crew celebrate after the film "Slumdog Millionaire" won best picture of the year during the 81st Academy Awards Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill) - 23 February, 2009

Operations Commander C. Kesaven (right) lifting the girl to a stretcher with the assistance of other firemen after the failed suicide attempt in Taman Pelangi, Johor Baru. - 15 January, 2009

Sibu town hit by floods. - 1 February, 2009

DAP leaders and guests tossing Yee Sang for good luck at the Chinese New Year open house at Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall on Jan 31. - 1 February, 2009

President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama, and daughters Sasha, left, and Malia wave after Obama took the oath of office at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola) - 21 January, 2009

A man getting his hair shaved to fulfil his vow during Thaipusam at Batu Caves on Sunday. - 9 February, 2009

Josh Peltz, of Charlotte, N.C., left, and another unidentified survivor of the US Airways plane crash in the Hudson River, wait for a bus to take them from a First Aid center in Weehawken, N.J. back to La Guardia Airport, Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009. (AP Photo/Stuart Ramson) - 16 January, 2009

Top marksmen: 10th Para Brigade personnel giving their shooting team a rousing reception after their victory in the Army Shooting Competition at Terendak Camp in Sungai Udang, Malacca, yesterday. - 15 January, 2009

karpal and kinabatangan MP

hadi awang

nik aziz

the rest of us

the kid in us all

mangrove little aerial roots "up"

and of course the tail up!!

POLITICS: Mohsin Abdullah is right.

There is no harm in sharing views irrespective of how diverse and conflicting they are. I thought Mohsin Abdullah tried to do just that.

I likened politics as a pond or pool. Most just dip in and get out. Politicians will dive and swim across. If anybody is crying for help, about to drown, we could just cross our fingers if any politician will dash forward to help.

Politicians play politics, Footballers play football
by Mohsin Abdullah

I can’t say for sure if it’s the feeling of the majority but we are seeing quite a number of comments from “ordinary” folks on the current state if political affairs in the country. Surf the internet or read the newspapers and we get folks expressing “anger” and “frustration’ that our “politicians are playing politics instead of finding ways to solve the economic crisis”. You can’t dispute that. After all we are facing an economic crisis. And the political play is enough to give us a constant headache. Just look at Perak. And the ‘fear’ is, if the Perak problem spread to other places.

Going back to the “people’s” comments, many preferred to ‘generalised” rather than naming the politicians or the party they represent. But just who’s to blame? Those from BN? Or Pakatan Rakyat? Talk to different people you get different answers naturally. To the pro Pakatan folks, the blame is on the BN, for “disturbing” the PR government and not letting it govern in “peace”. Perak, they say, is a “shining” example, pointing angrily at the “crossovers”.

"Politicians especially those who missed the boat will just have to wait for the next election to prove they are a better choice. Mean time work hard."

But the pro BN people are saying the Pakatan started the cross over thing first, referring to Anwar Ibrahim’s famous “we have the numbers” salvo. But the Pakatan supports “shoot” back by reminding us UMNO had “secret talks” with PAS on 9 March 2008, only hours after the results of 12th general election were announced. The aim of the talks they remind us was to invite PAS to join a coalition government thus foiling Pakatan from taking over Selangor.

Talk to the politicians and they will tell you they play politics to get the power needed to bring good the to the people and and country. Nothing wrong with that they say as long as there’s no abuse of power.

Fine. But the fact is the political temperature is still high nearly one year after the 8 March elections. In Perak, it’s clear there’s no end game insight. The political crisis is set to prolong. The BN and PR are both involved in “manoeuvres ” and “counter manoeuvres’. It has gone to the courts. The legal battle will take a very long time before the winners emerge.

Some folks are saying the situation we are now is the result of the “absence” of clear cut winners at the 8 March elections. They say it’s important for one party to get a big mandate to prevent it from being “disturbed” by the other party.

But others say a party with too big a mandate is open to “dictatorship”’, bull dozing their way without taking consideration of opposing views of the rakyat, what so ever. Hence the need for a check and balance situation. That’s the message the people sent via the ballot boxes on 8 March.They returned the BN to power but with a much stronger opposition in parliament. And at state level, they wanted a change in Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor while maintaining their faith with PAS in Kelantan.

Agree or disagree it was the choice of the people. The people’s verdict must be respected. Always. Politicians especially those who missed the boat will just have to wait for the next election to prove they are a better choice. Mean time work hard. Keep clean and be and honest. Speaking of which, are there clean and honest politicians? Some people say politics is dirty. But some argue saying humans are the ones dirty. So I ask again… are there clean, honest politicians? Yes there are. Many or not many? I don’t know. But in the words of an old friend of mine, of course politicians play politics. They are politicians. You don’t expect them to play football do you? [Politicians Play Politics, Footballers Play Football Sin Chew Jit Poh ]

KARPAL SINGH : dire need of a body guard.

Lets talk about having body guard since Karpal said so. He said so due to the threats and scuffles at the Parliament on Thursday. I think it was a sensible approach from a reasonably sensible man of his stature.

But what is more sensible is having a body guard to keep his strong/stinging/bordering to racial/ outbursts at bay. I suppose those are the root cause. "King is Singh or Singh is King" may not be able to capture the fine element of root cause.

Even the bombardment of Iraq and Afghanistan cleverly hid away the actual motives. We are made to see something else. That has always been the way.

Karpal: I may need to get a body guard
The Star
DAP chairman Karpal Singh said he now has to seriously consider getting a bodyguard following the threats and scuffle at the Parliament on Thursday. click Karpal: ‘I may need to get a bodyguard’


May the magpie of happiness return to roost in our trees

By Zhang Qian

Light-vented bulbul

Scaly thrush

common blackbird

ARMED with binoculars and a notebook, 32-year-old Gu Ren can spend quiet, almost motionless, hours at his leafy spot at the Botanical Garden in Xuhui District.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing.

Aha! He's spotted a pica pica, otherwise known as the magpie, the Chinese bird of happiness that once roosted in Shanghai. It disappeared for many years, but birdwatchers have spotted it again in parks.

It's a sign of Shanghai's greening and the successful creation of parks, botanical gardens and leafy oases that beckon our fine feathered friends back to a more environmentally friendly concrete jungle.

Once Shanghai was bird-friendly. But in the 1950s, magpies, sparrows and other birds were killed in the nationwide Four Pests Campaign (rats, mosquitoes, flies and sparrows). Urban expansion destroyed birds' habitat and they were further repelled air pollution and heavy use of pesticides to kill the insects they fed on.

A survey of birds in 1997-99 found only eight magpies ?? and they were on Chongming Island (County). By extrapolation, they figured there might only be around 200 magpies.

There hasn't been a recent survey, but birdwatchers like Gu and environmentalists say they are slowly returning, along with many other species.

Magpies again have been spotted in suburbs in Fengxian, Qingpu, Baoshan and Jiading districts, according to Professor Tang Sixian, an ornithologist in the biology department of East China Normal University. He reported last year that birds were returning in small numbers.

Today Shanghai is believed to have 137 bird species, mostly migratory birds stopping over, according to Yuan Xiao, a senior engineer at the Shanghai Wildlife Protection and Management Center. His findings are based on monthly bird surveys conducted in 18 parks since 2006.

A report published in 1993 identified 370 species sighted since the 19th century.

"Most people don't believe there are wild birds, except sparrows, in Shanghai," says birdwatcher Gu, an IT professional. "But wild birds do exist here, not far from us."

Occasionally people stop and star at birdwatcher Gu, they ask him what he's doing and he patiently explains and sometimes hands over his binoculars.

"They're thrilled when they see what I see," he says.

The mischievous magpie, a member of the crow family, is the bird of good luck and happiness in China. It is said to be good luck for a family if a magpie nests near a house, and good luck to see the house magpie fly from its nest.

The house magpie's chatter announces the coming of guests. And there's a famous love story in which celestial magpies form a bridge of their wings once a year to unite the lovers Niu Lang and Zhi Nu.

Magpies were common in Shanghai from the 1920s through the 1950s.

They flocked together in Xujiahui, Jing'an Park and along Yueyang Road where they sought out tall trees with many branches and space to fly.

So sightings of magpies and other birds are cause for celebration by the Landscaping Administration Bureau.

Last April, the Shanghai Wildlife Conservation Association launched a three-year Search for Magpies program at the 27th Bird-loving Week. It encourages residents to search for magpies, learn about them, provide nest-building materials and provide a happy home.

The program has generated a lot of interest, but birdwatcher Gu started his observation much earlier. He received binoculars as a gift in 2003, searched online for what to do with the magnifiers and came across birdwatching. At first he was too clumsy and not quick enough to catch the birds.

He was hooked when he spotted a Chinese light-vented bulbul (turdus merula) in his own community. He matched it with the bird online.

Now Gu spends most of his spare time watching birds in city parks or suburbs, poring over pictorial bird guides and talking shop with other bird lovers.

In 2004, Gu and friends founded the Shanghai Wild Bird Society.

May the magpie of happiness return to roost in our trees
Shanghai Daily, China

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Bersyarat atau Conditional.

Nizar mungkin lebih biasa apa itu conditional offer waktu-waktu di UK dulu. Itulah antara jenis tawaran masuk universiti. Semuanya tertakluk kepada keputusan peperiksaan sebenar. Kalau dapat 2B contohnya baru boleh dikira jadi. Kalau kurang dari itu, nasih tidak menyebelahi kita.

Sekarang Syed Husin Ali menyatakan semuanya akan bergantung kepada gambar-gambar seterusnya. Oh, bukankah sama saja dengan masa masuk universiti dulu, kan Nizar?

Keratan Nutgraph disisip untuk rujukan selanjutnya dan
saya juga selit semua entry berkaitan Elizabeth Wong sebelum ini
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PKR support for Wong condtional
by Zedeck Siew
Nut Graph
24 Feb 2009

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)'s continued support for Selangor state assemblyperson Elizabeth Wong will depend on the content of any new photographs which may surface.

"It depends on what the pictures are," PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali told The Nut Graph last night, when asked whether the party would continue to back Wong if more private photos of the assemblyperson surfaced.

However, Syed Husin added, "I don't think there are any more."

Wong, a first time elected representative, has been the target of a smear campaign in which intimate photos of herself, purportedly taken by an ex-boyfriend, have been circulated on the internet and through MMS without her consent.

Rumours have been rife that more material, including an intimate video, would also be circulated.

"I have been told there will be a fresh assault, with more photographs and videos released and circulated in order to completely degrade and bury me," Wong said in a 19 Feb press statement.

Wong has tendered her resignation as both assemblyperson and state exco, but was asked by PKR advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to go on leave instead.

Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has also openly supported Wong, saying that she was an exemplary exco and a victim of a smear campaign.

However, Khalid is scheduled to meet with Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj tomorrow to brief the Selangor ruler and seek his advice over the matter.

There have been widespread calls for Wong, who is currently on leave overseas, to continue serving as an elected representative.

Police are also looking to record a statement from Wong's ex-boyfriend, Helmi Malik, to assist in investigations.

Helmi, who is believed to be out of the country, is a PKR member and the former aide of Member of Parliament (MP) Hee Loy Sian.

Members are vetted

When asked to comment on the fact that both Helmi and Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, who accused Anwar of sodomy last year, were PKR members, Syed Husin said the party was "always in the process of vetting its members".

"But there are those who manage to slip through," he said.

PKR believed Saiful was a Barisan Nasional (BN) plant, citing a photo of the young aide with a staff member of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak as proof of a political conspiracy to bring Anwar down.

Pakatan Rakyat has also accused the BN of the smear campaign against Wong even though there is no evidence to prove their allegations.

However, Syed Husin was careful not to paint Helmi in the same light as Saiful Bukhari.

"People always assume that he was the one who distributed the photos, but we don't know for sure," Syed Husin said, adding that investigations were still ongoing.

Language issue

Earlier, Syed Husin delivered a speech at a forum at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall to protest the teaching of science and maths in English (known by the Malay acronym, PPSMI).

He replaced Anwar as PKR representative on a panel that included, among others, PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang and Gerakan Mansuhkan PPSMI (GMP) chairperson Datuk Hassan Ahmad.

Syed Husin (left) with other members of the panel at the forum

Syed Husin said the idea of improving students' command of English by forcing them to learn technical subjects in the language was ridiculous.

"Our party strongly supports GMP," Syed Husin said, expressing hope that the movement's planned 7 March "mammoth gathering" in front of the Palace would be received well by citizens.

"I am a product of English education. I want to see children excel at English, but this cannot be done at the expense of other languages," Syed Husin said, adding that the support of the Chinese and Indian Malaysian communities would be vital in making the movement a success.

Another panellist, poet Che Shamsuddin Othman, said if the policy to teach Maths and Science in English continued, he feared that the Malays would lose their language and religion


Drilling for fertility

Sat, 02/21/2009
The Jakarta Post

We hope many of The Jakarta Post readers paid serious attention to an article which appeared on this newspaper’s Environment Page in its Feb. 17 edition. The article was very useful to any of us who would like to directly participate in the betterment of our environment.

To drill holes in the ground is useful for the purpose of making the land more fertile, of creating water catchment areas and helping dispose of organic household waste. It is very cheap to do and practically everyone can do it, but the results in creating a better environment for Jakarta and elsewhere are incredible. All we need is a simple tool to drill holes.

As responsible citizens, let us involve ourselves in the struggle to fight global warming and help the government preserve underground water. The responsibility to protect the environment should be shared by all stakeholders on this planet.

By using the hydrological cycle technique, proposed by the Bogor Institute of Agriculture researcher Kamir Raziudin Brata, we can preserve water, retain soil humidity, prevent flooding, store carbon and safely dispose of household waste.

Annual flooding, water scarcity and daily garbage collection are the three major issues in the capital, and the Jakarta government has yet to find the best way to deal with them, although they have spent large amounts of taxpayers money funding related projects.

Jakarta residents and residents elsewhere have the opportunity to participate in doing something to ease the problems, because there is a simple technology that you can apply in your respective homes – no matter how big the land.

The technique involves the use of an earth auger to drill a biophore absorption hole – a hole with a diameter of 10 centimeters and depth of 100 centimeters, which may then be filled with organic waste. The tool costs about Rp 175,000 (US$15).

Although the technology can be applied to any open space across the country, it is best used in households in urban areas like Jakarta, because biophore holes do not use much land area – unlike the well reservoirs previously introduced by the Jakarta administration.

While Jakartans cannot expect recent flood mitigation projects to work immediately, because of the delay in the construction of the East Flood Canal, the participation of all Jakartans in creating biophore holes is highly recommended due to their significant impact on flooding.

The organic waste, which is used to fill the biophore holes, will dispose of some 50 percent of solid domestic waste from each household. Thus it will help the city administration deal with the problem of waste disposal, which currently depends on the landfill site in Bekasi in West Java.

It is time for all Jakarta residents to drill biophore holes in their homes and surrounding areas for their own good. We also call on the Jakarta administration, as well as the central government, to set a good example by creating as many biophore holes as possible in office yards, gardens, parks as a city campaign to address the three major problems.

Let’s just start drilling now to preserve our land’s fertility and to help the environment.

Drilling for fertility
Jakarta Post, Indonesia

Thursday, February 26, 2009

KEADILAN DI MALAYSIAKINI: antara Lingam, Khalid dan MACC

Sehari dalam kemelut. Tidak ada lagi dalam dunia ini, politik jadi kopi dan teh. Untuk dihirup dan diluah. Dalam senario itu, ingatan dari Raja Muda perlis tentang budaya mob sesuai diikuti rapi. Manakala Zaid waktu beralih ke longgok pembangkang menyentuh tentang Anwar, lebih kurang seperti ini, "Baik jika Anwar kurangkan grandstanding". Kita ketagih selalu. Yang ketagih candu dan kafein satu hal, yang ketagih dengan stail mob, hal yang lain pula.

2. Politik dimainkan oleh beberapa kerat. Selebihnya adalah pelengkap, manakala majoriti adalah pengundi, turun untuk memangkah bila waktunya tiba. Tetapi suasana politik adalah irama yang dialun oleh orang politik. Mereka ghairah dan dahagakan kemenangan dan kuasa. Sekali sekala ada juga yang suka menyebut tentang keadilan.


3. Menamakan parti sebagai keadilan, tidak semestinya memperjuangkan keadilan. Tonggak keadilan adalah Mahkamah. Tetapi oleh kerana sebarang keputusan mahkamah akan mewujudkan dua rasa, yang menang tentu gembira, manakala yang kalah akan kecewa, keadilan itu juga berwajah dua, hitam dan putih. Malang jika yang kalah bukan hanya kecewa malah marah. Anwar adalah contoh manusia yang sudi jadi contoh. Dia kecewa dan marahkan mahkamah bila dipenjara. Beliau dalam sekelip mata memuji mahkamah bila dilepas dari tuduhan. Manusia dua rasa, seperti jua menu restoran ikan dua rasa.

4. Isu lingam menarik, kerana ada usaha ketara mengheret dan mencalar manusia sebelum asas-asas keadilan dilaksana. Maka terheretlah Hakim, pemimpin dan peniaga. Dalam mencari keadilan, kita lemparkan tuduhan dan hukuman sekali gus, sebelum neraca keadilan dipasang. Anwar berjaya menghakis kepercayaan terhadap kerajaan dan jenteranya, manakala Abdullah berjaya mencalar aura Mahathir. Namun Mahathir jarang tunjuk rasa kecewa, apatah lagi dengan permainan seperti itu.

5. Isu Khalid lebih menarik kerana ianya adalah terkini selepas siri-siri kejutan, bota, perak, nizar, zambry, sivakumar dan elizabeth wong. MACC mengeluarkan kenyataan bahawa ada bukti untuk dakwa Khalid berkaitan dengan lembu dan kereta. Dengan segera Anwar dan rakan-rakannya menyerang kononnya kerana MACC mendahului proses keadilan.

6. Dari satu sudut, tidak ada beza Lingam dan Khalid. Ada usaha menerangkan secara kasar dan ringkas latarbelakang kes, tanpa proses penghakiman. Tidak ada orang sudi membantu Lingam. Ramai pula menggelegak mempertahankan Khalid. Dengan laporan demi laporan yang telah dibuat dalam tempuh kemelut politik kini, adalah dipercayai ramai masih suka dengan proses keadilan yang ada. Juruvideo Lingam disanjung dan diusung ke Parlimen, manakala nasib jurugambar Elizabeth Wong belum tentu.

7. Isu Lingam dan Khalid wajar dilihat dalam perspektif yang sama. Sudahnya apalah yang dihairankan sangat. Kalau salah, salahlah, kalau betul, betullah.

8. Namun usaha membawa lembu ke perkarangan MACC adalah manifestasi kepada minda pejuang-pejuang keadilan.

9. Betul macam rakan kopitiam kata, ada bahaya bila lawyers jadi ahli politik dan ada bahaya bila tokoh agama jadi ahli politik. Erti keadilan dan agama disolek sedemikian rupa hingga ramai jadi terpesona dan terkeliru, kerana yang naive tidak sedar politics is an art of manipulative seduction. Hanya Don Juan yang tahu............


GARDENING WITH MALAYSIAKINI: The novice vegetable gardener.

Vegetable gardening can be a relaxing escape from the pressures of a fast paced life, but for the beginner it might increase rather than reduce your stress. However, if done well, growing fresh vegetables, herbs or fruits can provide a great sense of joy and accomplishment. A vegetable garden can also reduce the family's food budget, and it can be a source of hard-to-find items such as Chinese cabbage, heirloom tomatoes or fresh herbs.

Because it was considered unsightly, the vegetable garden has traditionally been located in an area separate from other parts of the landscape. With proper planning, however, the garden can be both functional and attractive.

Today, landscape designers often incorporate ornamental plants such as flowering annuals into the vegetable garden and vice versa. This gardening philosophy, coupled with our favorable climate, can offer gardening opportunities nearly all year long.

If you are a beginning gardener, I suggest you start small. An area of 50 square feet is a good size to start with and you will be surprised how much you can grow in that area. The tendency for most beginning gardeners is to start too large and give up in frustration when the going gets tough.

Regardless of size, there are five factors to consider in selection a garden site:

Sunlight: The first is sunlight. The garden should receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. Therefore vegetables should be planted away from the shade of buildings, trees, and shrubs. Some leafy vegetables such as broccoli, collards, spinach, and lettuce tolerate shadier conditions more than other vegetables. However, if your garden does not receive a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight, you are fighting a losing battle with most vegetable crops.

Convenience to your home: The closer the vegetable garden and the easier it is to access, the more likely you will harvest in a timely manner. It is also more likely that you will keep up with jobs such as weeding, watering, insect and disease control, and succession planting.

Soil: You do not need to have the ideal type of soil to grow a good garden because you can alter the soil. However, if possible the soil should be fertile and easy to till, with just the right texture, a loose, well-drained loam with good organic matter content. Avoid any soil that remains soggy after a rain. Heavy clay and sandy soils can be improved by adding organic matter. Of course, gardening will be easier if you start with a naturally rich soil.

Water: Including rain and irrigation, the garden needs at least 1 inch of water per week. Therefore, it is essential to locate the garden near a spigot or some other water source. Drip irrigation is ideal because you wet only the soil around the roots of the desired plants without wetting the weeds or vegetable foliage. Make sure to run the drip system frequently during hot dry weather.

Good air drainage: The fifth and often neglected consideration is good air drainage. Avoid locating the garden in a low spot such as the base of a hill or the foot of a slope bordered by a solid fence. These areas are slow to warm in the spring, and frost forms more readily in them because cold air cannot drain away. Vegetable gardens located on high ground are more likely to escape light freezes, permitting an earlier start in the spring and a longer harvest in the fall. Also, avoid planting items too close, which can lead to poor air circulation and increased disease problems.

Novice vegetable gardeners need to consider five ... The Birmingham News

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ANWAR WITH MALAYSIAKINI: will there be sodomy video.

Will there be sodomy's video? A fifteen or 30 minutes or an hour long? Or a quickie 5 minute?

It is just a mental game stretching beyond what is obvious. To date, there have been 3 videos with record viewing! Sometimes ago, Lingam's tagline sounded really correct to everyone. It was household item. To make the matter even more interesting, Anwar slided in the video in phases. Such suspense. A thriller and a showcase of Don Juan seducing strategy. There was powww factor! [Lingam video guy]

Then Elizabeth Wong has herself waxed in Malaysian Madame Tussauds political waxhouse. She will stay there permanently endorsed by her trusted companions. It was only few photographs in the beginning but according to her but she feared the 30 minute video may surface. Nobody wish to guess the content of her most feared 30 minute video [ fears 30-minute video may surface]

Now Soi Lek's peculiarity is under the spotlight. It will tarnish his dimming image definitely, but what's worst is the overall image of chinese BN politicians. So now, Wong PKR one and Soi Lek MCA one.[Soi Lek]

Of the three, i will rate Soi lek as the sweetest because he is such a darling with nice, sweet and innocent look. Second will be Elizabeth Wong with her feminine enthusiasm and of course the third is Lingam. But Lingam put rings to the notion "See, i told you, i can do almost anything". What a triology of most interesting digitized graphical info ever shown to us Malaysians.

The next case will be Anwar's sodomy charge. With the earlier 3 videos [two out and one not yet], I am waiting for some kind of digitized graphical evidence to splash the current stinky political atmosphere. In short will there be video as evidence on the sodomy's charge. For the moment, nobody is saying anything. If there is one, damn if they keep us in suspense. Haha. "Damn you.. I am not going to watch Anwar in action packed video", said a friend as he was caffeinated with coffee during our rounds.

But is everything Ok with Anwar? Hakol Beseder B'Eli Haseder.

PERAK WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Your turn, Mohamad Ariff

Perak turmoil
touches on many people. The ball rolled when Bota guy switch allegiance to Anwar's team. There house was heavy with laughters and thunder. Grins were wide, ear to ear as it were. Everybody on Anwar's side were happy. Of course, that was an indication that the dream of 16th september is coming back. Bota is at the heart of Perak and by the bank of Sungai Perak, once the route of royal entourage from hilir to hulu. The x factor was found!

A week later, three switched camps plus the return of Bota guy. Then things moved rather fast, with the swearing in of the new MB, and excos formed. Oh, things started to go beserk from then on. Chaos in Kuala kangsar. Even Khairy stole the limelight with his pemuda gesture. V Sivakumar barred MB and the excos from coming to the Big House for 18 and 12 months respectively. Then everybody run to the police stations and courts for some kind of justice to themselves. Everybody threw everything with their last dime for broke! Nizar aimed for Royal Flush in this poker game.

Now, it is the turn of TuanYang Arif, Mohamad Ariff Md Yusoff. The atmosphere is really festive! Lets not miss even a second.

High Court Judicial Commissioner Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof will decide tomorrow whether to disqualify himself from hearing the suit filed by former Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jama­luddin.

Mohamad Ariff said he would need time to see if his decision would make the trial of the suit against present Mentri Besar Da­­tuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir a fairer one. [JC to decide whether to stay or step aside Malaysia Star]


Three in a row, after Kuala Terengganu and Bukit Gantang, now is Batang Ai.

Datin Froline Moriah Impoi, the wife of Datuk Dublin Unting described her late husband as "the best husband a woman could have". Dublin passed away at the Hospital in Petra Jaya at 1.25 am Tuesday 24 feb st the age of 56.

Now, there will be another by-election.

SUE TIME WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Guan Eng join the queue

Guan Eng To Sue Utusan Malaysia And Shabudin

Feb 24 (Bernama)

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today denied that the state government had formed the Inter-Faith Consultative Council and described the report on its formation as defaming the state government.

Angered by the front-page report in the Malay daily Utusan Malaysia on the matter, Lim, who is also the Member of Parliament for Bagan, planned to sue the newspaper and President of the Penang Islamic Religious Council (MAINPP), Shabudin Yahya.

"The Penang state government has never formed the Inter-Faith Consultative Council as mentioned by (MAINPP) President Shabudin. I don't know from which source he obtained that stated that we have set up the consultative council.

"I will instruct my lawyer to sue Utusan Malaysia and Shabudin. I feel this has gone too far and is unacceptable.

"We will meet in court. I will ask Utusan (Malaysia) and Shabudin to reply and pay compensation and appropriate damages and also to make a public apology.

"Although there is a question mark (on the headline), in law, this is also considered as defamatory because there is no Inter-Faith Consultative Council (formed). If there is proof, we will meet in court.

"I chaired the exco (State Executive Council) meeting, I know what is going on in the state government," he said at a press conference at the Parliament lobby, here.

In the press report, Shabudin claimed that the council was set up last year when the opposition coalition led by Lim took over the administration of Penang and it was seen as an attempt to insult Islam by placing it on par with the other faiths and that it must be stopped.

Lim said the suit against Utusan Malaysia and Shabudin would be filed in his capacity as the Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general.

"I know that they will use the issue for the coming by-elections and we won't allow them to spread such lies," he added.

Meanwhile in BUKIT MERTAJAM, Shabudin clarified that his statement on the consultative council was based on reports published in the newspapers earlier.

He said he had proof to support his statement yesterday which called for a stop on the formation of the council as it placed Islam on par with the other faiths.

"I obtained information on the council through reports published in the press," he said when asked to comment on Lim's statement which was quoted from the Malaysiakini website which refuted the formation of the council.

Asked on Lim's plan to sue the Utusan Melaysia which published the report on the formation of the council, Lim said: "If he wants to sue, go ahead. We have proof."

Shabudin was today quoted by Utusan Malaysia as saying that the attempt to place Islam on equal footing with the other faiths was an obvious insult on Islam.

Later in the afternoon, DAP Members of Parliament Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun, Chong Eng (Bukit Mertajam) and Fong Kui Lun (Bukit Bintang) lodged a police report on the matter at the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur at 4.30pm.

FOOD WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Traditional food not unhealthy

Posted for future reference.

Traditional Food Should Not Be Deemed Unhealthy
- EU Health Rep
By Nur Adika Bujang
Feb 22 2009
Kota Kinabalu

What if nasi lemak will not have that coconut milky taste and its sambal not as spicy?

Due to rising health concerns, some people have changed the way they prepare the nasi lemak -- Malaysia's favourite breakfast meal and a national heritage -- including opting for "healthier" ingredients.

But village folks and many others will still prefer to have the rice mixed with coconut milk instead of evaporated milk and to add a bit of sugar to bring out the sweet taste of the sambal instead of omitting it altogether because that has been the way nasi lemak is traditionally prepared.

European Commission's Directorate-General for Health and Consumers, Jerome Lepeintre, believed that traditional food is not necessarily unsafe to eat even though some of the ingredients used in the preparation are considered unhealthy.

"We really believe that the Codex Alimentarius Commission or Codex should take into account traditional food and protect the food that has become typical in our lives.

"If you have too much standardised food, you will lose historical and cultural inheritance," he told Bernama on the sidelines of a dialogue on the EU-Asean Cooperation on Codex Matters here.

Codex, established by the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Health Organisation, is the body responsible for developing food safety standards.

Lepeintre said many traditional foods lost their authenticity because of the change in the way they were prepared either to make them healthier or that some of the ingredients, such as agricultural products, no longer had the authentic taste because of the effects of climate change or chemicals used to grow them.

"In Europe, we are very attached to what we call geographical indications. For example, in France we have specific cheese made from non-pasteurised milk which is certainly an unhealthy ingredient.

"But we want to keep this food as it is because there is a long traditional story which has kept the people together," he explained.

Lepeintre said the EU was trying to push the Codex to look into protecting traditional foods which had become the staple diet of many people around the world.

This could include hygienic food preparation, safe and healthy ways of managing crops as well as providing guidelines on daily intakes of traditional food, he added.

Meanwhile, Lepeintre hoped Asean would become a full member of the Codex.

A full membership, he said, would improve coherence between Asean and other countries as well as giving the 10-member grouping the power to defend their interests.

It would also help the region to promote important products in the international food trade, he added.
Traditional Food Should Not Be Deemed Unhealthy - EU Health Rep

GARDENING WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Growing food a necessity

Growing food may become a necessity

By Michael Tidemann
February 21, 2009

Remember that garden that Grandma had in her backyard and the tasty beets, green beans and sweet corn that she had?

Were you maybe thinking of doing the same thing this spring?

You aren't alone.

As the recession hikes up prices on the grocery shelf, more and more people are looking at backyard gardens as a way to help recession-proof their monthly food bill.

Family gardens could in fact be changing from hobby to necessity.

In California, which by far grows more produce than any other state in the nation, federal water managers say they may have to cut off all water to some of California's largest farms as a result of the prolonged drought in the state.

In fact, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation officials said Friday that parched reservoirs and patchy snow and rainfall this year would likely force them to completely cut surface water deliveries, the first time that's been necessary in 15 years.

The cost in real dollars to producers could total $1 billion as well as 40,000 jobs in such labor-intensive areas as the Imperial Valley.

Earl and Virginia Erickson, who operate a truck farm along Highway 4 at the north edge of Wallingford, are regulars at the farmers market on the southwest corner of Central Avenue and 13th Street in Estherville in the Four Seasons Floral parking lot.

When asked whether higher prices on the grocery shelf could bring more traffic to the farmers market, Virginia said, "I think somewhat."

"Most importantly it's the flavor," Virginia said. "We try to go as organic as we possibly can."

Still, the Erickson's try to remain as competitive as possible.

"We compare to Fareway and that's how we set our prices," Virginia said.

While customers are willing to pay a premium for fresh produce at farmers markets, that doesn't mean they can't get an occasional deal. Virginia said if there's a bumper crop of cucumbers, for instance, customers might be able to pick them up for a dime apiece.

"It kind of goes on supply and demand," she said.

The Ericksons took the Master Gardener course through ISU Extension and Virginia highly recommends it. Master gardeners are available for consultation to the public in exchange for the training their received. "We're paying back for getting that training," Virginia said.

Virginia encourages anyone interested in starting a backyard garden plat to do so.

"It's a wonderful hobby," she said. "A lot of our customers are gardeners."

The farmers market in Estherville will open June 6 from 8-11 a.m.

Farm Service Agency Director Larry Niles in Estherville acknowledged there could be more visits to farmers markets if water shortages drive up the price of California-grown produce.

"It probably will help a little bit," Niles said.

On the other hand, he doesn't see a lot of corn and soybean growers switching over to tomatoes and pumpkins, something that's a lot more labor intensive.

"I don't see a great escape from our regular programs," Niles said.

Gardens could help cope with recession
Estherville Daily News, Iowa

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MYSTICAL FERVOR WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Ponari, a nine year old boy

It was quite a record. The boy by the name Ponari had to deal with some 60,000 people a day! Joke aside, just imagine if Anwar Ibrahim was bestowed with such power here, in Malaysia! Poowww!!....

  • Indonesians are flocking in the thousands to a boy healer in East Java after word got out that he can perform miracle cures.

The story going aroudn is that the nine-year-old named Ponari came into possession of a miracle stone after nearly being hit by lightning recently.

Local media reported since the last several days, people have been making a beeline to the boy's home in Dusun Kedungsari, Jombang, in the hope of getting cured for their many ailments.

The reports said Ponari, a Year Three student at the local school, however, did not know he had such an ability but knew that he was not a normal person as he would be carried around the people coming to him for cure.

The stone is then dipped into water before those harbouring hope of finding a cure for their health problems are made to drink it.

The local police chief was quoted as saying by the Antara news agency that the family, though asking for no payment, was receiving thousands of Rupiahs with up to 60,000 people turning up at his house daily although he is only able to entertain about 10,000 people.

With the situation out of control, police were reported to have whisked him off to a secret location in the interest of the boy's and his family's health and safety.

This, however, did not stop people from continue to flock to his house, it was reported.

more here:

Four die in queue at child’s healer clinic
Gulf Times, Qatar
Boy ‘Mystic’ Exploited as Child Worker, Welfare Agency Warns
Jakarta Globe, Indonesia
Lightning bolt makes healer of Indonesian village boy
The Age, Australia
Queuing patients run out of breath The South African Star
The healing powers of a stone Independent Online
Emergence of child healer claims three human lives
Jakarta Post, Indonesia
Ulema council forbids Jombang child healer's practice
Jakarta Post, Indonesia
Jombang land for eccentric people'
Jakarta Post, Indonesia -
Stop abusing Ponari, Children’s rights activists urge
Jakarta Post, Indonesia
Ponari's practice should be stopped: MUI
Jakarta Post, Indonesia

PERAK WITH MALAYSIAKINI: You mean Nizar really say this.

Oh, I just put it for record purposes.

We were talking while having lunch the other day, about a football team killing the whole opposing team with machine guns before the match started, and of course they were declared menang tanpa bertanding. But the next day they were rounded by police and sent to the furthest valley of death to rot. Just a nonchalant remark over cups of caffein! Oh, admittedly we were drugged with caffein, but some of us are now drugged with greed. God bless us all.

I really dont expect Nizar to say this. Has he gone too low?

"Pakatan now has 28 seats and BN has only 21. So we now have the majority. And, they (BN) are worried about that. So we can expect some chaos and turmoil."

Asked to comment on public perception that Sivakumar's decision to suspend Zambry and his exco was biased and in favour of Pakatan, he said the decision was based on sound judgment and in accordance with rules and regulations.

"If he (Sivakumar) feels satisfied that his is the correct decision, then nobody can question or challenge his decision.

"He was not acting on the basis of bias or as the state assemblyman for Tronoh.

"Obviously, he will act on behalf of truth, be fair and just. The perception that the speaker is biased is merely a perception." speaker seeks special sitting New Straits Times


Iskandar was one of the many guys who brush aside Eli's bad luck as anything to do with BN. At least he was less political than the Pakatan Rakyat number one. But why bring Eddie Chen in? I dont know, because businessmen seldom resort to such thing. Never heard.

Photographs and videos for now remain as the most effective of Anwar's political gimmick. Even though Lingam was properly dressed up, I dont think he like to be treated that way, at least it was bad for anyone to come in as guest , taping the host and release it to the whole world for some shrewd political mileage. Lingam too deserves some privacy.... haha.

By the way, has the spy cum videographer cum Yang Berhormat said anything in the House?

Lets see how the game will end.

Retract statement, developers tell exco member
kuala lumpur
20feb 2009

Selangor state executive council member Iskandar Abdul Samad should retract his recent statement claiming that Elizabeth Wong may have been sabotaged by someone who was at the receiving end of her environmental crusade.

Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association patron Datuk Eddie Chen said Iskandar should make the retraction to “safeguard his reputation and good working relationship with developers.”

Iskandar’s statement on Wednesday had claimed the sabotage on Wong could be owing to her no-nonsense approach to environmental and other issues, leading to someone “framing” her by circulating her scandalous pictures.

Iskandar, among other things, said Wong might have stepped on someone’s toes as she played a prominent role in ensuring that the state government issued a blanket ban on hillside development in the state following the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide on Dec 6.

Chen said Iskandar’s statement implicating developers was simplistic and offensive.

We will never use dirty tactics to get what we want. Rehda is not a political party. We seek to change government policies through technical and professional arguments and by lobbying.

“We may have disagreements with YB Elizabeth, but we are willing to wait until we can convince the Government of safe slope development.

“We have numerous outstanding issues with Government, some 20 to 30 years old but we persevere through well-defined arguments, never through dirty tactics,” said Chen.

[NATION 20-Feb-2009]


You can reap the rewards of a vegetable garden
February 22, 2009

During World War II, Americans were encouraged to convert their back yards into Victory Gardens to contribute to the war effort. The gardens also saved families money. With the current economic downturn, starting a backyard vegetable garden is a great way to help reduce grocery bills during the summer months while keeping your family supplied with healthy foods. Even if you don't have a lot of space — maybe only a balcony — you can still produce plump red tomatoes, fresh lettuce, spicy peppers and more. Here are some tips for gardening in small spaces for big results:

Mix vegetables with your flowers

If you already have an established flowerbed but no more land available for a vegetable patch, work some of your vegetables in between perennials. Carrots and onions don't need a lot of root space, and their foliage above ground can bring variety to the look of your landscape. Just make sure your vegetables will have plenty of sunshine and are protected from hungry wildlife.

Start a container garden

Balconies and porches are perfect locations for container gardens. Start easy with lettuce seeds or onions set in a deep window box. Or use a larger pot for peppers or tomatoes.

Grow tall gardens

Cucumbers, squash and melon plants take up plenty of space when they're sprawling across your ground. But getting them off the ground is an ideal solution for maximizing your harvest in a minimum amount of area. Installing a trellis next to plants allows you to direct vine plants' growth upward while protecting fruit and vegetables from ground rot and pests. Using nylon netting or a porch railing around your container pots is a great and durable way to encourage climbing vines.


Container gardening tips

Find containers that are large enough for the fullygrown plant to prevent root binding. Make sure containers have adequate drainage holes and are not plugged with soil or rocks. Avoid container materials that contain products toxic or harmful to plants. Don't use regular garden soil. Instead, use potting soil or a mix of garden soil with compost or perlite for enhanced drainage.

No Backyard? No Problem!
Steuben Courier, NY

Monday, February 23, 2009


Lets keep this for future reference.

Constitutional Ignorance Cause Of Public Uproar - Raja Muda

feb 21 2009

Feb 21 (Bernama) -- The Raja Muda of Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail said constitutional ignorance and shallowness about the founding of the nation are among main contributors to the present public uproar.

He also urged the people to stay away from elements that could lead to self-interest, race or clan conflicts while chasing power and position.

Speaking at the Malaysian Malay-Muslim Colloqiuim on the theme "Strengthening the Malays' Future" here today, he said people in the country should remain calm in the face of gluttonies and uncertainties that are plaguing the country.

"We should maintain social etiquette and discipline in whatever remarks and conducts so as not to be seen as racial extremist or partisan," he said.

The Raja Muda said blowing up trivial issues and pioneering universal integrity without considering the values and customs practised in the country can bring out social disunity.

Besides that, the spread of false news and fundamentalism copied from outside also erode community peace.

He said people who created the commotion are from very small groups but their voices have drawn attention from overseas.

Over 1,000 Malay intellectuals and leaders attended the one-day colloquium organised by the Perlis Malay Association in collaboration with the Perlis government.

Other speakers were Yayasan Melaka rector Prof Datuk Dr Ramlah Adam, corporate figure Tan Sri Dr Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, academician Prof Dr Shaharir Mohd Zain, Ethnic Studies Institute founding director Prof Datuk Dr Shamsul Amri Baharuddin and Yayasan Karyawan chief executive Datuk Dr Hassan Ahmad.


Constitutional Ignorance Cause Of Public Uproar - Raja Muda Bernama
Noisemakers ignorant, says Perlis prince New Straits Times
Don't Become Puppets, Raja Muda Tells Students
Bernama, Malaysia

ELIZABETH WONG WITH MALAYSIAKINI: fears 30-minute video may surface

I really pity her.

Once we opt to be a public figure, there is no such thing as private life or privacy. So must so people got confused and they cant differentiate between official and private car. Thats what I gather from issues disturbing the present Selangor MB. Again, kopitiam talks go even further, somebody within PKR is dying to be the next MB, therefore the old man must go. Oh, that cannot be true. ... Lets wait, lets tread on the tight rope, or as Khalid puts it, Lets walk the talk. Yes, thats sweet!

Now back to Eli, she fears 30 minute video and more photographs may surface soon. Very tough and very damaging!

Things may get even worse for Ms Wong who has left Malaysia because of the scandal.

There is a half-hour-long video and more photographs that may surface soon.

And some of the images may have been downloaded from her laptop.

That is what Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) leaders were told, reported the Star newspaper.

The newspaper did not say what the content of the video was except that it was damaging.

Ms Wong herself said this is something she feared and expected.

Full here: MP fears 30-minute video and more photos may surface soon Electric New Paper


I paste this news clip because the title sounds amusing...., Cows for car!

Cows for cars...


Feb 21 2009

A Malaysian Anti-Corruption body has claimed that they have concrete evidence against a state chief minister for misusing funds to purchase cows and pay for maintenance of his car.

A top official of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said that the agency has completed its probe into the allegations against Selangor chief minister Khalid Ibrahim and that the matter would soon be referred to the Attorney-General's Chambers for further action. An assemblyman had complained that Khalid had misused state funds to pay for the maintenance of his personal car and purchase of 46 cows worth 110,400 ringgit for slaughter during Id. PTI

ref: Cows for cars...
The Statesman, India


Selangor state is damn rich. Therefore state government flashed billions of RM to entice Syabas. Yes, Syabas rejected the first move. I rather keep mum especially after the fiasco of Cows for Car! But Khalid's boys came out stronger with takeover seduction.

Eh, water is free as it fall leisurely from the sky, but once processing and packaging is completed it costs billions. Oh, water is posted through pipes! By the way, countries had gone to war to settle issues relating to water control. Not here, Africa .....

I save this for future reference:

Water concessionaires reject state government offer
by yvonne tan
feb 21 2009

AS anticipated, the Selangor water concessionaires have rejected the state government’s offer to buy over water assets in the state for some RM6bil.

Puncak Niaga Holdings Bhd and Gamuda Bhd issued separate statements to Bursa Malaysia yesterday to say that the offer is lower than they hoped.

Even state-controlled Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Bhd (KPS) told the stock exchange its 55% controlled Konsortium Abass Sdn Bhd (Abass) has rejected the state’s offer.

KPS directors abstained from deliberating and making decisions on the matter in view of the state government’s interest in Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd (KDEB), which owns 60% in KPS.

Gamuda says its 40% unit Syarikat Pengeluar Air Sungai Selangor Sdn Bhd (Splash) “hoped the state would revert with a more reasonable offer and is prepared to re-negotiate towards achieving a package that is fairer to all parties.”

Puncak, meanwhile, says the offer is “unclear” on whether the state wants to acquire the company or assets of the company.

Under the initial restructuring plan, the Selangor government, via KDEB, would consolidate the concessions, after which it would hand over the water assets to Pengurusan Aset Air Bhd (PAAB), a wholly-owned unit of Minister of Finance Inc

The assets would then be leased back to KDEB as the sole concessionaire.

The Energy, Water and Communications Ministry had ordered the restructuring to be completed by end March.

Earlier this week, PAAB was reported to have “moved in” to negotiate directly with the water concessionaires in Selangor.

It is believed that PAAB’s offer to take over the state’s water assets could be as high as RM9bil. “We think that if PAAB indicates that it would extend a better offer which takes care of liabilities too, the concessionaires would say no to the state and go for federal-owned PAAB’s offer instead,” CIMB Research said on Thursday.

An official from the Water Review Panel of the Selangor government said yesterday that the state will be “more than agreeable” to a direct takeover of the assets by the Federal government if “they can negotiate a lower acquisition price that what we have offered to the concessionaires”.

To queries from StarBizWeek, she says: “Should the Federal government, however, decide to offer a price which is detrimental to the interests of consumers, while unjustifiably ‘compensating’ the concessionaires, the state will certainly object to the takeover. At the moment, we are not looking at tarriffs.”

“The Selangor government is steadfast in its position to safeguard the interests of the public against the private vested interests of the concessionaires,” she says.

Should the state government fail to hand over the water assets to PAAB by end-March, consumers could end up paying water tariff that is 37% higher.

Puncak Niaga was offered RM3.1bil for its water assets and operations as well as those of its 70% subsidiary Syabas without assuming any liabilities.

Gamuda unit Splash was offered RM2.1bil without liabilities while KPS’ Abass was offered RM525.7mil.

“The asset value of RM1.14bil offered by the Selangor government is far below the RM2.2bil invested by Puncak to build and refurbish the water treatment plants under Puncak’s concessions,” Puncak says in its Bursa filing.

“The equity value of RM543.05mil offered is far below Puncak’s shareholder funds of RM1.07bil as at Dec 31, 2007,” it adds.

It says the offer price for Syabas is also insufficient to settle all its (Syabas) borrowings totalling about RM3.3bil and other liabilities.

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim told StarBizWeek in December that the state government had assessed the water assets in Selangor and “knows precisely the value of each of them”.

“The state believes that by valuing water assets based on future cash flow (which is what the companies are asking for) would not be fair because it intends to keep water rates as low as possible,” an analyst says.

Water concessionaires reject state govt’s offer
Malaysia Star, Malaysia
Pakatan Selangor prepares counter-strike
The Malaysian Insider, Malaysia
Malaysia Selangor water firms turn down state offer


I like the phrase, "oh, its you Brutus". Tun Mahathir said it years ago, as a general warning to caution Brutus of back stabbing endeavor and also as a reminder to all of Brutus existence. Back then, I can almost guess who Tun refer to as Brutus. Brutus is still around; scheming, yelling, mobbing, parading and grandstanding!

Now, "oh, its you hee and hilmi". I put it down because I like the first letter in their names. H. By the way, Hilmi was Hee's aide for 9 months. In the old days, you kill a guy with knife. Nowadays photographs and videos are more effective and the death is real slow with no trace of blood... Oh, how brutal, the modern Brutus.

Petaling Jaya Selatan Hee Loy Sian was a man under siege in parliament today over the Selangor executive councillor Elizabeth Wong's 'nude' pictures incident.

His former aide Hilmi Malik is said to be the person who was Wong's alleged lover and widely believed to have taken the nude pictures of her.

Yesterday, Hee was mobbed by the parliament media the way a rock star would be by his fans.

Visibly shaken by the new found attention, mild mannered Hee had a tough time and had to be rescued by the irrepressible PKR Information chief Tian Chua (PKR-Batu).

Tian Chua launched into a tirade about how the media should leave Wong alone but despite this a few questions were posed to Hee.

Hee said said Hilmi had worked with him for nine months but was no longer in his employement.

He has been working with him for 9 months.

But where did Hilmi go or why did he quit?

"I don't know where he is now," he said, while telling everyone to read the Sin Chew Jit Poh.

Hee had been quoted extensively in the Chinese daily on the subject in Wednesday's edition.

"Let the police do their work," he said as Tian Chua stepped in and rescued Hee.

However, Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak) shed some light on Helmi's links to the PKR.

"Yes he is a member. He joined recently," he said.

Azmin confirmed that Helmi is a member of the party but declined to give anymore details on the subject.

"I really don't know about his private life," he said.

Ex-boyfriend's former boss mobbed
New Straits Times, Malaysia

PERAK WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Nizar wasnt like this.

He blurted out "Nizar wasn't like this". It was one of those kopitiam bare all session over a cracked cup of caffein. He, a keen golfer, shared dorm with the PAS assemblyman at Ipoh TI some decades ago. Nizar was very much a decent guy, a prefect material according to him. So, this Nizar wasnt the friend he once knew. He said, power [or rather greed] change people in and out, pushing aside friendship and decency to the bank of Perak River. For a minute, I thought this friend is referring to another Nizar. For all we know, the name Nizar is not unique unless the name is as unique as Mohamad Nizarulbakhtiarmohseini.

Nizar expect turmoil in next Perak assembly
by Christina Koh

February 22, 2009

Former Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin expects “turmoil” at the next the state legislative assembly sitting when Pakatan Rakyat moves its motion of confidence to support him as the legitimate mentri besar. ...... Full here: Nizar: 'Expect turmoil in next Perak assembly'
Malaysia Star, Malaysia

GARDENING WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Gardens as good as the bush

Gardens as good as the bush

Nelson |
Friday, 20 February 2009

Love them or loathe them, there are advantages in having birds fluttering around Nelson home gardens, as Vanessa Phillips reports.

They can drive a gardener crazy with their relentless scratching for food in prized fruit and flower beds, but when it comes to the benefits of having them around, birds can be more than just sweet, singing, pretty faces.

Pollinators, pest eaters and nectar feeders, different birds have different functions, and in the Nelson region we're lucky to be able to attract a reasonable variety in our urban gardens because of nearby bush and forest.

If your garden doesn't seem to attract more than sparrows, there are things you can do to encourage a wider range of native and introduced varieties to stop by, spend time in your garden, and provide the benefits that come with having a more balanced ecosystem.

"To get the native and endemic birds, you need to plant things that will give them food and/or shelter," says Landcare Research Nelson scientist Peter Williams.

While results for Nelson are not yet available, analysis so far of last year's bird survey by Landcare Research, done in conjunction with other agencies, shows that nationally, house sparrows and silvereyes (also known as waxeyes) are still the two most predominant of our feathered friends in our gardens.

Starlings, blackbirds and chaffinches are also high on the list of birds seen in the country's gardens, while birds such as tui, fantails and thrushes were seen in lesser numbers.

Birds are classed in three categories - endemic, which are birds found nowhere else; native, which are birds found in New Zealand and other places in the world; and introduced birds, which are those that were brought to New Zealand from elsewhere.

Peter says that in the immediate Nelson area, bellbirds, kereru (wood pigeons) and tui are endemic birds that visit our gardens.

Fantails and silvereyes, which are also found in Australia, are two of the most common native birds.

On the list of exotic birds that flutter around our gardens are sparrows, blackbirds, thrushes and starlings, and occasionally, Nelson people will see birds such as greenfinches, goldfinches and yellowhammers, Peter says.

Christchurch-based Landcare Research senior scientist Colin Meurk says some birds, such as bellbirds and tui, are nectar feeders that target flowers producing large amounts of nectar, such as kowhai, New Zealand flax, pohutukawa, rata and bush fuschia, and exotic plants such as grevillia, members of the protea family, wattles, gums, camellias and red-hot pokers.

These are the types of flora to plant if you want to try to introduce more tui and bellbirds into your garden.

"They don't have to be natives [plants] but have to produce flowers with nectar," Peter says. "Flaxes are a great source for tui."

As well as being visually stimulating and a joy to listen to, these birds are also performing the important function of pollinating plants, by spreading the pollen among flowers.

Some birds, such as thrushes, blackbirds and starlings, are insect feeders, which provide benefits because they devour pest insects that gardeners might otherwise target with sprays, which can damage the ecosystem.

Such birds also take grass grubs and worms, although they probably don't seriously deplete worm populations, Colin says.

Peter says it's hard to know how much of a difference birds make in reducing the pest populations in urban gardens.

For example, sparrows love the small passion vine hoppers that are such a problem in gardens across the region at the moment, "but I don't think they make a tack of difference to how many there are around", he says.

One of the major benefits of welcoming birds into the garden is the uplifting feeling of hearing them sing and seeing their colours - "That flash of colour when you see them in the sun," Colin says. "This is important in terms of local, regional and national identity."

Birds have important cultural significance in stories and legends, and as a source of food and materials such as feathers for the early inhabitants of New Zealand, Colin says.

Of course, like many things, while there are benefits to having birds around, they can also cause frustrations.

Colin says silvereyes, which eat fruit and insects, are one of the more damaging native birds because they don't have a big bill, so they tend to peck holes in fruit and suck the juice out. With grape vines, they can peck holes in entire rows of grapes, he says.

Blackbirds, in particular, make a huge mess with mulch in gardens as they scratch around for food, as they would do in the wild.

However, there are things you can do to prevent this happening, such as erecting netting or mesh at problem times to keep these birds out; using coarse and heavy mulch, such as pebbles and crushed rock; and placing logs or bricks around newly planted seedlings.

Some gardeners have also had success by putting plenty of small stakes in around new vegetable plantings, saying it seems to deter the birds, because they're wary that the objects might be a trap. Hanging old compact discs in the garden is another common trick, as the shiny surface puts birds off.

Despite the fact that they can be testing at times, tolerating birds, which are just following their instincts in searching for food, is a small price to pay for the enjoyment of having wildlife around home gardens.

Peter warns that when choosing plants to attract birds, don't plant introduced invasive species that have small fruit the birds can eat, such as holly and rowan, as they'll spread them into the forests, where they become problem plants.

"Particularly blackbirds and waxeyes will eat them and spread them into the native vegetation," he says.

"Waxeyes will eat anything that's not tied down."

People plant fewer tall-growing trees in home gardens these days, and that also has an impact on birds, with fewer safe nesting sites for them, Colin says.

"Many of the smaller trees often don't have the same food sources that our native birds require."

One tree that is still commonly grown in home gardens, and which can grow tall and has benefits for the bird population, is kowhai, but more big trees are also needed, such as rimu, kahikatea, miro and totara, Colin says.

Peter adds that woody shrubs can also be beneficial as nesting sites.

Kereru mainly eat vegetation and fruit - and, like other birds, they have trees they particularly like.

"On the edges of Nelson, the thing that really attracts pigeons is tree lucerne," Peter says.

They come down (from the bush) from the early spring and eat that."

In the bush, or in urban environments, birds face their fair share of dangers from predators.

There's no doubt that cats are a real problem, because collectively they kill hundreds of thousands of birds each year. As Colin says, "the jury's still out" on just how bad cats are, and whether they could actually present some benefits for birdlife.

There are observations, he says, which suggest that household moggies may limit more serious predators such as rats, ferrets and stoats from killing birds, by either killing these predators themselves or deterring them.

"One does have to bear in mind that beneficial effect of limiting other, worse predators," Colin says.

In the future, bird populations in Nelson city gardens could also get a boost because of the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, which is under development in the Brook Valley.

Peter says that if the Brook sanctuary eliminates predators and is as successful as Wellington's Karori bird sanctuary - which has seen kaka become common in parts of the capital city - it should have a huge positive impact on birdlife in Nelson's urban gardens.

Attracting the sticky beaks
How to encourage birds into the garden:

  • To attract tui and bellbirds, plant nectar-producing flora such as native flax, kowhai and pohutukawa, and exotics such as camellias and red hot pokers.
  • If you have room, plant large trees to give birds a nesting space, particularly natives such as totara and rimu. Also plant bushy shrubs and undergrowth to imitate the bush.
  • Link native plantings to your neighbours' trees or to nearby street trees to encourage birds to flutter from there into your garden, as some will not fly large distances over open ground.
  • Provide water, such as a birdbath or shallow bowl, in your garden for birds, somewhere where cats won't get them. Keep water sources, which birds use to drink and wash in, free of debris and top them up with fresh water frequently.
  • Vary the type of trees and bushes you plant to attract a wider range of birds, from insect and seed eaters to nectar eaters. Try not to keep some areas of the garden too tidy, to encourage more insects that birds target.
  • Planting trees that flower or fruit at different times will provide a year-round food supply for birds in your garden.
  • Avoid insecticides and chemicals - they kill the insects that some birds eat.
Gardens as good as the bush
Nelson Mail, New Zealand