Friday, February 13, 2009


I dont know

why the sudden urge to write about Perak. To be frank, it must be due to the sadness that fills the still air. It is sad because within the political crisis Perak is experiencing, some politicians are too shrewd not to let it settle quickly. Those who thrive in the game of sympathy and turmoil, find the recent crisis as too inviting. Don Juan lurking!

2. I wrote this little article, to let some of us know more about AYER TAWAR, Perak. A little town as you come down from Ipoh via Tronoh and Bota, just before you hit Sitiawan. The road is a lot bigger than before. It must be during mid 80's that the government widened the road, and at some places, the road was straightened. I thought the whole idea was to connect Lumut with the rest of the country. It must be to facilitate the emergence of Lumut Naval Base. Bandar Sri Manjong sprang into action about the same time.

3. Ngeh [not necessarily the Ngeh of DAP] has a little office on the first floor of the shoplot. A very neat little office. If you venture out to the backlane, there is a little dusty road sometimes known as Jalan Melayu. I dont intend to give more clues, but if you are too straightforward and naive, looking for the obvious you will be in for a big mistake!!

4. Then you may want to probe deeper as to why, the obvious is misleading sometime. They must have a solid reason to name that street as Jalan Melayu. I guess it was valid then, decades ago. Dont ask me why it is less valid now, ask Ngeh [not the DAP guy], and Nizar [not the PAS guy] and Zambry [not the UMNO guy], they may be able to shed some light. Unless nonchalance has subdued them all.

5. Is Ayer Tawar really tawar in the truest sense?.... I dont think so. By the way, tawar has two meaning in malay, one is plain taste, neither sweet nor sour; the other is bargain.

The whole state of Perak , Ayer Tawar included, is in for a hard bargain!