Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PERAK WITH MALAYSIAKINI: You mean Nizar really say this.

Oh, I just put it for record purposes.

We were talking while having lunch the other day, about a football team killing the whole opposing team with machine guns before the match started, and of course they were declared menang tanpa bertanding. But the next day they were rounded by police and sent to the furthest valley of death to rot. Just a nonchalant remark over cups of caffein! Oh, admittedly we were drugged with caffein, but some of us are now drugged with greed. God bless us all.

I really dont expect Nizar to say this. Has he gone too low?

"Pakatan now has 28 seats and BN has only 21. So we now have the majority. And, they (BN) are worried about that. So we can expect some chaos and turmoil."

Asked to comment on public perception that Sivakumar's decision to suspend Zambry and his exco was biased and in favour of Pakatan, he said the decision was based on sound judgment and in accordance with rules and regulations.

"If he (Sivakumar) feels satisfied that his is the correct decision, then nobody can question or challenge his decision.

"He was not acting on the basis of bias or as the state assemblyman for Tronoh.

"Obviously, he will act on behalf of truth, be fair and just. The perception that the speaker is biased is merely a perception." speaker seeks special sitting New Straits Times