Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MYSTICAL FERVOR WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Ponari, a nine year old boy

It was quite a record. The boy by the name Ponari had to deal with some 60,000 people a day! Joke aside, just imagine if Anwar Ibrahim was bestowed with such power here, in Malaysia! Poowww!!....

  • Indonesians are flocking in the thousands to a boy healer in East Java after word got out that he can perform miracle cures.

The story going aroudn is that the nine-year-old named Ponari came into possession of a miracle stone after nearly being hit by lightning recently.

Local media reported since the last several days, people have been making a beeline to the boy's home in Dusun Kedungsari, Jombang, in the hope of getting cured for their many ailments.

The reports said Ponari, a Year Three student at the local school, however, did not know he had such an ability but knew that he was not a normal person as he would be carried around the people coming to him for cure.

The stone is then dipped into water before those harbouring hope of finding a cure for their health problems are made to drink it.

The local police chief was quoted as saying by the Antara news agency that the family, though asking for no payment, was receiving thousands of Rupiahs with up to 60,000 people turning up at his house daily although he is only able to entertain about 10,000 people.

With the situation out of control, police were reported to have whisked him off to a secret location in the interest of the boy's and his family's health and safety.

This, however, did not stop people from continue to flock to his house, it was reported.

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