Saturday, February 14, 2009

PKR WITH MALAYSIAKINI: eying Negeri Sembilan

Just a short one,

to fill up spaceless time. There are quarters who love to see Negeri Sembilan kneel and succumb to the sweetest seduction. PKR cant be serious in going for the big one?, taking state by state?

2. There were days when perceptions run wild and bring about the most wicked in man and woman. While PKR thrives on the seemingly poor performance of Dato Seri Abdullah, they cant expect perceptions to stay warm and nice.

3. PKR has shown its true colour. The phrase "biar pape asal bergaye" made popular by folks in Bota, is still short of summing up the colour spectrum of PKR. Sarawak was flooded but Anwar cant squeeze more time to show his concern. Perak is well polished and the glitters are blinding. Lets rest for a while, in a democratic punctuation. Because the court is calling for another case.

4. Lets forget Negeri Sembilan for a while, because Mohamad Hasan has learned the hardest lesson, and he is coming stronger and definitely wiser!