Saturday, February 14, 2009


Months ago

a blogger friend joked about organic gardening, something i am passionate about. Why not?.. We cant be passionate on exactly the same thing, the same hobby or the same husband or wife ... We are meant to be different, echoing the uniqueness of our very thumbprints. Some love drawing, music, shopping, sewing and reading, but some love lazying around doing nothing ... haha. Some save money to the grave, but some spend beyond means.

2. Thats how it goes with life, taking our own path and somewhere and somehow bump into each other along the timeline. But life is not too random as the Brownian motion taught by teachers decades ago. Life is not necessarily playing hide and seek as regulars at Genting Highland toss fate and luck like dice.

3. The difficulty lies as persons interact, hitting belief and passion against one another. Once we cant compromise there is a danger of taking everything, the belief and the passion along with herds, crowds and gangs. Then there will be war!

4. Politics fall within the same wicked boundary. I suppose what guides us are values; both universal and religous. Somewhere along the long fence that contains us safe, there is an element called morality.

5. When Anwar sang the song "masyarakat madani", morality was inserted nicely in the chorus, becoming his tagline, his awesome battle cry. He said it out nicely like a guru we never come across. He steal the show from time to time. He painted Cronyism and Nepotism black and dirty. He cursed every business transaction as trade off for corruption. A guru on morality so to speak.

6. Then came the dateline of September 16. He can only emerge as champion through defections. He failed so far, but 2 weeks ago, there was a silver lining in the sky at BOTA. He smiled, grinned and the whole house rejoiced, Hadi included. It is a crusade! A crusade for power sidelining the more imminent issue of morality.

7. The journey changes course, and as they steer up north, missing a rock or two, there just a kilometer away, an impending collision is in full sight. A royal collision. Anwar befriended men from all walk of life, he should by now understand the meaning of Royal Flush as he gambles away.

8. But Karpal put a big black boulder in front of him. The boulder has this inscript printed bold and big.... MORALITY!