Wednesday, February 11, 2009


In old text books,

Malaysian characters were exemplified by Ahmad, Tong Seng and Ramasamy. Other names were added to cater for gender balance, such as Aminah, Sarojini and Mei Li. As kids grew older and strong enough to venture beyond the perimeter, more fancy names appeared such as Mohd Nasrul Haq, Tony Chua, Nashatul Alia and Fred Fernandez.

2. Arumugam is an old name, of course as old as the man himself. Bukit Selambau assemblyman, YB Arumugam has gone missing. Close friends claimed he had left for Chennai, India, with a woman and a child. But he left behind a resignation letter and a statutory declaration as appendix. He was a man in a hurry, so a third person is required to take the resignation letter to the right person.

3. The content of statutory declaration was basically allegations as back-up for him resigning. Earlier Anwar admitted that Arumugam came and discussed with him about the matter. Now, with Arumugam nowhere to be found, the effect will be very damaging.

4. I wish life could be alot simpler, during days when a 30 cent per cup of cendol lasted the whole afternoon and when we have standard titles as Ane, Achi, Apek, Nyonya, Pak Cik and Mak Cik to ease us into the multi-cultural society of Malaysia. We survived, but can the younger ones?

Where do we go from now? And will Arumugam return not only to face the political bloodshed but to taste the the famous cendol?

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