Sunday, February 15, 2009

TIANANMEN 1989 WITH MALAYSIAKINI: What, When,Who, How and Why

I suppose things
that happen within social and political fabric end up the way we are today, and the world we live in. China has such a large population running to billions when ours has not pass 30 million mark.

For such a large country we thought, they are very much familiar with diversities; either in accent, langguage or political inclination. But they are not. As any other eastern countries, when defiance went too far, and has the explosive potential disrupting everything within sight, any decisive positive interception is acceptable.

I dare not paste photos of 1989 Tianamen Square. But to satisfy the curiosity of the younger ones, defiance and stand off had been dealt with in a blitz back then. It is not the blood that we should shudder. It is what China would be without Tianament 1989 as an important historical insert. [Beijing 1989 , Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 , Epoch Times | Tiananmen Massacre 89 ].

I find it difficult to articulate this and see far beyond the horizon for Malaysian perspective. I would rather keep it for a while.