Thursday, February 12, 2009

PERAK WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Karpal will not represent Nizar

Afternoon crunch!

We are witnessing Malaysia in a 30 minute video clip. That is Perak Crisis. We should brace ourselves for a long drawn battle, as baits and gambits are thrown at leisure. I hate it but I am not going to miss every second of it. Out of all these, the game still remains, a quest for supremacy.

2. Karpal may not be too happy, judging by his tone.

Karpal will not represent
Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin

Feb 11 2009

Veteran lawyer Karpal Singh said Wednesday (11 Feb) that he will not represent Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin in filing a suit to declare Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir's appointment as the new Perak menteri besar null and void.

He said he did not want to be in the team because his views and those of Mohammad Nizar's team (Pakatan Rakyat team) were different.

Karpal Singh, who is the DAP chairman said this when asked asked by reporters outside the Federal Court here whether or not he will represent Mohammad Nizar in the matter.

On 6 Feb, Mohammad Nizar was reported as saying that he would take legal action against Dr Zambry, who was sworn in as Perak's 11th menteri besar the same day, because there were now two menteris besar in the state and this had precipitated a constitutional crisis.

Mohammad Nizar, who is also the Perak deputy PAS commissioner, defended his position, saying that he was still the menteri besar and that Dr Zambry's appointment was against the federal and state constitutions. (Bernama)