Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MIANHAMNIDA WITH MALAYSIANI: eotteohke jinaeseyo elizabeth wong

There is thunder in the sky now, bringing chill to my nerve. It must has been weeks since we last had a good rainfall. The grass is crying yellow and brown. My mood is down as I am imagining what Eli has got to go through.

Aha, how some of us got stuck to TV with korean soaps. These are samples of korean phrases.

eotteohke jinaeseyo? - how are you?
mianhamnida - sorry

I wish I could dial Elizabeth Wong and say " eotteohke jinaeseyo " to her .....Of course, friends will support and enemies will haunt. But she just has to get on with life, and forget the past.

Someone was saying about being discreet. But how the hell are we going to know and stop crazy guys from snapping, while we are sleeping stone dead! Oh... terrible.