Friday, February 20, 2009

ABDULLAH WITH MALAYSIAKINI: Reps must demonstrate good values


Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said an elected representative must generally demonstrate good moral values as the people want their representatives to be credible and to serve them well.

The Prime Minister said that the people always looked at their elected representatives from various aspects.

He said that having good morals should not be confined to the elected representatives only but should include everyone.

"The people are watching, they want to see that their elected representatives are truly credible, and serving them well," he told reporters after launching the Humanitarian Fund for the children of Gaza at Seri Perdana, here Thursday (19 Feb).

He said this when asked to give his general opinion on the importance of displaying good morals for an elected representative.

The question was raised following the publication of a nude photograph of the Bukit Lanjan State Assemblywoman, Elizabeth Wong, who is also a Selangor State Executive Councillor, on the internet.

This led to Wong offering to resign as the Selangor Chairman for the Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment Committee on Tuesday (17 Feb). However, the Selangor government had yet to decide whether to accept her offer to resign. (Bernama)