Saturday, February 14, 2009

DAP WITH MALAYSIAKINI: something worth reading

I dont realise

that some of us do find Bernama, NST and the Star not worth reading. In younger days when I read almost anything, there were only Utusan, Berita, Strait Times and the Star available. Harakah came much later. Watan was interesting to read, also came later. Malaymail cant penetrate the deeper part of malay community.

That's how rural kids live and survived. It must be due to those newspaper, that the rural kids like me see the outside world beyond the rambutan trees and the parits and sungais. There were so much info to know. Richer kids then, can always flick through Encyclopedia their dads bought them. Somehow we get wiser the same....

Therefore I venture into malaysian insider. I dont know if this is worth reading. Or some of us, go too far with politics, shunning anything related to the other party. But the worst danger is to associate government agencies as within the governing political party. We may have problem with police, the army, the hospitals and even the schools, when we do that.

After Perak Letdown,
DAP goes on the stump.

The Malaysian Insider
by Kuppusamy

Within days of losing Perak to Barisan Nasional, the DAP has dusted off its old playbook, and has begun a series of dinners and rallies to whip up support from the party faithful as it comes under attack from its political rivals.

Party leaders are using these rallies to explain the DAP's and Pakatan Rakyat's position and stand, as well as to explain what happened in Perak.

The party faithful and curious members of the public have been packing these gatherings wall to wall. [After Perak letdown, DAP goes on the stump]