Friday, February 20, 2009

POLITICS WITH MALAYSIAKINI: karpal gets two live bullets

Ok. Like the mahathir's initial reaction to Anwar's black eyes. Anwar could have punched himself. Now YB Karpal's two live bullets. Why two? Someone may want to pass a tormenting joke "Who knows, he could have posted a self addressed letter!" Ouuuch.... that aint fair.

Forget about the joke. If this one is a real threat, then lets not yell or be sarcastic, just sit down, ponder and do a soul searching deliberation. A vacation like Elizabeth Wong sounds good. Of course, YB Karpal is in dire need of police protection, not only about the bullet but also to keep Karpal's outburst at bay.


The star
feb 20 2009

An envelope containing two live bullets and a death threat had been mailed to DAP chairman Karpal Singh’s home in Jalan Utama.

In his police report lodged at the Penang police headquarters this afternoon, Karpal Singh, a lawyer, said his clerk Ahad Hassan found the envelope sent from Perak in his postbox at his home about 8.15am on Thursday.

“I was in Kuala Lumpur yesterday when my clerk Puan Nazimah informed me on the phone about the envelope which was handed to her at about 9.45am at my legal firm in Green Hall here,” Karpal Singh told waiting pressmen at the police headquarters at 12.20pm.

“When opened, Nazimah found the envelope contained two live bullets and a hand-written letter. I told her to keep the envelope and its contents in my office safe until I came to Penang Friday to lodge a police report for the police to launch a thorough investigation.”

The writer threatened that Karpal Singh and his family would be harmed for showing disrespect to the Malay Rulers.

Karpal Singh said this was not the first time he had received such a threat, adding that the police had done nothing after he lodged a police report in Kuala Lumpur last May upon receiving a live bullet with a letter outside his office in Jalan Pudu Lama. Karpal gets two live bullets, death threat in mail Malaysia Star