Thursday, February 12, 2009

CRISIS WITH MALAYSIAKINI: so, Selangor is on full alert mode

I was less observant lately,

therefore my recent trip to Teluk Intan via Sungai Buloh and Kuala Selangor was without sensitivity of the surroundings.

2. I formed mental capture as the car meandered along the winding road months ago. There was a worship place jutting out into the road. The yellow lines for wakil rakyat parking lot were of different color tone. There were lot of signboards "boleh buang tanah di sini" and a few was on "jangan buang tanah di sini". I understood the message. For others who had dealings with Sime Darby or Golden Hope before, soil or earth is measured in thousand of hectares. Earth in lorry loads is little and has no bearing to their sensitivity.

3. Delivery is the key word in good governance. Some soul searching has to be carried out by any responsible state government, Selangor included. Maintenance bills on private car are just little nuisance easily brushed aside, but being fair, keeping up with promises and good delivery are more urgent and important.

4. So when Khalid Ibrahim said he would be meeting all the state's Member of Parliament and assemblymen Thursday, he is putting Selangor on a full alert mode. Afterall the grins as Anwar put PKR jacket on Nasarudin was short lived, therefore lets not go on offensive. Lets turn to the few remaining pages of Anwar's "Art of War".