Friday, February 13, 2009


A momentary lapse,

out of our own carelessness for not grabbing moments as we walk on the timeline. Our memory get stuck only within our own physical presence. Pangkor is an old tape rewound. My memory stuck to the point when I was last there, decades ago. I was small then.

2. Now, people go to island for a holiday. Total fun time. I was there for a visit, accompanying the late grandma with another cousin, a year older. One of my cousins, married a pangkor boy. There we were, taking bas henti-henti, and a ferry. I search through internet for latest photos, and I gasp! How different now! I can still paint a mental picture, the way to his house. It was just within walking distance from the last jetty. In those days, ferries were also of henti-henti type, visiting the sungai pinang before finally a brief stop at the last point. Was that little malay settlement known as Kampong Masjid?. Oh, memory beat me again.

3. There was a straight road connecting Pangkor town to Pasir Bogak, and his house was just a short distance away from jetty on the way up to Pasir Bogak. The well, or perigi was communal then, where everyone went to the same place for a bath and the ladies for their morning laundry. Berkemban was permissible then and nobody seemed to complain. Their houses were very close to one another. Their accent generally was of kedah or penang. As we know fishermen were great sea fearers, so Penang, Kuala Kedah, Langkawi, Pangkor, Kuala Selangor and even Mersing were just like our present R&R along plus highway.

4. As they hop and stop, some of them drop and settle down. There we are, how people move out or migrate. My cousin has long left Pangkor and settle down in KL for a brighter future doing tradings, something they pick up out of necessity! They are very much better off now.

5. I shall continue with my bit on Pangkor as time goes on.