Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HIGEKI IN MALAYSIAKINI: Bukit antarabangsa soil and soul.

I suppose man or woman appears in two forms; body and soul. As I flick through Malaysiakini and other media, Higeki of Bukit Antarabangsa is haunting. This 'She would be alive if they had helped' in Malaysiakini provides a new milestone on one's belief and hope. This is too special to be missed. [Higeki is tragedy in japanese]

2. I like to pen down a few key points out of this issue especially on areas which is detrimental to the soul and belief. We are being tested and stretched to the limit from time to time, and this Higeki is dissecting our soul and sanity.

3. I remembered some years ago, Bush the president praised Abdullah Badawi almost to the brim on the handling of citizen's voices by Abdullah's regime [borrowing Anwar's favourite word for government] . Yes true in its truest meaning, but not necessarily so in holding up the delicate multi-coloured social fabric of Malaysia. Those long in the business of journalism may incline to agree with Bush. Hardcore politicians also to a certain extent, flourish in this cool political climate. But what good will it do us Malaysians and Malaysia the motherland.

4. I saw a man on television last night, [I think his name is TUMIRAN MOHD KASDI] letting off his anger to some unidentified persons in the Higeki. YB Azmin Ali was there keeping his coolest cool. The man swept everything, from the Rela guys, the government vehicles, the townboard personnels etc, for not rendering adequate help. There is some resemblance to another incident some years back when Taman TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam was submerged. Again, a man blew his top! Patience was stretched to its limit.

5. No question about it. Everyone sympathized with the Higeki of Bukit Antarabangsa. When the man mentioned about "datang ramai-ramai, nak tunjuk glamour je....", then similar sympathy should be given to the rela guys and townboard guys. What are their term of reference?. What are they supposed to do there? Who is in charge?

6. What has the soil in the Higeki done to our souls. Shall we proceed on some soul searching within ourself to really appreciate what is Higeki and what is our responsibility. On some instances, job and functions has to be very detailed and precise, but on this Higeki, those present on the soil of Bukit Antarabangsa must realise that there are facets of soul everywhere; Helplessness, sadness and anger.

7. And on the issue of She would be alive if.. , i cant find a more suitable and proper words to deliberate on this, and all I can say at this moment is you do have our sympathy.
Yee Ping's relatives hugging each other after identifying the body. Her two-month old baby daughter, however, was rescued after being feared dead earlier. - 7 December, 2008... The star