Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Who patronise PROTON?

There is a posting in Malaysiakini topblog section by tulang besi touching on proton. As we get deeper into this liberalisation of Malaysia towards the end of Abdullah tenure, it is worth to appreciate what is proton, and who patronise proton.

From Malaysiakini topblog
It's About Time Someone Stands Up to Proton
| Tulang Besi

2. Yesterday was a cool and wet day. I circled round flats after flats [apartments?] at the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur. I saw a lot of proton cars from old saga, iswara, wira, satria, new saga, waja ....... As we all know, proton is patronised by certain section of our community.

3. There is no question about spin-offs provided by proton years ago.. about local boys and girls getting jobs, about local vendors, about hundreds of local part vendors etc.etc. .. but we all know who patronise proton and who dont. In that light, we should not question Perak and selangor if they go ahead with Camry or any other car that has no linkage with Malaysia. They care about Malaysia? Not in the way I and you been taught ...... l o y a l t y.