Saturday, December 13, 2008

MARCHING WITH MALAYSIAKINI: on protest and demonstration.

Most are lucky enough to hold on to their marriage and live up to the solemn oath 'till death do us apart'. But some fail along the leisure walk to their destination. A leisure walk equals to a leisure march. I would like to march with Malaysiakini on the issue of protest and demonstration worldwide.

2. Anda tentu akan lihat perkahwinan antara dua insan dalam soal ini. Tetapi apa salahnya kita lihat perjanjian antara 3 bangsa waktu memperjuangkan kemerdekaan Tanah Melayu dulu. Sejarah pakatan Tunku Abdul Rahman alHaj , Tun Tan Cheng Lock dan Tun V T Sambanthan wajar juga dilihat dan diambil pengajaran. Satu perkahwinan, perjanjian, pakatan dan kesungguhan untuk membawa rakyat dalam perjalanan panjang meniti erti kemerdekaan. Adakah mereka berjaya dan kita sekarang yang gagal?

3. Lets march on with Malaysiakini on this issue. Crisis in marriage. Week of Greek rioting taps into wider discontent The Daily Advance, NC -

ATHENS, Greece — Protesters took to the streets of Athens for the seventh consecutive day Friday, vowing to maintain pressure on the government with both peaceful demonstrations and violent clashes that left one police officer engulfed in flames.

Youths pelted riot police with rocks and firebombs. One officer flailed, covered in blazing gasoline, as his colleagues rushed to extinguish him. He was ultimately unhurt.

Demonstrators in France and Germany put on shows of support for the Greeks protests, which are driven in part by the widening gap between rich and poor in a country where the minimum monthly wage is €658 ($850), graduates have poor job prospects and the government is making painful reforms to the pension system.

4. Perkahwinan yang gagal sering diperhati dan adakala ingin diikuti. Retak menunggu Belah. Greek anger infects Europe The Age, Australia

THERE is a saying among residents of Athens' famous bohemian Exarchia neighbourhood that what most call a riot, they would describe as a street party.

This week, however, even the most hard-bitten locals have been shocked by the ferocious wave of youth violence unleashed by the police shooting — on their doorstep — of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

Greece has been paralysed by a six-day maelstrom of riots and strikes that have resulted in 1 billion euros ($A1.98 billion) in property damage, hundreds of arrests, the closure of schools, banks, universities and businesses.

5. Sila lihat satu perarakan aman disebuah negara yang lain 200 attend Wednesdays Greek solidarity march in Edinburgh Indymedia UK, UK - 10 hours ago

On Wednesday 10th, over two hundred people attended a march through Edinburgh city centre, in a vibrant protest against the murder of 16 year old Alexis.

6. Sementara dalam negara kita sendiri ada yang sedang membawa api protes dengan berbasikal .Malaysia: Bicycle protesters for workers’ rights defy police ...
Green Left Weekly, Australia - 18 hours ago
On December 5, police stopped the Jerit cyclists from leafleting in Teluk Kumbar, Penang. The whole team was asked to go to Teluk Kumbar police station.

What is protest? What is demonstration? What is riot? What is a failed marriage?