Monday, December 08, 2008


I was reading Teresa's latest on the two girls and I thought of sharing it with Malaysiakini on this long and wet day, a day some people will make sacrifices qorban. It was really nice of you Teresa and getting the two off the street is very commendable indeed.[ Saving two girls from vice Teresa, the sassy. ] dear Teresa...., Lets stretch our imagination wild and far beyond any imaginable horizon. A cold and windy day somewhere far, by the sacred river, Ganges River. Of course you know that place, because you studied geography as I did. Not only did we know Ganges, we had tasted the sweetness of many rivers through text books and through lessons given by our teachers. Yes dear Teresa, some of our teachers are Malay, some are Chinese and some as you guess correctly, Indians.

Remember Yang Tze River?, and Nile and Amazon and Yellow and Mekong and Niger and Indus and of course our own Gombak River. Gombak is such a beauty, romancing its way through the larger part of Kuala Lumpur.

I am imagining you and me sitting side by side at the bank of River Ganges. Just imagine we were both Indians of dark complexion with sharp nose and big eyes. And of course we were speaking in Tamil. Hmm... that would be sweet. You and me speaking and understanding each other in an ancient langguage. To us then, Ganges is sacred. We call it Gangamai, meaning "Mother Ganges". We believe that bathing it its waters washes away sin. To die on its bank assures eternal peace of the soul.

No Teresa, you and me are still here because we are not dead yet. Of course we can stretch further and wilder but for the purpose of this little essay, we just sit on its bank, splashing water on each other's face.

Back to your wonderful act in getting the two Chinese nationals off the dirty street, I am sure dear Teresa, you would do the same, if the two are Indians like we were in our dreams on the bank of River Ganges, or two Bajau girls from Kota Belud, or two Melayu girls from Kota Sarang Semut or two local chinese girls of Foochow tribe from Sitiawan. Will you do as we promised on the bank of sacred river?

Dear Teresa, I was watching TV last night and good lord!, how the death of a friend triggered fiery riots and chaos in Greece. They are so young, dear Teresa. [
Greek youths riot after police shoot boy, UK ] If you can do me favour, dear Teresa, ask the youngsters off the streets. Street shall never be used for reasons other than what it is intended to serve. Take off political rally off the streets dear Teresa. And that leafletting too. [sloone's word]

Remember the sight of Tian Chua sitting heroically in front of an armoured car. Oh, he was skinny then and still is. But thats the way it is, he carved his political pathway the way he knew best. Teresa, you are smarter than most. Let Uncle Kit and Uncle Anwr dust their face that way. They enjoy it and to them it is manly. Yes dear Teresa, including Uncle Anwr! Manly........

Dear Teresa, shall we meet again, say on the bank of Shimanto River in Japan dreaming of Japanese through their culture, songs and values. And of course you will be wearing kimono my dear Teresa.