Saturday, December 27, 2008


It wasnt too long ago that some championed on the most suitable word for a particular race. Like the blacks or afro-americans hate to being called nigger. Like some who hate the word hindu or china tongsan or melayu malas. But of course the word pariah has been coined to cut accross races and regions. Pariahs in modern time is no more signifying a specific race. And the word nazis had gone the boundary of Germany to highlight a shrewd racial outlook.

2. Now the dayaks. They have not voiced out loud, but I just guess they would prefer to be known as sarawakians as being more specific as to their nationality. The Sarawakians are quite outward in their looking and are beginning to see themselves in a more geo-political approach. On that point, they have left Anwar and gangs by miles.

3. The Malaysian dayaks and the indonesians have agreed to cooperate in education, culture and humanities to enhance their geo-political outlook. I suppose Anwar really has to forget sarawak on his premiership pursuit, for his way of politics is deemed dangerous in there. To show Sarawakians his victorious political strategy, he should explore deeper and share with the dayaks and the melanaus what has he done while in the government for years. He is good with words but one should scrutinized deeper as to his deeds. Sarawakians do not need an outside person to tell them what is not right about Sarawak or Taib.

4. Just to share in case we had forgotten, Anwar's battle cry used to be famines in Baling during his memorable jump start in politics. Then as the tide was against him deep into the 90's his cry was Nepotisma and Kronisma. I suppose he is going to use the same cries again. There is the man, Anwar Ibrahim from Permatang Pauh or rather cherok tok kun.

5. With his impending court case, Anwar could just be a passing dream immediately forgotten the moment we wake up.

beritadarigunung: Good Luck to the sarawakians.