Saturday, December 27, 2008

ANWAR WITH MALAYSIAKINI: quitting and being brutal.

Quittings [quitings?] as reported in Malaysiakini were mostly political. To Zahar Hashim, a better word will be sacked from Umno. The other day Zaid was sacked too, for things he said and did in contrary to the spirit of Umno and Barisan Nasional. These two, for whatever reason you can think of, are bonuses to the opposition. They had helped to throw some negativities into the current government. Manikavasagam will be next.

2. Thats how politics are played these days. But I like to share with readers how leaders were developed in ancient times. Julius Caesar defeated Pompey to rise as the undisputed leader of Rome. But much of Caesar was centred on his successful military campaign and his dictator perpetuo. Caesar never quitted, but he died in the hands of the group led by Brutus. That was a long time ago.

3. Now, Anwar and his era. There is no military campaign to thrive on. Therefore Anwar misses that sweet victory of coming home from the most brutal war after having defeated the most awesome enemy. On that note, how would Anwar rise to stage and gather supporters?.

4. He works on discrediting others and at the same time, not telling his magical strategy to govern this country. Somehow he get by all this while. But when he was cornered on Hudud, as more is voicing their concern on what is Anwar's stand, I guess platform is shaking wild...

5. In ancient times, many died in battles. If they quit they were called traitors and most were killed instantly. Modern times see brutality in a different form, it is no more physical but verbal! Verbal brutalism?

6. A guy I know, had mentioned about quitting smoking for countless times, but he never did. Therefore what one says doesnt have to be the same as what one does. That goes to both Anwar and Manikavasagam.