Thursday, December 25, 2008


I was cautioned by a man from Paroi Jaya not to touch on Seremban Umno for he thinks that I have no right to do so. I am not claiming all the right to question but for a person who has to queue like anybody else to cast a vote in Seremban's PRU12, I suppose my right is limited to a mere voter or worst still a layman, an unknown person. For today, I wish to share some politicking with Malaysiakini.

2 It was for the unknown persons that votes can go either way. The so called Umno leaders can yell out loud for being guys who make Umno tick. Little unknown persons are thousands of nobody who take part in any general elections to show some concern for Umno and Barisan Nasional. And they dont even claim to be the unsung heroes.....

3 These little unknown persons will never create tensions in any Umno elections. Somehow, every four years they keep coming to the polling booth to ease their minds. Some how, Seremban Umno guys must look far and below. It doesnt matter who rub shoulders with Mohamad. Mohamad is just another person like you, him, her and me.

4 Thousands still remember their membership number of Umno. I guess Umno will be alot wiser with members coming from all corners. A person from Kampung Ismail has every right to question the essence of leadership as much as another person from Jiboi or Paroi or Sikamat. Inputs must come from both sides of the coin.

5 I am looking at Seremban in a sentimental way. My emotions run low everytime I had to pass by Surau Hitam, because Surau Hitam will soon lose its blackness completely.

6 Leadership I suppose is more than showing up at functions and be generous with angpaus. Umno require persons who can translate and articulate things for the benefits of the malay in general. Leadership cannot limit their span for it has to be wide enough for EVERY malays from dusun nyior, ismail and sikamat to squeeze for a little shade from hot sun and heavy rain.

Leadership has to be visible, strong and fair.
Good luck, for Seremban is under million eyes.



22 Dec 2008
The Umno division here has been told by the party's headquarters to hold its divisional meeting on Saturday.

Seremban Umno chief, Datuk Ishak Ismail said a team of observers from the headquarters would oversee the proceedings.

Its meeting of Nov 9 was postponed when a fracas broke out and two delegates were injured after being hit with chairs.

The commotion began after Ishak finished his opening speech. Sikamat branch head Datuk Md Yusof Harmain Shah questioned the legality of the meeting, claiming that there were doubts about the status of some branches.
Umno supreme council member Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik later advised Ishak to postpone the meeting to a date to be decided by the supreme council.

Said Ishak: "Five of the 13 branches under the division were instructed by the supreme council to meet before Dec 27 because their earlier meetings had been declared null and void."

The Jalan Tembak branch held its meeting on Sunday, while the Sri Aman, Gedung Lalang, Taman Jujur and Daching branches will meet soon.

Seremban division to meet on Saturday
New Straits Times, Malaysia