Thursday, December 25, 2008

MALAYSIAKINI: Nizar, Nga, Ngeh on freehold titles in Perak

This is an interesting thing. Never before, a state government embarked on such a move, highly sensitive and politically provocative action. Fauwaz Abdul Aziz touched on legal aspects as he wrote in Malaysiakini.

2. The sandy soil of Lekir is sparkling as one drives from Kampung Kayan to the china town Kampung Koh. If Moses Tay is still there, one could have a glimpse of him wearing white shorts, swaying his hip and hands with tennis. Moses Tay, a man of such agility. ACS grew with him. Even when he went wild with his tantrums, there was always a sense of fairness in him. He tought boys and girls to be studious, strong and fair.

3. Ayer Tawar is blessed with another son by the name Ngeh Koo Ham, a lawyer now a strong Exco in Perak. I am not in a position to share here if he is taking up Moses Tay wise words. Long ago the road from Ipoh to Lumut was winding and small. Since the completion of 'highway' connecting Lumut to the capital city, road is straighter and wider. Ayer Tawar had been dissected right in the centre with the 'highway' and therefore it was used to being physically

4. Since he is as a member of parliment representing Beruas, now I can connect a recent incident of a mild protest attended by a few on diesel subsidy. They demanded the price to be lowered from RM1.43 to RM1.00 per litre. By the way Nga Kor Ming, the ADUN of Pantai Remis and Ngeh Koo Ham are cousins. Combining Beruas, Pantai Remis and Sitiawan [kampung koh included], there, a land of such magnitude.

5. If land titles is the major political issue, it is worthwhile to recall history lessons in classroom, years ago. Mr Suresh could not be wrong when he told students on developments during British intervention in Perak. How the first railway line was between Taiping and Sepetang [Port Weld] as an outlet for tin and rubber. How the two kongsi gelaps drew knives on one another [Ghee Hin dan Hai San]. How as roads were tarred, the malays were asked to settle along the roadside. I suppose, the British wished to camouflage land ownerships in Perak. Far behind the little malay settlements are vast estates owned by other races, the indians, the chinese and the mat sallehs.

6. When Ngeh touched on the little percentage of lands to be converted to freehold titles for the chinese, I expect Nizar to calculate the percentage of freehold land titles owned by his blood brothers, the malays.

7. Politically, Perak is in for a tussle. The Malays had been more than satisfied to be given lands with hak-milik-bersyarat on 99 years pajakan. It is not freehold even. To pass land titles to the siblings as the old man passes away, the children has to scramble up MB office for approval. Such a treatment. Freehold is something else.

8. We do have short memory. As Dato Sagor, Dato Maharajalela were stripped naked of all humility, what do we have left. As Raja Abdullah were exiled to Seychelles, we were thought that even a raja can be silenced. Nizar undoubtedly has a mammoth task of being relevant in a field of blood brothers, the malays. Nizar, an engineer with a government scholarship thought his former government should come in for a change. The political game Nizar lets himself in, is something even Sungai Manik folks hate to elaborate. Old events end up as folklores.....

Am I being racist? Sorry Ngeh, Nga and Nizar.