Saturday, December 20, 2008

IJN taking care of your heart.

Kita lalui pelbagai situasi yang menyebabkan jantung berdegup lebih laju, dan saya ingin memaksa jantung terus berdegup bersama Malaysiakini dalam isu IJN takeover.

Cabinet hits pause button on IJN sale
Dec 19, 08 4:04pm
breaking news updated 6.35pm One day after the deputy prime minister said that the government had no objections, the cabinet decides to put the controversial privatisation plan on hold.

2. Tagline IJN dalam web [Institut Jantung Negara :: National Heart Institute ] berbunyi taking care of your heart. How sweet. Pains are relieved. A life and a day longer. A child with heart problem always catch attention and moves people. I will call it PSR, people social responsibility in tune to the more popular term CSR, Corporate social responsibility.

3. Tun Mahathir was a patient at IJN rejecting suggestions to have treatment overseas. Tun has every right to be very sensitive on move to turn over IJN. [read this Che Det

4. IJN website explains what heart is all about. The heart weighs about 350 to 450 grams in an average adult. It pumps about 80 cc of blood per heart beat. At average heart beat of 70 per minute, in a day, the heart would have pumped 8 thousand liters of blood around the body.

It is on automatic. Via specialised group of cells, the heart has a natural pacemaker that will regulate the heart rate.

Some specialised muscle cells act as a conducting pathway, much like electrical circuit. Signals from the pacemaker is transmitted to heart muscle in orderly fashioned.

Cardiac valves separate the various chambers and great blood vessels. Acting like a door, it allows blood flow only in one direction. There are four valves in a normal heart.

Coronary arteries are special blood vessels running on the surface of the heart. They supply nutrient-rich blood to the hardworking heart muscle. A narrowing or blockage of these arteries causes heart attacks and coronary artery disease.

Major risk factors for coronary artery disease are:

  • Smoking
  • High cholesterol level
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Family history

Exercises increase the demand on circulatory system and condition it in the long run to work more efficiently. Walking, light jogging, swimming or cycling for 30 to 40 minutes at least three times per week is recommended.

Heart disease could be silent in the early stage. It may be worthwhile to undergo routine physical examination and stress test, especially if you are above 45.

Prudent and healthy lifestyles are important preventive measures. Regular exercise, keeping optimal body weight, good balanced diet and stress reduction are important.

5. Lets not politicize IJN, even for heartless politicians. It doesn't matter if we are going to have 44 by elections this year! But the sensitivity requires more than a heart.

beritadarigunung. Petang tadi, sementara menunggu kapalterbang bergerak, seorang anak kecil bertanya "ayah, kenapa tak jalan lagi?" Abangnya cuba menjawab "belum isi minyak lagi la...". Ayah dan ibunya diam saja...... Oh, how my heart twitched.

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