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Hindus and Western extremist and Mossad behind Mumbai terrorist attacks

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Sunday, 07 December 2008 17:30

Hindus, Western extremist and Mossad behind Mumbai terrorist attacks: Say Defence analysts
A security expert has sensationally revealed, interviewing to a news show, that, November 26's attacks on Mumbai have accomplished by Hindus, Western extremists and Mossad, Pakistan is not involved in these attacks. This show had been downloaded on a website and widely circulated in India.

Exposing on a program 'Mujhe ikhtlaf hai' ( I beg to differ) on "News One Channel" which was launched last year in November, Zaid Hamid declared that terrorists' faces were similar to Hindus, they were speaking in a language that's not in use in Pakistan.

Hamid told that the attack was accomplished under the "great plans", it was totally wrong. How America masterly fought off 9/11 incident and then easily derived the support of media. Indians repeated the same episode but they were cheated.

Hamid told attackers had fastened saffron Hindu ribbons around the head that a Muslim will never fasten. Hamid further said that in five minutes of attack, three ATS officers, who were probing the terror network of Indian security agency and Hindu right wing, were assassinated by terrorist. After the assassination of these three officers, it's clear that these investigations will not proceed any longer.

Anchor of the show Qudsiya Ansari commented that correct probing of Samjhauta Express will be affected after the death of ATS officers. Member of Pakistan Muslim League; Marvi Memon was also in the program. He strongly expressed his grief and anger on sending ISI chief to India and asked " I could have not supported the decision of Pakistan to send ISI chief in India" he further said that how can we send ISI Chief to the country to which we are waging a war and Indians speak against Pakistan in one tongue. He also spoke about separatist movements in India and assured "India is reaping what it has sown".

"India is going back in the era of religious tyranny , government is also assisting many separatist movements and separatists are involve in terror attacks on Mumbai, however it is blaming on Muslims

A Pakistani journalist Farakh Khan Pitafi addressed in this show that I have been supporting the peace and love between India and Pakistan for long time, but, the way India baselessly blamed Pakistan without any authentic proof, shows madness of India

He has written " Indian news channels has given a long coverage to Mumbai attacks but during this episode media didn't present this ATS officer as he revealed Hindu terrorism and Modi demanded to dismiss him.

Hindus, Western extremist and Mossad behind Mumbai terrorist ...

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