Saturday, December 06, 2008

SYMPATHY IN MALAYSIAKINI: Bukit Antarabangsa and its issues.

Bukit Antarabangsa landslide was not the first and it may not be the last. It was only days after 2 sisters were buried alive at their Ulu Yam home in Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor. How are we going to justify all these? How are going to pacify the survivors. Now, what do we have? Of course, this an attempt to show more than sympathy in Malaysiakini.

From Malaysiakini
Landslide tragedy: 4 killed, one missing
breaking news updated 8.30pm A massive landslide at
4am today buried 14 bungalows in Bukit Antarabangsa, Hulu Klang. So far, four bodies have been recovered, with only one missing as at 8.30pm.
PM: No more hillside developments
Bkt Antarabangsa tragedy The PM says all state governments must play their role to prevent tragedies such as the one in Bukit Antarabangsa.
Thousands forced to evacuate
Bkt Antarabangsa tragedy Between 3,000 and 5,000 residents living in Bukit Antarabangsa have been ordered to evacuate after the massive landslide this morning as reports show that earth movement in the area is continuing.

I suppose it is the will to deal with the environment in a more friendly manner. Let's begin to have a look at text book version of landslide.

Those who studied Civil Engineering or Soil mechanic to be specific, will appreciate the probability of landslide occurance. There are always that perculiar prerequisite of landslide; heavy rainfall that will make soil particles very fluid and behave like a big ball that can slide. Lets not touch on shear strength, moisture content etc or other parameters because that will be very academic.

There are things that we can do actually. Control water as much as we can and understand soil, underground water flow, soil seepage, vegetation, trees and the whole big environment. For the expert, of course, they want to look at the hydro geological and geomechanical behaviour in large slope movements. Some form of monitoring processes and feedback systems are very much needed for hillside developments. Lets do a little bit of investment.

I would very much like the idea of Teresa Kok opening books on soil mechanics and start giving ideas. Street fights or street walks are mundane and noncommital. Lets do some serious things.

Lets not point fingers at anyone now. Whether it is PWD or Local authority or politicians or us the ordinary folks, we do have certain responsibility as far as environment is concerned.

We thought it is best to leave environmental issues to the environmentalist. No!

May God bless us all.