Sunday, December 21, 2008

SHOOTING IN MALAYSIAKINI: Chin Peng was no freedom fighter.

I wish to do a bit of shooting today in Malaysiakini on Rocky Bru's Jebat and Chin Peng. I suppose what a person does and says is valid, only at that specific point of time and place. Life and event is so fluid and it never freeze even for a moment. There goes a living example of Tun, hailed one day as the best leader there is, and then silenced as a mere old man.

2. It is a sad thing that Perak has to shoulder such a burden of having to see her boys mistreated in life and history. If Rocky Bru was misregistered to vote in Ipoh, Perak, Chin Peng was raised in Sitiawan, also another town in Perak. Chin Peng for all we know is of Foo Chow tribe. That tribe is always strong , very much similar to Pashtuns. Even Anwar is careful when he fly low over Miri, Bintulu and Bintangor of Bumi Kenyalang. Over there, the blood of Foo Chows are flowing even thicker and stronger.

3. Then Perak has to swallow the bitterness of having to witness Dato Sagor, Dato Maharajalela and Ngah Ibrahim stripped naked as it were of all humility. Deaths are part and parcel of human pursuit for greed and bounty. But these Perak boys had to go. Chin Peng too has to go in Jebat's eyes.

4. How many boys had gone up for a day and pushed of the cliff the next day. Had Saddam survived the hanging, he would have been able to share with the Iraqis on freedom fighting lecture. Had jebat lived a day longer, then he would had a long discourse on freedom fighting with Tuah.

5. As I said earlier what a man does is valid only for a day. It would be nice if we care to walk on the soil of Sitiawan to really understand the man. Coincidentally, Sitiawan was named after comradeship shown by elephants as they crossed the Dindings River. Comradeship is always a virtue. There are Simpang Empat, Simpang Lima, Lekir, Kayan, Lumut, Sungai Wangi , Telok Murok [old name] , Sungai Rumput, Jelutong, and Kampung Acheh to protect the sovereignty of Sitiawan where Chin Peng once walked and played. Some names may sound foreign even to Nizar [MB].

6. Most are too old to narrate the hardship of Japanese occupation. We, the younger ones are of different generation altogether. Ubikayu to us is kerepek or bengkang but never a staple food. Once the Japanese came down strong, town after town, the British retreated and gone home. Whoever fought against the japanese at that particular moment should be considered as freedom fighter. But of course, no one should forget the fact that the China chinese had the most bitter war with the japanese. Chin Peng could have shared the same bitter feelings.

7. So who is freedom fighter? Is it Anwar as he championed the famine of Baling? Is it Raja Mandaliar? Is it Sadam? Is it Rashid Maidin? Is it Tun Mahathir? Is it Khairy as he debated with Husam? Is it Tun Razak as he cleared lands for Felda and nobody care to ask what has happened to the billions of Balak trees there. Is it Abdullah as he let the wau [layang-layang or kite] fly high beyond yonder. Is it Musa Hitam as he read the white paper nonchalantly on Memali years ago? Is it Teresa Kok as she misread Josephine as Teresa and has the cheek to seek 30million for the mistake? Is it the big boys as they yelled hell loud at the parliement lobby while waiting for little kids doing jerit [drift?] on bikes?

Who the hell is freedom fighter?

8. Perak has suffered for far too long .... Even Nizar is too busy to understand.