Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Calls for Malaysian Prime Minister to resign

Following the Malaysian Opposition's unprecedented election gain there are calls by many within the ruling UMNO party, for Abdullah Badawi to resign as Prime Minister.

The UMNO has never had a setback quite like this and nothing in its past in its way of doing business has prepared it for this situation or to be able to handle it. So the immediate response was first of all to blame everybody but themselves, but then internally and instead of looking at the deep sources of their own failure, it becomes personalised, it's subject to factional strife.

But everybody turns on the man responsible, the old saying when the fish stinks, it stinks from the head; well they've decided that they're going to go after, that getting rid of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi as president of the party and as prime minister is the answer to their problems. Now, they may have to do something very new but they'll have to do something more than simply change the captain on the Titanic as they say.
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