Sunday, April 06, 2008

where is Padang Rengas, Nazri?

A jovial mood with the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department,
Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, followed by Izzuddin Che' Din C66,
Halil Jabbar C62, Makmor C62
and Mustapha Abu Bakar C62, with yellow cap

BAZAR PADANG RENGAS (4 UNIT) /Gambar /perak /pages/ B- PdgRengas_ jpg.htm

3. wikepeida.

Padang Rengas is a small town in Perak, Malaysia. The town is located about 15 km from Kuala Kangsar town. It has a police station, railway station, rural health centre, market and a few schools, including a Technical-based education school. Padang Rengas has a major cement manufacturing complex and surrounded by rubber estates. One interesting site is Gunung Pondok - a stump of boulder hill, in which legend has it, that it was created by the curse of Sang Kelembai on a pondok (small village hut).

BERITADARIGUNUNG: Still searching for Padang Rengas and Nazri Aziz