Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Things can be seen at its simplest form.

We have been familiar with knowledge, one form or another. Knowledge is like a pyramid. One boulder on top of another. Knowledge exhibit similar charateristic, it builds and it piles. The view at the base of pyramid is limited, whereas at the top of the pyramid, our view is through the eyes of an eagle, soaring free.

Business as a topic, can be seen in this way. A small business grows into a big one. It will grow momentum and it piles.

Prophet Mohamad sold carpets and other merchandise we were told. There were real marketing taking place, honesty and thrustworthiness simply smooth it out. That was basically trading, one person sells and another one buys. During the process, both goods and money change hands. Oooo, trading at its core.

Are we talking about business in this light. Has government and UMNO been looking at this while pushing through the economic drive among Bumiputeras? Government projects can never achieve percentile targets. Lets look at basic. Lets make business as something simple, as a system analysis where there is an input and output, and the process in between is Business.

NOTE: Its not the amount but the essence that has been missing. Some behave like real businessmen or businesswomen, but in actual effect they are not. They could simply be just oppurtunist and definitely they behave like real beggar. How can a beggar be a successful businessguy?. These people are scum.

So where are the real business people who take part in the process of goods, services and money changing hands? They are small in number amongs Bumiputera but they grow in numbers. They can be successful by not behaving like beggars.