Thursday, March 08, 2007

Swinging and glancing.

Cabinet panel issues 3,000 APs for tuned-up cars
KUALA LUMPUR: Less than a year after the Government stopped issuing approved permits (AP) for tuned-up imported cars, it recently issued 3,000 such permits......
“I think there were 3,000 APs given to Wald,” she said. Wald is a company which deals in tuned-up cars. :
Thursday March 8, 2007.The staronline.

Singapore to open consulate in southern Malaysia
SINGAPORE, March 6 (Reuters) - Singapore intends to open a consulate in Malaysia's southern city of Johor Baru in a bid to ease strains between the two southeast Asian countries..... The neighbours have quarrelled over the building of bridges across the narrow Johor Strait, land reclamation, water supply and race. But bilateral relations have warmed since Malaysia's outspoken ex-premier, Mahathir Mohamad, handed power to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2003

Malaysian premier's anticorruption campaign a hard-sell: survey
(Kyodo) _ Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's anticorruption campaign appears to be just hot air as far as the Malaysian public and corporate sector are concerned, according to survey results released Monday by an international private anticorruption watchdog. Monday March 5, 5:38 PM. Yahoo! Asia News.

Formula One: Full speed ahead for Malaysian GP02 Mar 2007
SET at the end of the most extravagant build-up festivities it has ever tasted, the Petronas Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix on April 6-8 has an itinerary fit for an Olympic Games.