Thursday, October 11, 2007


as for AKJ

Anwar and his friends waited patiently to release the said video. Then suddenly Lingam became the most talk about person, second to Muzaffar i would say.

Anwar needs publicity badly. If this is one of the many in his list as run-up to election, then personally i will not care too much what happen to Lingam and Fairuz.

The release of video lacks sincerity, it is tainted with intended character assasination.

I react angrily with Najib's statement on foreign maids. Now we may have a gurkha maids! They really look at the activity of importing human capitals in the eye of a businessman and yet at the same time they claim they are real statesman. I could be wrong here, i dont know.

I find the latest statement from Najib with Radzi by his side, the most worrying...... Lingam, Fairuz and Anwar can now rest and enjoy their RAYA.