Monday, May 30, 2011

Malaysia, the next general election.

Many agree that the next election will be toughest.

Umno is not crippled that bad, there is no real finger pointing at the present leadership as much as what Abdullah had to endure. There is no KJ factor to offset trust and loyalty from the ranks. The brilliance of Mahathir will shine through the run-up to general election. The present UMNO heavyweights will undoubtedly be able to close ranks and give their best shot. What's troubling some is the media game of the present BN. The economic reforms, admittedly very brilliant with Idris Jala pragmatic thinking and approach had not been conveyed well to the public. Solid punchline is very much lacking. Half of the population is left in the dark, not able to grasp what's the flow and game plan of economic reforms. 1Malaysia concept on the other hand had not been articulated well to a point of being meaningful. But it is alright, time is there. MIC and MCA, very much settled now should come in and go along united.

Opposition is hinging on Anwar's charismatic presence. There is great risk on his future with the outcome of sodomy courtcase and the current video exposure. By the standard of modern politics practiced all over the world, Anwar should be considered a GONER. But he wish to stay longer and play along with conspiracy game. In a way, DAP is benefiting most out of this. Karpal is defending Anwar in court, with full understanding that dragging the case beyond the General Election, Anwar's factor will be their winning formula. In a way it's best to have Anwar around, a less than perfect leader, so very vulnerable that they can practically handle him to their whimp and fancy. PAS is in deep trouble. They have to be very cautious about Anwar..... Blind support on Anwar may backfire, PAS may be seen as being very opportunistic, when moral values is the hitting issue. The indication is they are ready to deviate from the pack, and get back to their old make-up.

A crude analysis will point to Najib victory, a lot better than Abdullah's performance, and Anwar will quit. DAP will do no more cover-up, and get back to the old trademark, a party to the chinese. PAS will play along on their own.