Friday, October 13, 2006

A leader and a nation

It would probably be wise for any leader to have strong linkages with the major forces of a nation; the financial institutions, arm forces, the police, judicial entity, economic players, NGO’s, and religious groups. There would probably be other important linkages or networkings . Good rapport will ensure smooth reign.

We may want to go even further and mention about linkages that has international bearings.

While a leader may want to gain good rapport in such networkings, he may also want to create new networkings. Then all out effort could be exerted to form new financial institution in your favor with your very own people in as an example.

But there would be tremors and ripples if he opts for this. He has to face it, or die with it, unless he is smart, farsighted and has prepared solid fool proof strategies.

I like to see the present crisis through this perspective, but I sorely miss the good warm ups and tactics. Therefore an assessment has to be made in a real gentleman manner, before air tuak (nira kelapa)changes to the real air tuak and become very sour!

Thanks, and may God bless all of us.