Sunday, October 08, 2006


..........................Its about PROVIDING leadership, the impact of your own presence, and its about choosing the best option....................

Being a leader is not all about glitters, pomps, kompangs, the ribbons, the smiles, the handshakes, the laughter to whatever jokes you come out with. These are the mundane things, the unnecesary. These are things given to you by your very own people be it sincere or otherwise.

Being a leader is about providing leadership, a clear direction towards goal. Being a leader knows no warm up session. Being a leader isnt like being a little member to the pack. Being a leader is behaving like a hero in front of the team; dribbling, scoring and at the same time providing a solid defence.

In the final analysis, being a leader is assuming all responsbility.

Of course one may use as many team players or advisers. One may also use young people around, but leadership must be given. There is no such thing as total empowerment. If any of our leader subscribe to total empowerment, then it is like admitting that anybody can give a shot at it.

"Kamu buat, kamu jawab". That is so simple that guys like me, pak mat, usop, mid, pin, kiah, timah, leman, can also say. Hmmmm.... and we can also wind up a little toy to say nothing else except "Saya PM, saya boleh buat apa saja, bagi saya masa, Depa Iblis," or simply any phrase at all, stupid or otherwise.

Just a thought.