Monday, November 15, 2010

On Anwar Ibrahim, a less than perfect politician

Something is terribly not right about him. A man hailed as student leader in his younger heydays, entered UMNO and rose through ranks and ladders so quick. He kicked many people out. No problem with Rahim Thamby, but with late Ghafar, everything seemed to be in bad taste. Too much! and not many jumped and shouted at his victorious maneuver. Greed is visible in his face, mind and actions.

Now he is fighting for his last breath in legal and political court. Not many will join him this time, no more yellow wave, no brace at the neck, no wheel chair, no swollen eyes, no trucks, no fire brigade, and no angry red shirts, as Saiful takes his hand down the memory lane. It was a painful lane.....

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