Sunday, October 24, 2010

Manikavasagam asked " Dead or alive?"

I thought this issue is interesting enough for a little snippet. When Manikavasagam asked, I wonder how would we answer...

Manikavasagam also called on the police to issue an official statement on Muthuraja's status.

"They say he's dead but they have shown no evidence nor have they officially informed Usharani of this," he said. “The Inspector-General of Police (Ismail Omar) should at least release a statement on whether Muthuraja is dead or alive. Usharani can take it from there.”

A simple kopitiam talk will go like this, if alive, where is he?.. if dead, where is body or bones or skull or whatever. God knows..... Banting case is now in court's hand, and the most naive lawyer knows this.

S. Manikavasagam

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